Plain Paradise, by Beth Wiseman

Book Review and Giveaway!

Book description:

Josie was just a frightened teenager when she left her baby in the care of an Old Order Amish couple in Lancaster County. Since then, seventeen years have passed and while much has changed, one thing hasn't. Josie still longs to reconnect with her daughter Linda.

But Linda is unaware of Josie--and living an idyllic life within the Amish community. The bishop's grandson, Stephen, is courting her and she hopes that he will propose soon. When her birth mother comes to Paradise, Linda finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Josie's world. Meanwhile, her adoptive parents--and her Amish beau--are trying to understand how this interruption in Linda's life could possibly be God's will.

As new relationships begin and old ones are tested, no one's life will remain the same. In the process of losing and letting go--Linda realizes whose daughter she really is. And as only God can do, something more powerful and far more beautiful is forged within the Daughters of the Promise community...hope.

My Review:

This book started just a little slow for me but very quickly earned its 4 stars! By a third of the way in, I was hooked, unable to put it down. This is a very sweet heartwarming story. I like the way the Author intertwines the two worlds of "Amish" and "English". The Author does not go overboard and the story is very believable. There was an excellent development of characters. One would expect to fall in love with Linda, the young Amish girl, but I actually found myself falling in love with Josie, her birth Mother. I also like all the men in this book, which doesn't always happen to me. Again, I think it is because the Author keeps it real and believable. No one really stands out as being the hero or strange. They are all just kind of normal everyday people that you can identify with. This book is VERY Christian orientated, with a very strong message. I loved it! But!... again, it is all very believable! I found myself reaffirming my faith along with the people in the book.

I am always drawn to books about the Amish, probably because we live among them here in central NY. I would recommend this book to women, young or old, especially if you are interested in the Amish. It is a great "Mother/Daughter" book and a great little love story.

Thank you Thomas Nelson Group for sending me this book to review.

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  3. great review.

  4. I love books about the Amish. I would love to win this book! Thanks for the chance.

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