Christmas is over... now what?

All the presents under the tree. Ashley came over right after work. Christmas day it was just the 3 of us, nice, low key, fun.

On Christmas eve Glen and I went to Panera Bread and bought these for breakfast - A danish ring (apple, cherry, and cheese) and a Holiday bread, which is stuffed with yummy fruit. Both were delish!

Martina was right there with us the whole day! Notice teddy is there too!

This is one of the most worth while gifts I bought! It was just for fun but she ended up loving it. It is called a Port-a-Pug. I told her it was because she wants a dog but her Apt. is too small and they don't allow dogs.

Glen, Ashley and I went "Day after Christmas" shopping on Sunday. We went to Kohl's, Walmart, Glen went to Home Depot, we went to Panera Bread for coffee (can you guess by now that this is our favorite place). Then we dropped Ashley off at home so she could sleep (she works the overnights) and Glen and I went to Watkins Glen for more shopping!
On the way home we stopped at one of the wineries to do a tasting and ended up buying 5 bottles! We went to "Penguin Bay Winery". Glen had never been to this one and I had been there once. We liked a lot of their wines! Oh those wineries are fun! If anyone wants to visit here and go wine tasting, just let me know!

Glen went back to work on Mon.
I am kidless all week! Yea! I got alot done on Mon. Laundry, Took down the tree in the playroom and packed away the Christmas stuff, and just general clean up.
Mon. evening I went over to my in-laws for dessert. Glen's brother, his wife, son and one of the daughters were there visiting from MI. I hadn't seen them in about a year. So that was fun (should have taken my camera).

TV - I am not looking forward to all the re-runs that are on this next week.
It looks like there are some good shows starting in Jan though. One of my favorites on HGTV is back - "Selling NY" if you have never seen this, it is awesome! Prob. especially if you are not a NYer. They show these multi million dollar condos. Its fun! First show is Jan. 6.
But the Show I most excited about is "The Cape"! Who else is waiting for this show? With Australian hottie - David Lyons. He played on ER for a short stretch. This one starts Jan. 9.

Oh I am so excited to do some knitting for myself! I got a new coat for Christmas, so I want to knit a scarf and matching hat. I also have a sweater picked out that I want to try.

LIST-O-MANIA - Music groups with numbers in their name -
1. U2
2. 3 Doors Down
3. 4 Non Blonds
4. Maroon 5
5. 9 Inch Nails
6. B-52's
7. 38 Special
8. Matchbox 20
9. 10,000 Maniacs
There are soooo many more - can you name some? (I can think of 6 more right now).

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  1. well, if you need a big holiday to look forward to, Passover is at the end of April! Long way away, but my very favorite religious holiday!

  2. Looks like you all had a great Christmas. The breads look scrumptious!!! YUM YUM. Any left?
    Can't wait to see the sweater you are going to make.
    Did Ashley name her Pug yet?
    We had a white Christmas for the first time in years....they said.
    It has also been very cold here.
    The Jackson 5
    Three Dog Night
    Boys 11 Men
    50 Cents
    The Four Tops
    Dave Clark Five
    98 Degrees
    5th Dimension
    1910 Fruitgum Co

  3. Yum! food looked excellent :)

    I love the kitty cat picture and, of course, your Hello Kitty on the couch!!!

    Happy holidays!

  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Are you trapped in with all the snow? It is pretty bad here, Bloomberg dropped the BALL!

  5. Merry Christmas!!! I want a danish :)