Back, safe and sound.

This will be short -

I got back last night (Wed). Arrived safely. Had tons of fun! I have soooo much to do - look at all the mail, pay bills, get groceries, clean house, spend time with my kitty, spend time with my daughter, wright a longer blog post! Just wanted ya'll to know that I was safe!

I was surprised at the airport by mu husband! My in-laws were suppose to pick me up, but he took off and came all the way from PA to the Ithaca airport just to pick me up and spend the night with me. Wasn't that sweet? I won't see him again till prob. Sat.

So I will be writing a much longer post (soon) with lots of pictures. Thanks you for all your wonderful "send-off" comments.


  1. Not glad your back home...didn't spend enough time here.
    Hope you had a good time. I did.

    Spend lots of time with Martina, give her lots of loving.

    What a nice surprise to have Glen pick you up at the airport.

    Your people are people header "I can't understand, What makes a man, Hate another man, Help me understand."
    I can understand how this can happen.

    Love ya, Mom

  2. Glad you are back safe and that you had a wonderful time! What a nice surprise at the airport. Vacations give a break and change to routine but it's nice to get back home, too. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pictures.