Those Darn socks!

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The weather here has been pretty fantastic this past week (except for the little wind storm we had). It has been in the 40's and 50's everyday! For Nov. in NY this is incredible! I am used to seeing some of that white stuff by now. NOT COMPLAINING! On Wed. we had quite a wind storm. Upstate NY was having from 30 - 60 mph winds. Here where I live there winds of up to 43!!!! Our power went out for about 30 seconds in the evening. I kept my candles on all evening, that's why they didn't go out again. They were loosing power all over NY though! There were thousands of people without power because of downed lines. Fun fun! At least its not s**w, you know that nasty "white" word. After writing this... we did have some flurries on Fri. morning, but didn't amount to anything.

I didn't really do much this week, laundry, pick up the house, read, knit, you know - the usual stuff. I always tell people "I love my boring life!" No excitement is just fine with me.
The Hubby came home on Fri. night woot woot! Sat. we went to Watkins for breakfast, shopping etc. My favorite yarn shop moved around the corner and I had not been in the new location yet. It is really nice, a little more room, lots of yarn and the girl working that day was great. I bought a few skeins, of course!

I have done some Christmas shopping online. Where are you doing most of your shopping? In stores or online? I have to admit, I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online. I can always find exactly what I want and it is easy to compare prices without running all over the place.

TV - ************ SPOILERS************

I HATE REALITY TV!!!!! Well, not really, but this past week I did!
First Marty gets voted off Survivor, I loved Marty, I think I had a little crush on him. Well at least he is on the Jury so I get to see him all cleaned up few a min. every week, LOL.
Thank you! Finally Brenda got voted off! Its just too bad it wasn't her instead of Marty last week.

Then on DWTS - Travesty, travesty, travesty!!!!! This is the biggest upset ever!!! Brandy? Going home? Are you kidding me?!!! The best dancer goes home, yeah, that makes sense! I like Bristol Palin, but she should NOT still be there! And - Kyle who????? They get some child actor from Disney and he is still there instead of Brandy? CAN YOU TELL I AM MAD????? It sooooo should have been Jennifer Gray and Brandy in the finals!

A hat I am working on as a gift.
 I am trying the "magic loop" way of knitting socks with a circular needle instead of double pointed needles. If it looks confusing, IT IS! I like trying new things and this is fun for "once in a while" but it will not replace the good double needle way for me!
 This a flip flop sock I am working on as a gift. One down, one to go. I think i am going to call them "Lobster socks" from now on! Don't they look like lobster claws?
 The only problem with making people nice hand knitted socks, is that when they get holes, they don't want to throw them away! So I have taken up "sock darning 101" I think it turned out really well for my first time! There are lost of tutorials online if you are interested. I just googled "sock darning".

LISTMANIA - I have decided to call this section - listmania since it isn't really a top 5 anymore.
 Music groups that are very well known for their anagrams rather than their whole name.
1. ELO - Electric Light Orchestra
2. BOC - Blue Oyster Cult
3. BTO - Bachaman, Turner Overdrive
4. CCR - Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. ELP - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
6. BS&T - Blood , Sweat and Tears
7. OMD - Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
8. STP - Stone Temple Pilots
9. INXS -  in excess (this is kind of cheating)
10. POD - Payable on Death

I would do REM, but I think that is the actual band name, not the initials they are know by, so that would be cheating..(they are not - rapid eye movement - they are REM)
Ok I'm all out. Any others??? 

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  1. You are so lucky that you don't have snow yet. We got about 5 inches already and it's really cold. Not great puppy training weather although at least with the snow he isn't eating everything in site.

    I love all your socks. I really wish I could make some. I may try one day. Right now I can't even knit. Sammy tries to eat the yarn. lol.

    Have a great Sunday and week!

  2. I need a pair of the lobster socks...
    Like the color of the hat you are making. I have to get going on the vest that I am knitting..I want to wear it this winter.
    It has been so nice here. yesterday it was 75* and sunny but by the weekend it is only supposed to be in the 40's for the highs. Could see SNOW on the mountain tops. Rain moving in today..very dark and dreary.
    Can't think of any more to add to the listmania.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Let the snow stay away until at least January (OK a white christmas would be nice).