SPRING!!!! I think its here!

Snow dogs on the Iditarod trail near the Takotna checkpoint on Thursday. Isn't this the cutest picture?

What's happening - OK, I think I can say it now - spring spring spring spring spring. Last week was absolutely gorgeous! It was in the 50's all week and one day it even got up to 67! This next week is suppose to be mild not as great as last week, but I'll take it. Low 50's the beginning of the week and high 50's by the end.
Update on the Iditarod - my man Lance Mackey is in the lead! Woot woot! With Jeff King close behind.
I went to the evening "Contemporary Worship Service" at church again and really enjoyed it. The pastor said they are going to do it twice a month from now on, so I am going to make an effort to go everytime.
I cleaned out my fishtank. I took everything out, everything! threw out everything except the fish. Got all new stuff, rocks, plants, gravel, and... even a couple new fish and a FROG!!!! The fish are male and female and are "live bearers" which there is a chance they might have babies in my tank.

Dirty fish tank, EWWWWW!
Clean fish tank, AHHHHH! Isn't it pretty? I love the look of the bigger stones on the bottom.
That's the frog in the back. It is hard to get a good picture of him, he likes to hide.

TV -
LOST- Alright not quite so confused, but still a lot of unanswered questions. The highlight moment of the show - when Ben gave up the chance to further his own career to help the future of a student. OK, I still hate him, but that was an "AWWW" moment.
American Idol- OH MY GOSH!!!!! Are you kidding me? You sent Lilly home before that child - Katie? And I also think Todrick should have stayed over Andrew, but that's just me. Two of my girls got sent home.
My picks - Girls - Crystal, Didi, Katelyn, Lilly, Guys - Lee, Casey (Duh!), Michael, Tyler
Survivor- Woot woot! Goodbye Tom! Phew! That was a close one. James was injured and almost went home but the vote came through. Both Tom and Colby were JERKS this week! Colby goes home next. That's my call.
Mercy- Wow! One of the saddest and most shocking endings I have seen! I was sobbing (good thing my husband was asleep).
The Good Wife- What's going to happen to the firm, will they bring on another partner, if so - who?
Amazing Race- Joe and Heidi go home.

Knitting - Finished my slippers I was making for myself. I started making some felted clogs. If they turn out I will make some for Christmas.
Finished clog before felting.
Compare the size of the unfelted clog next to the slipper.

Books I have read - Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq, by - Dr. Chris Coppola. 4 stars.
The fierce, true-life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt. Col. Dr. Chris Coppola, this book describes his experiences through two deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom inside a military trauma hospital at Balad Air Base, just 49 miles north of Baghdad.
I am very surprised that I liked this book as much as I did. I usually do not like anything Political, about Government, or war. That all being said, I did like this book! I was VERY graphic, every gory detail was told (which I love, LOL). It was not too technical. I think he may have tried to keep it easy to read so more people would enjoy it. It was actually a lot like the TV show - MASH, only in Iraq. This my Country read for March. On the left on my blog, on the sidebar, there is a new section where I put my "12 Countries in 12 Months" reading challenge.
I also read - "Switchcraft", by Mary Castillo. Sadly, only 3 stars. This book was confusing at best. At first, I thought it was just me but it became apparent through the book that the whole thing was confusing. It was about two friends (one married with a baby, the other single and owns a boutique). They go to a retreat and meet with a Guru, during meditation the two girls switch bodies. They can not be switched back until the next full moon (one month from now). So they have live as each other for one month. The book actually got real god in the middle but then had a real crappy ending and just spoiled it for me.

If I ever read a book just because of the title or cover picture, this would be it! Doesn't it have a great cover and title. I don't know if I will ever read it or not, but... maybe.

Contests - Dar at Peeking Between the Pages is giving away 2 copies of Magnolia Wednesdays, by Wendy Wax. It sounds like a really good book, and I am not just partial because of the first name thing.

Top 5 - favorite vacations you have taken
1. Visiting my mom (in MN and TN)
2. Dallas, TX (love Dallas, would love to live there)
3. Washington DC (great vacation! lots to do, loved the Smithsonian!)
4. Boston, MA (great city, very pretty, lots of shopping, the harbor, cobblestone)
5. PA (going to Cabela's, Hawk MT, Going down in the coal mine, riding on a steam train)


  1. My book arrived! Yah! Thanks again :)

    1. LOVE the clogs.
    2. Thank goodness Lost finally answered a question or two. The epy to me was so about redemption.
    3. My top 5 favorite vacations:
    -Yucatan, Mexico (class trip in college)
    -Orford, Quebec, Canada (with my hubby on our honeymoon)

  2. I love your slippers! They look very comfy.

    Top 5 favorite vacations:
    -Disneyworld/Orlando FL
    -Myrtle Beach, SC
    -Amelia Island, FL
    -Nashville, TN
    -New York NY

  3. Cute snow dogs.
    I like the slippers!!! Am I going to get a pair of both of these? Please Please Please.
    I remember cleaning out the fish tank..yuck. Looks really nice clean with the bigger stones.
    Top 5:
    1] NY to see everyone, family.
    2] LV,NV
    3] Pa see more family
    4] Outer banks, NC
    5] Right here, East TN

  4. Have the pattern for the felted clogs, but seem to keep putting it off. Maybe yours will get me going.

    Come for a visit....I mention you in my post.

  5. I love those snow dogs!! I like that cover too. Hard to tell what it's about a little, but I like the blues!

    Favorite vacations:
    1. Honeymoon in Dominican Republic
    2. Hawaii with family
    3. Europe for class trip
    4. Jamaica with friend's family
    5. New York (I'm counting this one as #5 for BEA because I'm so excited, even though it hasn't happened yet!)

  6. I think it may be getting to spring here too but they just called for some snow coming our way and a bit colder temps so I'd better not get too excited yet.

    Love your slippers. And yes the cover of that book is gorgeous. It's made me curious enough to want to know what it's about. Thanks for posting the giveaway!

    TV-I'm lost on Lost. Too confusing for me right now. Idol-my faves are Crystal and Lee. Survivor-I used to like Tom but he has been a toad this year and Colby is old news. I can't believe how much he's aged. Amazing Race-I'm rooting for Jordan and Jeff because I liked them on Big Brother.

    Hope you have a good week Wendy!

  7. I love the dogs!

    Top 5 vacation spots:
    1. Hawaii
    2. Maine
    3. Key West
    4. Outer Banks
    5. Arizona/Utah canyons

    God bless!

  8. I need that slipper pattern!! Need it immediately. It is so adorable.

  9. I want those slippers! Gosh you knit the cutest things ever! Lost has so confused me that I'm frustrated to even keep watching it. Maybe I'll tune into the finale. I am so hooked on the Good Wife (The hubby is not allowed to talk while the show is on - lol!) - I think Leo Gold would make a great 3rd partner! (P.S. You should join the good wife facebook page w/ me. I'm such an addict - lol!)
    Loved reading your vacation list - so sweet that you have your mom on there!
    My top 5 favorite vacations:
    1. Playa del Carmen
    2. Puerto Vallarta
    3. Whitefish point in the U.P. of Michigan
    4. Traverse City, MI (loved the wineries!)
    5. Chicago (to see my aunt, uncle & cousins.)