OUCH!!!!! Pass the Vicadin please!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - OH! The Horror!!!!!! The Dentist! Not good news! Well I have had this tooth bothering me for while now, so I decided to get an emergency appt. I have an abscessed tooth! They put me on an antibiotic and gave me some vicodin (which I have not taken yet, but have been tempted!) They wanted to do a root channel, ummm NO! I freaked! I acted all calm cool and collected in the office then went home a cried for half an hour! I am not going to do a root channel. I don't think I would be able to walk into the building, they would have to drug me in the parking lot! I am just going to have it pulled. What's one less tooth? Hay one less tooth for them to torture! Did I mention my hatred for Dentists? They are always the barer of bad news! Have you ever gone to the dentist to hear them tell you, you've won something? NO! They always want to do some terrible thing to your mouth!
The bad part is... well the bad part is the pain, but the other bad part is that I can't hardly eat anything! Nothing sweet, no ice cream, no yogurt, chocolate, no cappuccino, it is even hard to drink coffee! I am having salad tonight and I am not sure I will be able to tolerate that with the dressing.
I get this horrible thing out of my mouth on the 26th of May, please pray for me, my tooth, the pain, and my fears!

 Pouring today! And yes those are my pants you see in the background! I stripped as soon as I walked in the door. My pants were dripping wet from the knees down.
On the bright side! - We have had some really great weather over the weekend! Warm, some sun, some clouds. Glen was home and got all the lawns mowed and all the mowers and tractors fixed (another story). My Wisteria is starting to come out! I will have pictures next week. All my Hostas are about 8" tall. My Dogwood has little baby leaves on it. It is a late blooming Dogwood.

The hubby is moving some dangerous stuff the next couple days! Very large pieces of the actual drilling rig. They have to have a safety meeting before hand, they have to wear fire proof suits, and have a safety inspector on duty during the meeting! You know - just in case it blows up! He said - "Yeah, I can see Herb getting out of the truck and lighting up a cigarette and poof!" Please pray for him!

TV -      ******SPOILER ALERT************

Did I miss a LOST show? I don't remember seeing it on the DVR. Juju? Was it on last week?
Survivor - Ummm... what just happened? Like seriously. I am confused. Why? Is there voodoo, or hypnosis going on?
Dancing with the Stars - Aww, didn't want Jake to go home! He's a cutie. Send the tramp home! I am tired of seeing sex dripping off Pam! I think she is gross!
Amazing Race - The cops go home. Down to the final 3.
American Idol - The best Idol show ever!!!!! Songs of Shania Twain! Everyone was great! I had real tears in my eyes during Casey, and also loved Big Mike and Lee! I can't believe Casey was in the bottom 2! He better not go home next week! So goodbye Siobhan.

KNITTING - The makings of a really cool tank top!
 Ankle socks from left over yarn from the last tank I made with the silk yarn.

BOOKS - "The Problem with Murmur Lee" by Connie May Fowler. 4 Stars. What was the problem? Well, she died! This was a great book about the memories of Murmur before she died and how her friends feel after and how they are all affected by her death. Very well written, but then we all know Connie May Fowler is a GREAT writer! "Before Women Had Wings" is one of my favorite books!

Also read "Rooms" by James L. Rubart, I gave this only 3 stars. I received this from Librarything Early Reviewers. I thought it was going to be like Ted Dekker (whom I  love) but not even close. I really wanted to love it, but just didn't. This book was Christian Thriller, Paranormal, Supernatural, and even knowing that didn't make it work for me. This book was just plain weird! Good vs. evil, God vs. Satin and the right to choose what you want for your life. I thought it got tooooo carried away. I do know that there are some people who would love it! Not sure what I am going to do with my copy yet.

Also read - "Indivisible" by Kristen Heitzmann 4 stars! I will do a formal review and giveaway on May 10th.

CONTESTS - Dar at Peeking between the pages is giving away a copy of "The Danish Girl" by David Ebershoff - HERE
And - 3 copies of "A Change in Altitude" by Anita Shreve - HERE
And 3 copies of  "The Secret Speech" by Tom Rob Smith - HERE
A Sea of book is giving away 3 copies of "The Pocket Therapist" by Therese J. Borchard - HERE
And!!!!!!! 3 copies of - "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer (very popular book!) - HERE
And 3 copies of - "Slip of  the Knife" by Denise Mina - HERE
And 3 copies of "The Cradle" by Patrick Sommerville - HERE

Whew! That's a lot of giveaways!

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  1. Oh my! I feel your pain. I had to have my first and only root canal two years ago and i have to say...I'm not a fan.

    One of the books I read for research on my own books was called The Excruciating History of Dentistry. Talk about a horror story. You don't even want to know!

    Hope the problem goes soon. I can't believe they are making you wait 3 weeks to get it taken care of! That doesn't seem right.

  2. Lost: *giggle* I love that you asked me :) Last week was a rerun :) No worries!
    Dancing: Amen! She's sooo icky.

  3. Tooth pain is the worst. I had to have a root canal after I cracked a molar. It was not as bad as I envisioned and because I was in so much pain, it actually felt kind of good to let all that pressure out. BUT, I also felt like it would have been easier to just pull the tooth so I wish you luck. Take some of that vicadin for the pain though.

  4. We can be thankful we are NOT in Nashville Tennessee. The floods there are terrible.

    Always love seeing your knitting.

  5. Aw. I HATE tooth pain. At least after they pull the tooth it will not hurt anymore! I have had teeth pulled, the anticipation was MUCH worse than the actual teeth pulling. I hope that it doesn't hurt too much until then, that's a long time to wait :(

  6. I feel your tooth pain. But they do root canals these days with virtually no misery afterward. Just tell them that you don't want to feel any pain!

  7. Hope you are feeling better.
    Hate tooth pain...it has got to the worse.
    Have had both a root canal and my wisdom teeth pulled and i would do a root canal over having the tooth pulled. I felt no pain during or after but I did feel pain after having them pulled not to mention the swelling. Hang in there.
    Love your knitting..The colors are beautiful! If you decide you don't want it you can give it to me!!!!!
    Leedra you are so right, we are so lucky. Nashville is just terrible.
    I feel so sorry for them but thankful we didn't get hit that hard here in East TN.

  8. I had a tooth surgically removed recently and after that exsperience the root canal sounds less painful.
    I had such a panic attack the oral surgeon said I scared my veins into hiding so that he couldn't find one to put the iv in he wasn't happy with me lets face it tooth pain is the worst and I feel the same way you do.((((Hugging You))))Darcy