A short lived spring

Valentine flowers from my hubby -

We started out last week with temps in the 40's and in the 50's Thur. and Fri. On Friday it got up to 57! But all this was ripped from us on Sat. when we got a little blizzard. With temps back down to 18, snow and wind gusts up to 36 mph. I knew we still had some winter to go yet. We were wildly brought back to NY reality. It is a well known fact that we get snow storms in the middle of March, so what was I thinking, being so excited on Thur. and Fri. going out with no coat on. I was actually smiling and singing, rejoicing in our short lived "Spring". Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Living in NY, we will take all the "Spring" we can get.

Between Sunday and Monday we now have a fresh new layer of snow! About 6" worth, or maybe more.
You can't tell where the driveway is or sidewalks. My hubby said there is over a foot in parts of PA. He was suppose to work today but it was called off because of the snow. That doesn't happen very often.

Missing: Driveway, sidewalk, the ground - if found please contact this blog.

TV - 
How did I seem to miss the first show of Survivor????? I didn't even know it was on. I was randomly flipping through the channels at 8:45 and happened upon it "Whoa! Survivor! What the heck is this doing on? How did I not know about this?" and other similar thoughts went through my head. I didn't even see any previews. Well you better believe I won't miss any more.

Well I did manage to catch the first show of "The Amazing Race" this is an all-star version, YAY! All our favorite players! I don't even know who to root for. I'll let you know next week.

On the days that none of my shows are on that I watch I scour the channels for movies. I love movies, old and new. I am a sucker for Lifetime movies and Hallmark and TCM, AMC etc etc. It is amazing how many great movies you can find in the evenings. The latest 2 great movies I watched were -

"The Goodbye Girl" Yay! This is one of my favorite movies. From 1977 staring Marcia Mason and Richard Dreyfus (love him, so funny), and Quinn Cummings as Lucy.

And - "P.S. I Love You" - 2007 starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. I told my daughter that this was the best ending of the worst beginning of a movie I have ever seen - huh? I hated the first half hour! I actually turned it over, couldn't find anything better so flipped it back. I ended up loving it and literally cried my way through the rest of the movie! What a heartbreaking/heartwarming movie! 

Alpaca socks for the hubby.

My sweater, so far back - done, left front - done, starting on right front.

LIST-O-MANIA - TV shows I watched throughout my childhood.
1. The Partridge Family
2. The Brady Bunch
3. Starsky and Hutch
4. The Dukes of Hazard
5. The Rockford Files
6. The Mod Squad
7. Sonny and Cher
8. Emergency!
9. Three's Company
10. Mork and Mindy
11. Happy Days
12. Laverne and Shirley
13. CHiPs
14. Six Million Dollar Man
15. The Bionic Woman
16. Charlie's Angels
17. Welcome Back Kotter
18. My sister informed me I forgot M*A*S*H!!! I was a huge fan of that show! Sorry I forgot!
Do these bring back some memories?

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  1. P.S. I Love You is a great movie! And yes, the beginning is very boring and very slow, but you have to watch it in order to understand the rest of the movie which is amazing.


  2. How about Captain Kangaroo.
    Loved Threes Company and Lavern and Shirley. Yes brings back memories and makes me feel old.

    Those pictures make me so glad that I live here where it is suppose to 70 today. Was 70 yesterday too. Eat your heart out.

    Your sweater is looking good. I started a sweater using lace weight yarn for the 3rd time!!! If I have to rip it out 1 more time It will become history!

  3. Wendy, if you check back on last weeks post I reminded you about Survivor- so now I really don't know how you managed to miss it! lol.

    I was smirking at your winter pics but I really shouldn't because that can happen here at any second too. We finally found our sidewalks.

    You and I would make great movie watching buddies. Those are two of my most favorite films that I can watch over and over!

    Love the flowers! Have a great week and don't forget Survivor tomorrow night. Oh, we have a website here that you can watch shows you've missed but I'm not sure it would work for you there.