Latte's and a sunrise.

Sunrise across the road. We are so lucky that we get such a nice view of the sunrise every morning. This is just a sample of what I get to see everyday.

The Steelers lost to the Patriots 39 - 26, but the Ravens lost too, so we are both at 6 wins and 3 losses.

 If you read my daughter's blog - Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe you will have read that she and her boyfriend are "taking a break" (tech. they have broken up with hopes of getting back together). They have decided to work on their own lives as separate people for a while before working on a life together. I think this was a very difficult but necessary decision. Whatever happens in their lives, either together or apart, it needs to be God's plan. I wish the best for both of them.

We had a good week last week - lots of sunshine and some warm weather. This week it is suppose to start out in the 50's and end up in the 40's and a few showers. Not really all that bad for Nov. in NY!

One of my very favorite kitchen items is my Cappuccino/Latte' maker! I got the idea from visiting my mom in TN, she has had one for years. When I saw hers I had to have one! I highly suggest that if you like coffee at all - you ask for one of these for Christmas!
 This is the Mukka Express (you can get it on Amazon - HERE)
 First you put in the water and coffee.
 You screw it together and pour in the milk.
 Cook it on the stove top for a few min.
 And Voila' Yummy Latte's!
Add your fav. flavored syrup and pour into a large cup and enjoy!

TV - **********SPOILERS************

 DWTS - Hmmm can't even remember his name, Oh well, the football player, he went home, no tears shed on my part.
Amazing Race - The Father and Daughter duo went home, sad, they were so cute together. I really liked her, she was adorable. I will miss her.
Survivor - UGH!!!!! I knew it! I knew it would happen, Marty's gone! Now who do I like? No one! This is going to be a case of the wrong person winning.

If you watch "Ice Road Truckers" have you been watching - "IRT Deadliest Roads"? It is where 3 of the drivers have gone over to India (I think) to drive on some of the mountain rds.  Well they made a HUGE mistake editing this last show! They showed Lisa driving where it is know to have rock slides. Then the rocks started falling and suddenly Lisa was wearing a different shirt! LOL then after the rock slide she was back to the other shirt! If you are going to edit it that much you should at least make sure they are wearing the same clothes!

KNITTING - More socks!

BOOKS - Check out my book blog - Wall-to-wall books

TOP 10 -
Singers that go by their first name only -
1. Madonna
2. Sting
3. Cher
4. Jewel
5. Brandy
6. Sade
7. Pink (even tho it is not her real name, well sting either)
8. Beyonce
9. Enya (love her!)
10. Prince
See how many others you can come up with.

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  1. I think you covered all the singers, can't think of any. :)

    Beautiful sunrise, I get a pretty one every now and then.

  2. Pretty pictures!
    Oooo girl you can make me coffee anytime ;)
    Lovely thread color!

  3. Oooh - I want one of those latte makers!! Perfect for the cabin!!

  4. Usher

    P.S.... Love the coffee maker!!

  5. Yes Shelly this latte maker would be perfect for your cabin!!!

    Casey - I said Prince and Cher, but the others are good! I did think of Rihanna and Ashanti, didn't even think of Usher or Fergie! I love her!
    Good job!

  6. Sorry to hear about Ashley and her boyfriend. Some times things happen for the best. We may not understand why or even like it. Hope things work out for her.

    Pretty sunrise ..did you get the idea from the pictures I sent you.

    Glad you like your Cappuccino/latte maker, I love mine.

    Pretty yarn...looks real soft.

    Can't think of any more Top 10. I think you and Casey just about covered it.