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My daughter gave me this bleeding heart a couple years ago! Its doing great! I love it.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My hubby came home for the weekend. He is actually reading part of a book! It is called "Extreme Conditions" it is about the oil field. I don't know if he will read the whole thing but at least he is reading! He does listen to books on CD.
Saturday morning we went out for breakfast to our usual diner with our usual waitress, and I had my usual cheese omelet with homefries and toast.

Ashley's boyfriend, Micah, was up for the weekend. It was his birthday on Sunday - Happy 22nd! On Sat. we all went to Wagner winery, we did both beer tasting and wine tasting. They are one of the only, if not THE only winery around here that also brews their own beer! It was fun, except for all the crazy drunk people that were there! Good thing they all took buses, I wouldn't want them on the road! Out of the 7 beers we tasted, I liked 2 and maybe 3. I liked most of the wine (I am a wine drinker).

On Sunday Ashley and Micah came over so he could open presents and have ice cream cake that Ashley brought. I had bought Micah a fleece pullover and a "gear bag" from Cabela's, I also made him some felted clog slippers (which he asked for). He seemed to love everything.

I would like to introduce a new blog! Please check it out. I think you will love it! I AM a princess kitty
Become a follower, she is trying to see if she can beat me. And please comment, it will add to her already pretty big furry head.

TV - The only thing I haven't already updated on is LOST. AAWWWWW, Libby's back, how sweet! AND.. Desmond is back, yeaya! Love him! To say the show is getting a little freaky would be an understatement. So I won't say that. I will just watch and accept what ever happens. It is, just a TV show.

This is the tank that I am knitting from the German book translated to Eng. Its going to be beautiful, just dificult!

BOOKS - For my "12 Countries in 12 Months" I read a book that takes place in France. "A Year in the Merde" by Stephen Clarke. I only gave it 3 stars. 1/2 of it was too sexual for me, It was also very sexist! But the other 1/2 was very funny! So I kept reading.
Also read - "The girl Who Stopped Swimming" by Joshilyn Jackson. Let me start by saying that I love Joshilyn Jackson, I thought "Between Georgia" was excellent! This book however, was not my favorite. It started out too slow, the middle was GREAT, but then didn't like the ending! This book got a lot of Hype, and alot of people loved it, so maybe it was just me. If you read this book, I would love to hear from you.

Dar at "Peeking Between the Pages" is giving away a copy of "Small Change" by Sheila Roberts, sounds like a really good book!

TOP 5 - favorite websites (not counting blogs or email!!!!)
1. Shelfari
2. Ravelry
3. Paperbackswap
4. Luxury Homes for sale (heehee, I can dream!)
5. Amazon (to look at book reviews)


  1. -Sounds like fun!
    -Whoot! Lost! Can't wait.
    -Love the knit tank.

    Top 5 fav web sites:

  2. Sounds like you had a great day at the winery's.

    The tee is BEAUTIFUL. can't wait till you finish it. Is it for you?

    I have a bleeding heart plant. looks just like yours. I also really like them.

    Top 5:
    1] straw.com Lot of free knitting patterns.
    2] cooks.com lots of recipes
    3] kraftfoods.com more recipes
    4] elann.com more knitting and yarn
    5] pogo.com free games to play

  3. The winery sounds awesome - I love wine as well and yes your bleeding heart is so pretty. I love them.

    Your tank is going to be gorgeous. I'm anxious to see it done. What beautiful colors.

    Top 5:
    Kobo eBooks
    Sony eBooks
    Weight Watchers

    Have a great week Wendy!

  4. What are you knitting? It looks great!

  5. What are felted clog slippers? Do you have a picture of them?

  6. You should have come to visit your Mom and then gone onto Atlanta (Stitches South) with me. I leave in the morning. Hope to learn all kinds of neat things while there.

    Heirloom Goods (HA! My own website)
    Living Felt
    you know I cannot think of anything else because I don't go to alot of websites.