Gone for two weeks, Yikes!

 One of my Stargazer Lilies.

This picture of the Cardinal was taken through the window screen, not bad huh?

 A rainbow during a short T-Storm, notice the strange coloring, it really looked like that! It was this really weird lighting, like you were looking through yellow glasses.

 Robin's nest right outside my back door. She flies away every time we open the door, Sorry Robin!

WHAT'S HAPPENING -I am leaving you, my pretties. I am going on vacation. First I am going to SC for a week then TN for a week. I will be gone from July 20th - Aug 4th. Woohoo! I don't think I have ever been gone for a whole two weeks before. I know I will have tons of fun and tons of well needed relaxation! I will tell you all about it when I return. Hopefully I will have lots of pictures.
So, If I could be so humble as to ask for your prayers for a safe trip, they would be greatly appreciated.

TV - SYTYCD - Another one bites the dust! Another dancer injured and forced to go home - Ashley

KNITTING - I finished the Tank!!!!! Yea, finally. And this time it fits. Sorry, no time for pictures. I will show pictures when I get back, promise!
I am currently working on a pair of socks. I will take these with me "Down South".

BOOKS - I read "Miles To Go" by Miley Cyrus. YES, I am a Miley Cyrus fan! So what? I thought it was a very good book. Lots of insight into her life. She is quite a smart, philosophical, devoted Christian, put together young lady! I am still a fan.
Also - "Going Down South" by Bonnie J Glover, really good book about 3 generations of black women. It starts out with Olivia Jean, a 15 yr old living in Brooklyn, NY. I think this is sometime in the early 60's. She is in "The family way" and her Mama takes her down south to her grandmother to have her baby. The next part is about her Mama, Daisy you learn that Daisy had Olivia Jean when she was 15 also! You also learn who her real daddy is. The next part is about the Grandmother, Birdie. You learn how she married a white man but had to live as his servant so the "night riders" (KKK) wouldn't get them. The final part is about all three of them coming together and finding love together!
Also - By the time I leave on Tues. I will have finished "Still Life With Chickens" by Catherine Goldhammer, if you think this sounds familiar, it should. I read it a couple years ago. I loved it! So I read it again as part of my "Flashback Reading Challenge".
I am taking 3-4 books with me to read on my vacation. So I will have lots to catch you up on.

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TOP 5 - Melissa's
1. Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls, Little house)
2. Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls)
3. Melissa Etheridge(Rocker)
4. Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the teenage witch)
5. Melissa Rycroft (The Bachelor and winner Dancing w/ the Stars)

***Don't forget to visit Martina while I am gone - HERE
(and please don't encourage her to wreck the house while I am gone.)


  1. I love lilies! I hope you have fun while you are gone!!

  2. Really pretty bird picture!! Good luck, hope you have a blast.

  3. have a great vacation. can't wait to see the tank, I wish I could tackle socks, not coordinated enough for those. LOL!

  4. Have a great vaca. Adore the lily pic. Keep safe and let us know all about your trip when you get back.
    See ya!

  5. Great pictures. Lilies are my favorite flower.
    Usually the yellowish color means bad weather. Looks eerie.
    Bring your tank...I want to try it on. Just wish your stay was a little longer. We have so much to do and so little time. You think you will time to read??????!!!!!!NOT.
    Thanks for the contests. I always enter them.
    See ya soon.

  6. Have fun on your trip!!!! I hope everything goes well and you get every opportunity to relax.

    Tell Grams and Gramps we love and miss them much.


  7. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing them!

    Going Down South is on my wish list...it sounds so good. Can't wait to read it.

    Be safe while traveling...and enjoy yourself!

  8. Have a wonderful & safe trip! 2 weeks of vacationing sound like heaven to me!!

  9. Have fun while you are gone! I will miss you!! :-(

  10. Love the Cardinal shot..wow...and the robin eggs....

    Okay..the Lily is lovely too! Enjoy your trip...

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  12. I hope you're having a wonderful vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics when you get back.

  13. Star Gazer lillies are my favorite flower so pretty lovely pictures:)
    I will keep you in my prayers for a safe trip and thankyou for your friendship I know I haven't blogged much this year it has just been a year of tragedies and working on health issues but it is getting better:)
    I read the book pretty Woman it is such an inspirational book I loved it if you get a chance to read it let me know.Hugs Darcy

  14. Hey I hope you had a wonderful time on your 2 week break from us ;)

    *Just a reminder*
    Enter my blogoversary giveaway before it ends on august 9th!

    God Bless!