Book winner

The winner of Kristen Heitzmann's - Indivisible is...

What's all that white stuff? - Its flowers!
Goldfinch hanging from the upside down feeder, little acrobat!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - WARM! The word of the week. It is suppose to be in the 80's all week! Woo Hoo! I love it! I can take the kids out to play all week. I can drink my coffee on the porch, go for walks, check out my gardens.
This week is going to be a very busy week for me! Today (Mon.) I am going to go help Ashley clean her new Apt. and get it all ready for moving in. Everyday for the rest of the week we will be taking stuff over a little at a time so on Mon. it will be that much easier to move her. Fri. there is no school, but I think I am going to have only a couple kids. Then on Mon. is Ashley's big moving day! She doesn't have much stuff so it should be pretty painless.
The big news of the week is..... Ashley (my daughter) got a new job!!!! Starting June 7th, she will be the overnight supervisor at "Clare Bridge of Ithaca" (click on the link and check it out) It is a residential home for people with Alzheimer's. She will be trained and certified. She will be making over $2.00 an hour more! This is very exciting! I am so happy for her. She has been working on getting this job for about a month now, we just couldn't say anything because it wasn't a sure thing. But she has given her 2 weeks notice!

TV - The only reality show left is Dancing with the Stars. I heard that "So you Think you can Dance" is starting, not sure if I will watch or not. The last episode of LOST was on last night. I haven't watched it yet, I recorded it. AND, I have terrible news!!!!! My favorite show, Mercy, canceled!!!! WHY??? WHY? This is so not fair! I read somewhere that it wasn't even meant to be a long term show, it was just a "fill-in", why didn't they tell us this. Instead they let me get so addicted, fall in love with it, and just take it away! NBC, I hate you!
Ha! In all my ranting, I totally forgot all about the finale of American Idol which is this week!

KNITTING - Working on the second blue and tan sock. And working on Christmas gifts!!!! (finally).

BOOKS - Read "The Bride Collector" by Ted Dekker!!! YAY! It is so clear why he is one of my favorites.
This was about a serial killer, who was killing "The most beautiful" as brides for God. He insisted that he was God's messenger and that God would tell him to kill them for him. Well of course he was Schizophrenic. What better way to find a Schizophrenic killer? Instill the help of a few mental patients! Great book - 4 stars.

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  1. I can't wait for you to finish Lost :)
    I smiled at the message you left me this weekend :)
    What's Mercy?

  2. Well done Michelle -

    itsJUSTme - I *love* your wisteria!

  3. The wisteria is beautiful.
    White flowers are my favorite.
    I watched half of LOST this morning and the rest tomorrow. Too bad it is over.
    Sounds like you and Ashley have a very busy week.
    It has been nice here too...mid to high 80's.

  4. "What's all that white stuff?" haha great one mom.

    I am LOVING this weather!!! And the best part is that with my new hours at my new job, I'll actually get to sit out in the sun every day if I want to!!!!!!!!!! Or by the pond!!

    I have to come over soon and catch up on the shows!!!

  5. I love your photos! I wish we had more colorful birds to watch around here. That goldfinch is beautiful!

  6. No worries about the stray comment! :)