First post since the blog divorce!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My hubby's birthday is Tues. so we celebrated it over the weekend. The big surprise was that his brother was here visiting from WI and came to the party! We haven't seen him in a long time. It was really great seeing him again, even if he was wearing a GB Packers sweatshirt! I told him I thought he would look better in black and gold. My husband got some nice gifts and cards. I gave him the 2 pair of socks I knitted for him. He loved them! He loves the socks I knit him, he keeps asking for more. I also made him a fold out collage of pictures to take with him to PA. I told him it was so he wouldn't forget me.

Two and a half weeks till Thanksgiving! Starting to make a list and check it twice, a food list that is. I got great news that a good friend of mine, Diane, will also be joining us for dinner that day. I am so glad. To me that is what Thanksgiving is all about, being with family and friends and sharing the love... and food!

The Steelers play tonight! Yea, Monday night football. So far they are 5 - 2. Tonight they play the Bengals (yuck!) We better win this one!

TV - 
Survivor - Oh my gosh! Marty lives another day!!!! I can't believe he is so lucky. Can he talk his way through to the end? He needs to just calm down and let other people dig themselves a hole and get voted out.
Amazing Race - My girl teams are still in the race! My two favs - the Dr.s and the Shopping channel hosts. This time the Father and Son, Asian duo was last and went home. I liked them but I thought the son was a little hard on his Dad a lot of the time.
DWTS - Rick goes home, he's the basketball player, right? My favs are still in - Jenn. Gray and Brandy. The big question is how far will Bristol Palin go?

KNITTING - Made myself a quick little hat. Need to get working on Christmas gifts again!

I made this baby out of yarn I bought at "The Knitting Nest" when I went to TN. Great yarn shop, very quaint and homey feeling. The owner was great too. This yarn is sooooo soft. I wore it today for the first time, cozy!

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  1. I just can't knit a hat, I've tried, and socks...Pah! Forget it. LOL!

    I'm doing a seperate blog too. That one will be for photos. I got the idea from my friend Clarissa, and it is going to be more of a project blog, so most of my pics will be there. I'll post the link once it is up.

  2. very cute hat.
    I remember when you came down and we went to The Knitting Nest and bought this yarn. It worked up really nice.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the hat that you knitted! (wink wink) It is beautiful!

  4. Dad's party was fun, I'm so glad uncle Bruce was there. Mom that hat is adorable!

    Every time Marty talks I just want to tell him to shut up! He keeps making things worse for himself but then talks his way out at the last minute and I really like him!