Trees blossoming

This is the best shot I could get of this hawk at our barn.

Flowers at our Barn, Hyacinths. I didn't plant them, they were just there.

Cherry trees in full bloom.

Apple trees ready to bloom.
WHAT'S HAPPENING - Boy, I must lead a very boring life. Glen got home late Fri. night. Went out to breakfast Sat. morning. It was a beautiful day Sat. sunny and warm, up to 70. However both Glen and I had headaches all day. I pretty much just hung out and read all day. Sunday it rained all day. We went to church then went to Waterloo so Glen could switch trucks. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee.
Now here it is Mon. and it is suppose to rain all day today too!

Ashley has some exciting news! She has found a new apartment! She explains more about it - HERE
It seems like a great place and I am so happy for her! 

If you have not done so yet, please check out Martina's new blog! Great Pictures. Comment and become a follower.

TV - I watched the History channel all weekend! Some really good shows were on. Imagine that! The History Channel actually showing shows about American history. If they had done this a long time ago, the His. Chan. would have been one of my favorites.
Dancing with the Stars - YAY!!!! Kate finally goes home!
American Idol - Tim goes home, never really did like him.
Survivor - Oh my word! Can you people be any more stupid and gullible!

KNITTING - Working on my tank that I started last week. Will show pictures next week. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of ribbon yarn! So now I will be on the hunt for patterns that take ribbon yarn.

BOOKS - "Leave it to Claire" by Tracey Bateman. 5 STARS!!! This was a Christian chick-lit, and it was great! Meet Claire, mother of 4, divorced, and trying to loose weight and get her life back in order after her husband cheated on her and just recently remarried. You absolutely fall in love with Clair. I could totally identify with her. I think everyone can on some level. The conversations she has with her teen daughter brought back so many memories! This was very real and true to life, believable! This was so well written! I didn't want it to end. Well guess what? It won't... I found out it is a series! I just ordered the seco2nd one and am looking for the 3rd. After I collect them all, after I read them all, after my daughter reads them all, I will have a giveaway! So, something to look forward to.

"Sitting Duck" by Bryce Fraser. 5 STARS!!! Yay 2 in a row! Another reading challange I joined for 2010 was the "Flashback Challange" Reading books that you have already read. I chose to re-read 4-6 books.
 I first read "Sitting Duck" when I was a teen, maybe 16 - 17. I was really into Stephen King, Dean Koontz, VC Andrews, and John Saul by then. But I remember loving this book for some reason! Well now after re-reading it 30 yrs later, I figured out why I loved it so much! It is a GREAT book! It is a memoir about Bryce living on a harbor to write. He discovers a duck, and against all his better judgment, decides to adopt it. well several ducklings later... I am almost afraid to let my daughter read it, I know she will want to adopt ducks.

CONTESTS - Dar from Peeking between the pages is giving away a copy of "Daughters of the Witching Hill" by Mary Sharratt
AND - a copy of "A Gift from Brittany" by Marjorie Price

TOP 5 - Places you hate to go -
1. The Dentist (I say this because I have to go and I have been putting it off, I hate the Dentist!)
2. Gynecologist (this needs no explanation or reason)
3. Grocery store (don't know why but I hate getting groceries)
4. Gas station (I always wait till I am almost on empty)
5. Convenience store to get milk etc. (what a pain, why doesn't milk just grow on trees)


  1. Boring is good! :)

    Yah for the history channel!

    Yah for Kate going home!

    I think my top 5 places is the same as yours. I hate the dentist, gyno, and gas station.

  2. Love the History Channel--I watched ID channel all weekend!

  3. Boring is not so bad. it means nothing bad is happening. Lean back and enjoy the ride.

    We watch a lot of The History Channel.

    Top 5:
    1, 2 and 3] same as you.
    4] mammogram
    5] taking Chloe to the vet.


  4. I hate going to:
    1. Any Doctor
    2. Buy Clothes
    3. Car Dealers
    4. Greasy Spoons - my DH loves them
    5. Boring meetings

    Love the History Channel. Be grateful you don't have to watch the Military Channel all the time.

  5. MOM!!! You ruined everything! Stop posting what happens in TV shows before I watch them or I am not reading your blog anymore! Or at least give a spoiler alert!!!

  6. TOP 5 - Places you hate to go -
    1. school (i want to go, yes, but it's no fun)
    2. Gynecologist (this needs no explanation or reason) yup
    3. Grocery store (don't know why but I hate getting groceries)me too, all the people in there are annoying!
    4. Gas station (I always wait till I am almost on empty) me too
    5. doctor (just because it is so expensive)

    dont really watch the history channel but i love the id channel like felicia does!

  7. Very pretty photos! I was glad Kate finally went home too on Dancing w/ the Stars. Looked like she wasn't even trying! I'll go check out Martina's blog - yea!
    All all those places you mentioned that you hate to go to - well DITTO for me!