An Adirondack New Year!

One of the best Adirondack Mt. pictures! I made my hubby pull over to the side of the road so I could get this one.

Ice fishing, you will not catch me doing this!

This is me, not on the ice! (that's my new coat I got for Christmas)

That's my hubby, also not on the ice.

Another beautiful mountain picture.

This is called "the causeway" at Indian lake.It is basically a bridge with water on both sides. It used to be just a road going through with no railings etc. but they recently rebuilt it so now it is more like a bridge.

 This is my hubby... ON THE ICE! Of course I told him go out there on the ice so I can get a picture of you, and he did, men are so gullible.

This is me on the causeway bridge. I just thought it was a cool picture.
A really nice house, not our house, LOL I wish!
 A rock peeking up through the ice.
 More mountains, there are lots of these up there!
 More ice fishing. There are lots of these up there too!

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  1. Great pictures. Glen has a beard! Cute....
    Looks like you had a great time just enjoying each other and the day. Looks cold.
    Happy New Year!

  2. We so want to go to the Adirondacks in the winter. You got some great pictures.It looks like you had a great time. =)

  3. What fantastic pictures! It looks so beautiful there. I love the pictures of you especially on the bridge.

  4. Sweet jacket! Mr. Whimsy LOVES that brand and has one just like it :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit there! I don't think I could ice fish either, I'd be too paranoid about the ice breaking. :-)