Super Bowl Sunday, comin' up

I like the way they put the Steelers on top! LOL

WHAT'S HAPPENING - We got a little snow. The were predicting this big snowstorm and we only ended getting a few inches. All these schools closed for nothing. We got 4-5" the day before the "big storm" and only 3" during the storm, they said we would get 10-15" more. They said it would snow till afternoon and it stopped at 9:00 am. Boy were they off a little! We already had about 8" so the few on top of that gives us some nice (depends on who you ask) snow.

My neighbor does my snow removal for me. He does a great job and even does the sidewalks. Of course I watch his kid!

TV -
 I have watched a few of the American Idols but I am just not that into it as before, i can take it or leave it. And I am tending to leave it more often. Maybe when it gets really underway I will start watching again.
Does anyone know when "The Glades" will start again - Mom?
Glee starts next week, I think. A Lady Antebellum song will be featured, Need you Now, I think.
Watching - Parenthood, The Good Wife, Harry's Law, SVU, and Off the Map

I made this hat and scarf for my daughter. It is made out of the same real soft yarn that I made my pink hat and scarf. I started a sweater. I will put up some pictures next week.

Martina is being featured on a website!!! It is called floppycats.com here is the link, come check out Martina's story!
Don't forget to check out Martina's Blog - HERE
And Wall-to-wall Books


  1. All that snow looks COLD!!!
    You are lucky to have such nice neighbors. You are also lucky you don't live in Chicago.

    Don't know when The Glades will start again or even if they will. I hope so. I liked that show.

    Beautiful hat and scarf, love the color. I am sure Ashley will like it. Can't wait to see the sweater you are knitting.

    Congrats to Martina. But how did she get on a Ragdoll site? Very touching story.


  2. All that snow sure looks familiar. I've said this a few times but I'm sick of snow.

    You know I used to be so addicted to Idol and now I seem to be having trouble remembering to watch it at all. I forgot again last night. Of course it could be old age too. Lol.

    The hat and scarf is just beautiful!

  3. What a great post on Martina! I left a comment but I don't know if it went through or not. I did't realize that she had such a rough start in life. You all are lucky to have found each other. Pets deserve all our love!

  4. LOVE IT! My favorite scarf/hat set to date! Thank you so much mommy, it's truly wonderful!