The Family Christmas or "Surprise! you're on Wendy's Blog"

WHAT'S HAPPENING - This past weekend we had our family Christmas bash with my side of the family (excluding my parents, since they don't live anywhere near here). We had 12 total (my daughter's boyfriend couldn't come and my niece's husband couldn't come). It always seems kind of crazy, only because of getting that many people together. BUT... it actually seemed a little less crazy this year. Maybe it was because the kids are getting older??? Maybe I am just getting real good at doing this, LOL. Here are a few pictures -

Of course there was wine! That always help things go a little smoother.

These are the felted clogs that I made everyone. By now you have to know that if you come to my house, you might end up on my blog!

This is my hubby and what he does for a living! -

KNITTING -  Felted clogs! I still have to make a pair for my daughter and mom sometime.

 Just starting a blanket (gift for a friend in the fall), pattern from Lion Brand.
Here are the "toe-up, two at a time" socks I was working on. Well I won't be making those again anytime soon! Not my favorite way of doing socks. They fit nice but not any better than the other way. I think I will stick with top-down and maybe try two at a time, see how that goes.

TV - Finally TV will be starting up again!
So I got to watch the 2 hr pilot of "The Cape", one word - AWESOME!!!!!! I was literally on the edge of my chair the whole time, I never sat back. It was so exciting. This is gonna be a great show.

"The Good Wife" and "Parenthood" have started back up, and "Glee" will be starting as well as "American Idol" Who will be watching AI this season? Its gonna be different alright! With no Simon, Kara or Paula (thank God, can't stand her!) I will miss Simon and Kara.

LIST-O-MANIA - Groups with a family type in their name -
1. Mamas and the Papas
2. Twisted Sister
3. Sister Sledge
4. Jonas Brothers
5. Doobie Brothers
6. Everly Brothers
7. Sister Hazel
8. Pointer Sisters
9. Sons of Silvia
10. Sons of the Desert
11. Thompson Twins
12. Uncle Kracker
It looks like the sisters have it! Yea! Any more you can think of?

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  1. Christmas was a lot of fun this year (Minus the drive). You make the best stuffed shells around!

  2. Ok - first, you can take that first picture of me down anytime you'd like. Thank you...in advance.

    Second, yes you seriously do make the best stuffed shells. Casey and I talked about them the entire way home. So please continue making those....thank you...in advance.

    And third, yes, wine can any party absolutely fabulous - just saying.

    Love -


  3. Great pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time. Hope "y'all" had a glass of wine for me!
    Like the color of your socks, cute and those slippers...cute,cute,cute. Can't wait till I get a pair. :)
    What size needles are the ones that you are using to make that afghan? They are huge. I have seen that pattern, I like it.
    And talking of huge...They are huge machines that Glen hauls.

  4. I like your clogs. I also watched the Cape, and liked it a lot. It's a cartoon made for TV and such fun.

  5. It looks like you had such an awesome time - there is nothing better than food and wine I always say.

    Love all your knitting projects - the color of the afghan is great and I love your felted clogs!

  6. I third the motion to continue the stuffed shells (Although I get them more than once a year haha girls!)

    I also agree wine always makes everything better, although that fruit platter had me pretty occupied for the first hour or so.

    Great felted clogs mom! Wow its amazing what you can do with yarn and a washing machine, they're so cool. I bet they're soft and comfy... boy I wish I was speaking from experience and not just as an innocent bystander ;)

    Too bad David couldn't make it, but there's always the rest of our lives <3

    Love you!

  7. Love love love your photos.....

    Love those clogs. Happy New Year Wendy.

    That is one honkin' machine/equipment that hubby drives. wow..does he have to tote it around? Seems a little scary.

    Did someone say wine?