SPRING! I swear, its right around the corner.

We have a winner! - The winner of the book "Double Trouble" by Susan May Warren is....
Juju 0f Tales of Whimsy
Congratulations! I actually picked twice (I was always going to go with the first one) I wanted to see which way I liked better, putting in numbers and giving everyone a number or just putting in the names. But Juju came up both times! LOL So I guess she was really meant to win.

We have grass!!!!!

And still lots of snow.

You know you're a NYer when....
You get your lawn chair out at the first sign of sun and melting snow!

What's happening -
Its melting, melting, melting. The snow, that is! It has been over 35 (during the day) for about a week now. Over the weekend it got in the 40's! It is suppose to be a high today of 47. Dare I ask, will I jinx it, should I even mention the 6 letter S word? No, I can't! Not yet. I can't take that chance. Everyone will say its my fault when we get another snow storm. Maybe next week.

I have a new boy! No, I am not preg. and I did not just have a baby, nor did my daughter! At my daycare! We have a new boy! I am so excited. He is only very part time till next year. He is in 1st grade and is a sweetie! The kids all love him. Within the first 40 min. he turned to me and said "I want to come here forever!" All together now... AWWWWWWWWW!

My hubby finally came home after a week! He was working in PA, then went right to WV. If you know anyone who needs a job, is not afraid of real hard work, is willing to travel, and wants overtime, and doesn't mind getting dirty. Let me know because they are hiring.

The Iditarod started on Sat.!!!! Yea! If you have been reading my blog, you know I am a huge fan of the Iditarod. I actually have a subscription as an "Iditarod Insider" I get more inside info. and I get a GPS tracker on my computer so I can literally see where all the racers are at any given moment. There is also a WebCam in Nome at the finish line. When it gets towards the end, I have that up on my computer all day! Last year I actually got to see two racers cross the finish! This is so much fun for me! Of course I am a Lance Mackey fan, but there are also a few rookies I will be watching this year. I would also like to see DeeDee Jonrowe win, She has been racing a long time and has come close to winning a few times. She also holds the "fastest time" record for a woman and is a Breast Cancer survivor! I believe this will be her 26th race! Lance Mackey, Ironically enough is also a Cancer survivor. He has won three years in a row now!

TV - LOST, hmmm what can I say about LOST? Confused as usual. If I wasn't so darn hooked on it I would just give it up, but NOOOO! Darn addictions.
American Idol - Yeah! All my people are still in it (except for Tyler) It is too bad about Michele, I did think she was too good to go home so early, but I agreed with all the other ones.
My picks - Girls - Crystal, Didi, Katelyn, Lilly, Guys - Lee, Casey (Duh!), Michael, Tyler
Survivor - Go Boston Rob! Man he totally won that challenge for them! I was really sad to see Cirie go home, I thought Tom should have gone. He is getting too darn big for his britches!
Mercy - Oh my gosh! Does this mean she is back with her husband? I wish she would make up her mind.
The Good Wife - Wow, the kids are smarter than the adults! Go kids!
Amazing Race - Can't remember the name of the couple who went, but I won't miss them. The cowboys continue to be strong (and funny as heck!).

Has anyone seen the adds for Jessica Simpson's new show? The Price of Beauty, its going to be on VH1, it looks really good! I'll be watching (or recording). It airs - March 15, at 10:00. Here is a link to read what it is about - HERE and HERE and if you like Oprah, this is what she is saying about it - HERE

Knitting - Oh my gosh, I made the cutest slippers! Well, one anyway. It still needs to have buttons on the straps. The pattern is for a child's size, so I made one to see how I could change the pattern to make an adult size. I will let you know how that works out.I finished my sweater. I like it alot, it fits good, I could have made it a little longer but that's ok. It is very slinky, so it will be nice in the summer over a cami or tank.

Books I have read - "On the Wings of Love" by Kim Watters. I won this book from Kim on Erin's blog - Quinn's Essentials. This was a very sweet book. The main character, Ruth, is a coordinator for organ donation deliveries. Noah, is the studly pilot who is contracted to fly her. He is very much against organ donating, mainly because of the death of his wife and son and because he does not truly understand how it works and what it is all about. Well this is a love story so.....
I thought this was a very interesting back drop for a story. I enjoyed it because it is a Christian romance, so -no swearing, no sex, the people actually have values and morals!

Contests - As usual, Dar, at Peeking between the pages, has about 50,000 giveaways! Well at least a few.
Enter to win - Almost Home, by-Pam Jenoff - HERE
Enter to win - Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, by-Beth Hoffman - HERE
Enter to win - The Wives of Henry Oades, by-Johanna Moran - HERE

A Sea of Books has a couple giveaways -
Enter to win - The Girl She Used to be, by David Cristofaro - HERE
Enter to win - Alphatudes, by Michele Wahlder - HERE

And last but certainly not least - Chick Loves Lit is giving away - Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni - enter HERE

Good luck everyone! With all these giveaways, someone I know is bound to win!

Top 5 - Favorite tea flavors. I am a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a cup of tea once in a while.
1. Peach
2. Blackberry
3. Cranberry, apple
4. Lemon
5. Mint Magic (it is a blend of different kinds of mints)


  1. I won?
    *bouncing in her seat*
    Whoot whoot whoot!

    Lost = I'm getting so annoyed. Where's my answers Lost writers?

    Knit slipper = adorable! TOO cute :)

    Favorite teas?
    1. Lemon
    2. Orange
    3. English Breakfast
    4. Chamomile
    5. Green

  2. Love the sweater...I really like the cabled collar.

    The slipper is so cute. Good luck on making it bigger, but I know you can do it.

    It was 72* here today ..... just beautiful out.

    You have a new boy....u had me worried there for a minute.

    Top 5 Teas..I like loose Tea
    1] Rooibos tea
    2] vanilla
    3] almond
    4] blood orange
    5] tiramisu
    check out teavana.com they have GREAT teas.

  3. Favorite teas
    1. Earl Grey
    2. English Breakfast
    3. Bigelow Tea Time
    4. Constant Comment
    5. Jasmine

    Guess who? :)

  4. Oooh I want to like tea. I really do. Peach sounds enticing, but I'm still not that sure I'd like it. I had to drink green tea when I was in a musical in high school and I found it to be horrid. Sighhhh!

    Thanks for linking to my contest :)

  5. Love the sweater, and glad to see you have alittle thaw going there.

  6. I always love seeing your knitting - it's so beautiful! You really should have your own knit shop!! Glad to hear your snow is melting - so is ours! Spring will be here soon! I'm also an iditarod fan (told you we were sisters!) - one day I hope to see it in person. Have a great rest of the week. And oh yeah, I like tea like you.
    Green Tea, Raspberry Tea and Apple tea! Yum!

  7. I feel bad because you always enter my contests and haven't won. I'm sorry :( One of these days will be your lucky day!