I can almost taste summer, it tastes good!

 Dogwood - (I love Dogwood!)

Wild Roses
 Ornamental grasses
 Flowers from my garden (don't know the name).

My back yard during "almost summer".

WHAT'S HAPPENING - No kids today (Monday)! Ashley has been moving into her new Apt. this past weekend. Today we will finish up with the big stuff and all the little extras. Its great and she just loves it.

This past Wed. I had my tooth pulled and my lip fixed. I was sore for a few days, still am actually! But not as sore as I thought I was going to be. It is just achy. The main thing is that it is very hard to eat. That hole is like a magnet, everything wants to go in there. I am pretty much only eating soft mushy foods.Like a potato and pancake is the most solid food I have eaten. Probably this week I will be eating more normally. My lip had two stitches and I was suppose to go back tomorrow to get the stitches taken out - but they came out by themselves! I was worried but my lip looks great and feels ok. So I will just call them and see what they say.

Glen heads back off to work Tues. He will be back Fri. night because our church is having a chicken BBQ Sat. and Glen is cooking the chicken with another friend from church. Yum, can't wait. I LOVE chicken BBQ!

I can't believe there is less than a month left of school. The last day for the kids is the 24th, but I will prob. still have some kids on the 25th. just to finish out the week. The month of June will be very busy though. My kids have a few birthdays, 3 -1/2 days (which I will watch kids for) and Father's day!

TV - **********SPOILERS***********

Dancing with the stars - YAY! I am so glad Nicole won! I thought she should win right from the start.
So You Think You Can Dance - Just started this week. It was good, there were some interesting people. But - does anyone know what happened to Mary Murphy? She wasn't on and there was no mention of her. If you know anything please let me know.
Design Star (on HGTV) also starts this week!!!!! Yay!

KNITTING - Christmas gifts!!!! And still working on my socks. One finished!

Working on the 2nd one (a little blurry but you get the idea).

BOOKS - I started "Off Season" by Anne Rivers Siddons, but I had to stop reading it. It was soooo boring, I just couldn't stand it. I then looked at the reviews on Amazon, the reviews weren't great so I didn't feel that bad.

So instead I read - "Ms. Taken Identity" by Dan Begley, and it was great!!! Loved it. This was about a writer, a serious writer who couldn't get anything published. He runs into the most popular Chick-Lit Author in a Bookstore and again at a cafe'. He ends up talking to her and tells her his cousin is a writer, she says she would like read her stuff and maybe help her out. He (Mitch) decides if Chick-Lit is so popular, maybe he could write a chick-lit novel, under a pseudonym, as a woman! How hard could it be. So he does some undercover work to research the world of "Chicks". He ends up taking a dance class, under a different name of course. And ends up falling in love with one of the other students, using his fake name of course! After lots of fun and twists and turns, it all comes to a head - his book (which everyone thinks his his female cousins book), his relationship (using a fake name), and all the lies! Read it to find out what happens, it is so worth it!

CONTESTS - Dar at "Peeking Between the Pages" is giving away 3 copies of a great book - Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, by Beth Hoffman

TOP 5 - things you have planned for the summer.
1. Rest, Relaxation, fun, wine, and coffee! not necessarily in that order. Ha! that's 5 right there!
2. Hang with my daughter in her new Apt.
3. Clean out my pantry (I think this was on the list for last year but it never got done)
4. Hopefully, possibility visit my mom in TN, still trying to work out finances! My mouth is going to cost me some money. I'd rather be in TN!
5. Make a point of getting together with friends!

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  1. You've started on Christmas gifts? You go girl.
    I love your summer plans :)

  2. I love Dogwood. It is all done here.
    Your back yard looks nice. looks like it would be cool to sit out there on a hot summers day.
    Love your socks!
    Take it slow on eating any thing hard and that is not mushy. Give it time to heal.
    TOP 5:
    1] You coming to visit me. I have plans already on what we will do.
    {I thought you had dental insurance that would help]
    2] swimming ...already doing it.
    3] relaxing by the pool....already done this too.
    4] BBQ's and cook outs and outdoor party's
    5] Just going outside and enjoying the warm weather and not freezing and having to wear winter clothes.

  3. Five Things Planned for the Summer:

    1) June 5th - Going to Mystic Sea Aquarium and then dinner with my husband for our anniversary
    2) June 26th - Going to graduation party for best friends brother
    3) July 4th week - MOM AND RICH ARE COMING DOWN TO VISIT!!!
    4) August 16th - August 20th - Martha's Vineyard with MIL
    5) August 28th - Camping weekend

  4. You have so many nice plants and flowers! Hope your mouth heals from the trauma of having your tooth pulled. I dread the dentist!!

  5. I'm back blogging and your wisteria - and other flowers - is/ are beautiful.

  6. I had to go back and read your post about your tooth. I share both your hatred and fear of dentists. They terrify me. I too had to make an emergency appt a few weeks back but it turns out my pain was from my sinus. Thank God. Anyhow, I actually had a root canal 3 years ago and managed to live through it. They gave me some kind of pill that made me woozy and sleepy. Mine was my front tooth and I really didn't want to lose it. Front teeth aren't as bad for root canals as back though. I have a back tooth really bothering me though. I have an appt on the 21st for a full check up and not looking forward to it at all.

    Anyhow, after all that I want to know why you needed stitches in your lip and to say that I'm glad you're doing well.

    I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance. As a matter of a fact it's almost time for me to get ready to sit down and watch it.

    Hope you're doing ok! Hugs to you.

  7. I think the purple flower might be anemone. Have some too and they are great. Sorry to hear you had to endure the dentist. Not on my favorite list either.

  8. My top five:
    1) going on a carribean cruise!! (already did this)
    2) relaxing on the beach
    3) going camping with Matt and Paula
    4) visiting mystic aquarium
    5) wine, BBQ, sun and fun!!


  9. Hey Wendy...what a refreshing post with all that nature. You have such a nice way of blogging. :) Love the socks.