Mush!! Mackey wins record fourth straight Iditarod

Lance Mackey wins the Iditarod. He is the first to win 4 times in a row. He finished the race in eight days, 23 hours and 59 minutes — the second-fastest finish in race history. Martin Buser holds the record for the fastest time. “These are my heroes right here,” Mackey said seconds after crossing the finish line as he was giving his 11 dogs a pat on their heads and a kiss. Mackey said his relationship with his team is more rewarding than winning another truck.

Signs of Spring -

Fresh Asparagus
My backyard, no snow and green grass!
Again- green grass!
Daffodils starting to shoot up.

What's happening - It was an absolutely gorgeous week. It started out in the 40's ended in the 60's! Every morning though it is only in the 30's, so we are still wearing hats to school. One day I think it actually got up to 70! I think this week it will even out and be kind of cool again.

I thought it was about time to do my blog in my favorite colors with Easter and spring here and all! Any purple or lavender fans out there?

My husband is pretty much gone during the week and only home on the weekends these days. When he gets home we do try to spend a lot of time together. I try to make him some of his favorite foods. We go places together (shopping, walks, etc.). Its really not that bad. I am kind of used to this life already. I am a very independent person and I lived on my own for a long time so I am not afraid to be alone. He is making decent money so I can't really complain. When he got home Sat. it was early enough that we could go for a walk. Then we went for a drive by the lake and decided to stop by Lucas Winery to buy a couple bottles of wine.

TV - Trauma is baaaaack! Yay! I also think "Dancing with the Stars" is starting this week! "Entertainment Weekly" has listed its Top 10 shows to watch. Annnnd... Guess what made #1 - The Good Wife!!!!! Yay (again). Told you it was a good show! I have to admit that the only reason I started watching it was because Julianna Margulies (from ER) stars in it, but now I love it.
LOST- OK, so Sawyer (without the crash) is a cop. Locke finally admitted that he was "The smoke thing".
American Idol- Final 12 sang song from the Rolling Stones. I thought they all did pretty good but only a few really did great. None of "my people" were in the bottom three. Lacey went home.
Survivor- No survivor this week, basketball.
Mercy- Poor Veronica, she needs to seriously get her act together or she is going to loose Dr. Hunky.
The Good Wife- Naughty husband finds God??? Good Wife kisses old flame! Law firm saves unborn baby, yay! I love Colinda, she is ruthless and bad and I love it! Good thing she is on our side.
Amazing Race- Jeff and Jordan go home, bye bye! Didn't like them. For the 3rd week in a row the Cops are 1st.

I watched "The Price of Beauty" with Jessica Simpson, for the first time on Tues (I am hoping that it is the same show that was on Mon. cause I forgot) She went to Thailand. Beauty products are not regulated in any way there. She met a woman ( a singer) who was using a cream to lighten her skin (the paler your skin the more beautiful you are considered to be) the woman's skin started peeling off and her face is ruined! Her husband left her and she is afraid to go outside. It was heartbreaking. Then she went to northern Thailand and met with the tribe whose women wear the rings around their necks to elongate them. The rings can weigh as much as 20 lbs. And they start as young as 5 yrs old. It is only by choice but most do it because it is considered beautiful.

Knitting - I am knitting socks for my daughter's boyfriend (I hope he doesn't read my blog).

Books I have read - "The Last Thing I Remember" by Andrew Klavin. 4.5 stars! Great book. I will do a formal review on Thur. 25th, along with a giveaway! So come back now ya hear.

Contests - A Sea of Books is giving away 3 copies of "This one is Mine" by Maria Semple. This time she is the one with all the giveaways!!!
Also win "You Are Here" by Christopher Potter - HERE,
and "Black Hills" by Dan Simmons - HERE,
and "The 3-day Cleanse" by Zoe Sakoutis & Erika Huss - HERE,
and, "The Art of Choosing" by Sheena Iyengar - HERE
and, "Worst Case" Audiobook by James Patterson & Michael Legwidge - HERE
and, "The Crazy School" by Cornelia Read (I read this one, its really good!) - HERE
ANDDDDDD "The Undervalued Self" by Elaine N.Aron PhD - HERE
I don't know, do you think she is doing enough giveaways? LOL

From my friend Juju at "Tales of Whimsy" win an ARC copy of "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" by Sarah Addison Allen - HERE

Dar at "Peeking Between the Pages" is giving away "Shadow of the King" by Helen Hollick.

Top 5 - "Bandwagons" you DID NOT jump on-
1. Harry Potter (have not read them, sorry not interested)
2. Twilight Series (again, not interested in the least)
3. Avatar, the movie (totally not interested)
4. Cartoon TV for adults, ie Simpsons, Family Guy (Not only an I not interested, I think they are stupid!)
5. Obama, the pres. (I am not on the "hate bandwagon" or the "love bandwagon") can take him or leave him.


  1. LOVE your yard!

    Dear LOST writers: I need more questions answered.
    Getting a tad bit fed-up in Florida

    1. Boy band love(old one I know but SO true).
    2. Skinny jeans...ACK! The only people that look good in them are mad skinny young girls. Everyone else (including men) look fat, funny, or both at the same time.
    3. I'm with you on Adult Cartoon TV. Except Robot Chicken. That one does crack me up with all its pop culture references.
    4. Michael Jackson fever. Blech!
    5. Americal Idol. Double blech!

    Have a FAB week doll :)

  2. Congrats Mackey. I think the Iditarod would be an amazing experience! Let's vow to watch one someday together!

    I think your right, spring is definitely here! Although there was frost on my car yesterday morning, but we will just ignore that. Do you have any more asparagus? If so, I'm coming for dinner! And when your daffodils start to bloom let me know so I can come take pictures!

    Speaking of Micah reading our blogs, apparently he had my blog saved on his computer somehow... and he started reading it and I was like NO! Don't read that!!! It's a girl thing!!!

  3. Your blog looks great. YOu're lucky you have green grass. We don't and guess what we got some snow last night so definitely no green grass yet. lol. I love the show Trauma although I read that it was only back for a few episodes and then being canceled. I hope not!

    Have a great week Wendy!

  4. I am not feeling American Idol this year. I didn't really like any of the Stones covers. I hope this week they bring it!

  5. Hello Spring! We have daffodils in full bloom. There are a few crocus still blooming but for the most part they are done. The flowering trees are in bloom and we have mowed the yard already.
    Like your header picture.
    Top 5.
    1] Gore's Global Warming. They have proved it was all a hoax. That the earth goes thru warm [tropical] and cold [ice ages] changes since the begining. But I bet most people didn't hear about it.
    2] Michael Moore movies and his hatred of Bush and the GOP.
    3] Reality shows
    4] Harry Potter
    5] Pot/drugs and the Hippy movement of the 70's, make love not war, every thing is beautiful thing.
    There are so many more but these are top 5 (I think)

  6. I trying to see what yarn combination that Encore yarn is, but even clicking on it I could not tell. I knit alot of sweaters with Encore, and was just wondering.

    Have you read any Lauraine Snelling books? I am currently reading the Red River of the North series (6 in this one) and it goes onto the Daughters of Blessing (4 in this one) which I have already read. But who would have thought a 4 book series was actually the continuation of a 6 book series. I see she also has a series called Return to Red River and wonder if it also was suppose to be before the Daughters of Blessing series. Either way....she is really good.