Lots of snow

The view from our barn property (down the road from where we live).

Deep snow
Our barn
There will be no picnicking today!

What's happening - There was no school last week so I had kids all week. Well I got off easy on this one because it really ended up two kids for 2 days and only one for 2 days!

My hubby has been gone most of the week. He has been working in the hills of PA. He always calls me a couple times every day. We just recently got "unlimited texting" added to his phone (I've always had it) so we also text several times during the day.

I won a great giveaway! Author - Caridad Pineiro has won several awards and honors for her writing. From her contest, I won 2 books, a great t-shirt, AND a $25.00 gift card for Bath and Body Works!!! Isn't that awesome? I've never read anything by her. It looks like she writes a lot of Paranormal romance. Hmmm should be interesting! I'll let you know. In the mean time check out her website.

TV- American Idol has chosen their final 24! Of course I don't agree with some they have chosen and some they have let go! But that is always the case. I actually think Ellen is a nice addition as a judge. She is nice and funny and I just really did not like Paula!!!!!
Survivor is great! Heroes vs. Villains, it is so exciting! Ashley and I find ourselves riveted, literally screaming at the TV.
LOST is back for their final season. And Holy crap! Is it intense! I don't get half of it but it is intense, LOL. I always say - don't try to understand it, just watch and enjoy. I don't think it is suppose to make sense.
The Olympics have been great too! The US is up to 6-Gold, 6-Silver, and 8-Bronze, that's 20 total so far! I love the snowboarding. Shawn White took gold and one of my favorites - Scotty Lago took Bronze.
In the 1000m speed skating- Shani Davis took Gold!!! Downhill Alpine skiing an injured Lindsy Vonn took Gold (how exciting). And surprising even me - Evan Lysacek took Gold for figure skating!

Knitting - Finished the shawl. Here is a link to the pattern - Blue jeans lace leaf shawl
Isn't it beautiful? It wouldn't be half as pretty if I hadn't used that gorgeous yarn from Ruth at The Yarnarian. Please check out her site and beautiful hand dyed yarns!

Books I have read - "Double Trouble" by-Susan May Warren (will review on Tues. and a giveaway!)

Contests -
*Dar at Peeking Through the Pages is having several giveaways!
- three copies of "This One is Mine" by Maria Semple
- three copies of "The Girl She Used to be" by David Cristofano
- three copies of "Apologize, Apologize" by Elizabeth Kelly
Phew! Way to go Dar, thanks!
*Juju at Tales of Whimsy is having a great giveaway - shelves!
*Toni at A circle of Books is giving away 2 books - "Last Snow" & "First Daughter" both by Eric Van Lustbader. She is also giving away - 3 copies of the audio CD's of "Black Hills" by Dan Simmons.

Top 5 - Think spring! If you had a veg. garden and could only grow 5 things -
1. carrots
2. green beans
3. tomatoes
4. lettuce
5. cukes


  1. You didn't say anything about Apolo winning silver. He's the most important! And he races again today for the Gold I hope!

    Shawl looks fantastic! Really pretty!

    Top 5 Veggies to grow
    1. carrots
    2. cherry tomatoes
    3. cucumbers
    4. radishes
    5. lettuce

  2. Just chill girl! I did mention it in the previous post. You are just behind!
    Thanks about the shawl! I love it too.
    We really have to do a garden this year!

  3. The shawl came out so pretty. I don't even remember which yarn I sent you. Tee hee.

  4. 1. Fantastic pictures.
    2. The shawl is GORGEOUS.
    3. I am SO jealous. I want Double Trouble :)

  5. Lost is my fav...Not into reality shows. Watched some of the Olympics. Saw appolo, Shawnn and Shani win.
    The shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Good Job. Lots of work into it.
    You keep the snow up north..,don't want any.
    Top 5:
    1) cukes
    2) Butternut squash
    3) peppers
    4) radishes
    5) herbs, lots of them, all different ones

  6. Top 5 things to grow in a garden

    1. Green Beans
    2. Tomatoes
    3. Squash (yellow and green)
    4. Cukes
    5. Eggplant

  7. Love the shawl! I am trying to catch up on LOST but I must be missing something from last season because I am more confused than usual :)

  8. That shawl is beeeeeeaaaaautiful! I was working with crochet yarn rope stuff today, making a keychain, was a lot different to work with than yarn!!

  9. We are having a hard time with Idol this year. We haven't been blown away by any one yet this year.

    We also Love that Ellen "E" is on idol.