Snow Storm and Goodbye Olympics

Neighbor's barn
Our backyard
Neighbor's barn (I love this barn)
Our side yard with birdfeeder
Snow after plowing
Snow on the trees
Our driveway looking over across the street
Our road, nice huh?
Our house surrounded with snow

Miss Martina hogging the bathroom, she's always in there when I have to go!

What's happening - We got a nice little snow storm on Thur. the 25th. I think we got about 10 - 12" total. But then started the blowing, and drifting. School was canceled on Fri. as was everything else in the state of NY. My husband didn't even have to go to work! He spent 2 1/2 hrs. plowing the driveway and sidewalks. Late morning we walked uptown to get a cup of coffee. We talked about how much fun a snowstorm is when you don't have to be anywhere at a certain time and you can just stay home and play. If I had to clean my car off and drive somewhere to go to work, I would have hated this! But since I had nowhere to go and I didn't even have any kids(the parents all stayed home) I really didn't mind it.

TV -
American Idol - UUUGGGHHH, I am so mad Tyler went home! I thought he was one of the best singers. OK so here's my pick -
Girls - Crystal, Didi, Katelyn, Lilly
Guys - Lee, Casey (Duh!), Michael, Tyler
Lost - OK so now I am more lost than ever! Each show gets me more and more confused! Did we know that Jack had a son? And what's up with Clair, didn't she die? I'm so confused.
Amazing Race - Sad that Grandma and granddaughter had to go home last week and the two "Moms" went home last night. Both groups seemed like very sweet people. My favs - the cowboys! They are definitely the team to beat.
Survivor - Yeah!!! Every show - intense, intense, intense! This is deffinately the best and most intense one yet! I have never found myself screaming at the TV so much (except during the short track in the Olympics and Steelers football) Not surprised that Randy went home nor am I upset about it! What I am upset about is that he had the nerve to write down Boston Rob's name!
UGH! Canada beat the US in Hockey! Well I would rather it be Canada than anyone else. It was a good Olympics this year, I really enjoyed it!

Knitting - I have started a sleeveless sweater for myself. It is gorgeous! It is from some of the yarn I got at Fingerlakes Fiber during the big yarn sale. It is silk, and possibly the softest yarn I have ever felt!

Books I have read - "Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'Easter" by - Lisa Patton
I don't always post the book covers of all the books I read (only on the official book reviews) but... I just love this cover! It is one of my favorites so far. I gave this book a wonderful 5 stars! I loved this book! It was so funny, I had to keep stopping to read out loud to my hubby.
It is about a Southern Belle (from TN) who's husband suddenly decides to buy an Inn in VT! They have never lived up north before, boy are they in for a treat! I don't want to spoil the end but - husband turns creep and Leelee has some decisions to make. NY is right next door to VT so everything she wrote about in this book is true for NY. This book reads very much like a memoir even though it is fiction. I thought the Author - Lisa Patton did a wonderful job! Can't wait to read more from her. I instantly fell in love with the main Character (even though she is a southerner! she is very likable, LOL)
I am sure this is going to be on my top ten list of books for 2010.
I am not giving this book away... yet. But if you would like to borrow it let me know.

Contests - Wow, no new contests! Except my own - scroll down to the previous post to enter my giveaway of Double Trouble by Susan May Warren. I will be announcing a winner next Mon. (March 8th).

Top 5 - things you can't wait for!
1 - Spring!!!!!!!
2 - Visiting my mom in TN (early summer)
3- Finishing my sweater project
4- My next book (I always look forward to my next book)
5- Reg. TV to start again (I love the olympics but I am ready for - Mercy, Glee, SVU, The Good Wife, etc)


  1. That is a lot of snow!! Looks pretty!

    I love the yarn; I bet the sweater will be gorgeous.

  2. OMG that is a quite a lot of snow... wow...

    That sweater is gorgeous... I mean really gorgeous... I am jealous and want to copy!! :)

    Have a great week.

    Oh yes..the cover on that book along with the title just charms the pants off me....

  3. Five things I'm looking forward to
    1. better weather in Florida - too chilly for this place
    2. a visit from my niece who I haven't seen in quite a few years
    3. going back to Celebration for lunch
    4. my next book - still have about 8 from my last book overstocks
    5. getting back to knitting - have been taking a break while having family here.

  4. 1. FANTASTIC barn!
    2. You have a beautiful home!
    3. Regarding Lost: I want to know who the mother of Jack's son is! For some reason I feel like that's important. I was hoping when he stopped by their house that we would get a clue. As for poor Claire. I think that the "sickness" Rousseau referred to is that if the darkness catches you right at death it can take your body. At first the person appears to be them but then slowly the darkness takes over and the spirit of the original person is squelched.
    5. Pretty book cover!
    6. Top 5:
    -Swimming. I really missing swimming right now for some reason.
    -Hunger Games 3
    -Flash Forward
    -Birth of my niece (she's due next month)
    7. PS Happy Week :)

  5. Nice snow pictures but you can keep the snow up north.
    Love Martina on the pot! So cute!
    Lost!!!! yes what happened to Clair...why is she still alive?
    Who is the mother of Jacks son.
    I can't wait for Flash Forward to come back and "V".
    Your sweater is beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished. Love the colors. I am also making a tee/vest/pullover that has a cable down the front too.
    Top 5:
    1] summer, summer summer!!!
    2] swimming
    3] Dollywood to reopen for the season
    4] boating
    5] a visit from you this summer!!!!
    WooHoo. Going shopping and more shopping.

  6. I hope this weeks Idol is better then last weeks.

    Top 5 - things you can't wait for!
    1 - Spring!!!!!!!

    2 -To beable to get out in my Gardens!

    3- To sit out on our deck and enjoy the warm air!

    4-Poor Hubby to get called back to work!


  7. As much as I love your snow pics, thank you but I had enough of my own. We actually had more than you! Now you could start posting some spring pics. ;-)

    How do you like working in all silk? I have toyed with it, but I'm not sure whether the yarn would make me crazy.

  8. Yuck to the snow but the pictures are gorgeous. Our weather has been very unseasonably warm thankfully.

    Love the color of your sweater and the pic of Martina on the toilet. That's priceless.

    Beautiful cover on that book for sure!

  9. Love the color(s) of the yarn. Are you by chance going to Atlanta in April for the Stitchers South?

  10. I'm laughing at Martina hogging the toilet! Marvin is always in the bathroom sink. What is it w/cats and bathrooms?!! Our cats must be related too! By the way- I finished that book "the Choice" and I loved it! Was so surprised that her sister decided to leave the Amish life! And was glad she ended up w/ Abel! Thank you again for having that giveaway!