My vacation

First I went to SC for a week. It was great, I had a lot of fun. But... man was it HOT! I don't think it got under 100 for even a day. It was 102 - 104 every single day! I got to go to the the ocean, the beach, a light house. Ever since I lived in Savannah, GA, I have loved the ocean. I have always said - "No matter how long you have lived in other places, if you lived by the ocean even for a year, you will always miss it and want to go back." that is my own quote, LOL. So here are some pictures that I took of the ocean and SC.
Please remember - you can click on the pictures to get a bigger view, then just hit the back button to go back to reg. view. Some of them are worth seeing bigger!

This is the board walk leading up to the beach at Hunting Island, SC.
This was my first glimpse of the beach!
Yes, there are turtle eggs buried there! They are protected. I thought this was soooo cool!
The ocean!

That is me on the beach, I actually like this picture!
 This is the Hunting Island Light House.
 Some wildlife I took pictures of!

After one week, I went to TN to visit my mother and step-Father. They live in a beautiful house south of Knoxville. It wasn't quite as hot there and I did feel the difference. We went out on their boat one day, My mom and I went to the pool one day, we went to Dollywood, of course shopping, and went out to a great Japanese seafood restaurant, and my mom and I went for Mexican twice! I had a great time there too!

This is my mom's back yard. That bit of water that you see is part of Tellico Lake.
This is Tellico Lk. This was taken from a friend's dock. This is an island they call Heron Island because there about 50 Heron nests on it!
This is "Captain Ken", my step-father.
 This is my mom, Beckie. I love this picture!!! I think this is one of the best pictures of her (I hope she likes it).
These are just a few of the beautiful (multi-million dollar) homes on the lake!
We also went to "Fort Loudoun" Which is a museum with a reconstructed fort that was used during the French and Indian war. It was very interesting.
And... this is a great picture of Chloe, their cat.
That about sums it up! Being gone for two weeks is a long time to be gone. It was the cheapest way to do it. but really hard on my house, kitty, family, and my body! I am exhausted, and now that I am home I have so much still to do.
One of them being - catch up on my reading! I did read two book while gone.
"A Little Light Magic" by Joy Nash. This book was "OK" but I didn't rally enjoy it that much. It had waaaaaay too much sex (explicit sex) and waaaaay too little story! I donated it to the little library at my mom's club house.
Also read - "Seaview Inn" by Sherryl Woods. Now this book I liked! It was a nice beach read. It takes place in FL. Hannah looses her mother to cancer and finds out she, herself has breast cancer. She flies to Seaview Inn to help her grandmother re-open the Inn after her mother's death (her mother ran the Inn). Never intending to stay, she reconnects with an old "friend" - Luke! and finds out her 20 yr. old college student daughter is pregnant and wants to quit college and come to help run the Inn.

Other book news - The winner of "Hook, Line and Sink Him" by Jackie Philosoph is - RJB! Congrats!
I will be doing a review for "Licensed for Trouble" by Susan May Warren (just finished chapter 4 and love it already!!!) I will be posting a review on 8/11 Wed. I was given 2 books! So I will be giving away both books, very excited!
And I will be giving you details for this great contest -

One Grand Prize winner will receive a A SWEET Kindle prize package that includes:
  • A brand new Kindle (Free 3G, 6”, Latest Generation)
  • The entire PJ Sugar series by Susan May Warren  

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  1. What awesome pictures!
    I love it!
    You have great hair!
    Your mom looks so young and vivacious!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. it looks like you had a great time. I've never been down that far, always wanted to though. Glad you are back safe and sound. Missed you!

  3. You were actually closer to my home when you went to Dollywood. Didn't mention going to any yarn stores, so guess your Mother changed her mind about taking you to the one in Maryville. Maybe someday when you are here for a visit we can manage a glass of ice cold sweet tea. Sounds like you had a very busy and great time.

  4. Beautiful pictures Wendy! I am so glad that you had a good time and got to visit with both of your parents. Welcome home....I know that Martina missed you!

  5. Your Quote...."you get what you are given, It's all how you use it." I used what was given to me to become a very strong and independent person.

    Nice pictures. I like the one of you on the beach. And yes I do like the one of me. It is a nice picture of Ken also with his stupid hat on.
    Nice picture of Chloe too. She looks like the queen that she is or thinks she is

    Had a great time, way to short but then there is always next time.
    You didn't mention the 2 yarn shops we went to and each bought yarn.

    I am sure that Martina is very happy you are back, Ashley and Glen too.

    Glad you had a good time here.
    Love ya,

  6. Leedra and Mom, I know I didn't mention going to the yarn shops, or going for gelato, going for latte's, etc. etc. if I told of everything the post would be a mile long!

    I'm glad you liked the picture, mom. I think it is framable! I also liked the one of Ken! Did you show him?

  7. Welcome back!!! I love, love your pictures - you always have such great pix.

    You sound like you had a great time. Its fun to just disconnect sonetimes :)

    I also love the Kindle contest. Will it be for Canadians also?

    Its great to see you back in the blog world :)

  8. Turtle eggs! The beach! All my favorite things!!!

    And your mom is gorgeous on that photo! Just gorgeous.

  9. I love all your pictures! (especially the protected turtle eggs) The picture of gram is a really good one too!

  10. Pink, she's so philosophical that one!

    I love pictures of the beach and yours are great! I especially like the one of you. Grandma Beckie looks really pretty in her picture too!

    Seaview Inn: every great book and tv show has a character named Luke! (Authors take note) Mom! Micah doesn't like that name for a son!!! Talk some sense into him!

    I'm glad you had so much fun, but I'm MORE glad you're home, I missed you! Don't ever leave me for TWO weeks again! :'(

  11. Wow love the pictures how nice to just get away from it all and relax we have a cat precious and have to get a sitter for her when we are away I always worry she will be lonely while we are away.
    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog it brightened my day I have managed to pinch a nerve and put my hips out of whack and have been hurting and not sleeping well seeing a massage therapist tomorrow hoping it will help.Hugs Darcy

  12. Welcome back. YOUR photos are FANTASTIC....sigh...I want to go there so bad. The kitty photo is really stellar. Your mother is Beautiful!!!! Those homes on the lake...awh.... great photos..I enjoyed them.

  13. Great vacation photos - looks like a very fun trip!!