What's happening - The Olympics! I watched the opening ceremonies and thought they were amazing! Great special effects! The way they could project scenes on the floor, it all looked so real. I think this was my favorite one so far! I always knew Canada was a beautiful place, but... WOW! Canada is a beautiful place!!! It really makes me want to do some traveling up there. We are so lucky to live in NY and be so close to Canada and we don't take advantage of it. My husband has gone snowmobiling up there a few times in Northern Montreal (like, way north, where the roads stop). I did not realize Vancouver was right next to Washington state. That is a very beautiful city.
I have been watching the Olympics everyday. I saw Apolo win silver (thanks to those two Korean guys wiping each other out!) I saw Johnny Spillane win silver in the Nordic combined! A first medal for us in this event! And I saw Hannah Kearney win the Gold in the Women's Moguls. It was also very exciting to see Canada win their first Gold on home soil when Alex Bilodeau won Gold in the Men's Moguls. I can't wait for more! Apolo races again on Wed., for sure I will be watching that one!

This is the Valentines Day card I made for my Hubby. Hope you all had a great V-Day!

Knitting -
This is a triangle shawl I am making for a friend. It will look totally different once it is blocked (and finished, LOL)! It has a leaf pattern that is beautiful but you can't tell now when it is all bumpy. I hate blocking but it is amazing how different something looks after it is blocked.

Books I have read - Best Friends Forever, by - Jennifer Weiner (also wrote In Her Shoes). I liked this book, I would give it 4 stars (but started out 3 stars, it got better!) This book was a lot like In her Shoes. Two women, one in trouble the other sensible, one beautiful, the other fat frumpy, get together in the end and stay "Best Friends Forever" Oh yeah and the frumpy girl got thin and gets the guy in the end. Fun, easy reading, but predictable.

I will be doing another Book review on Feb. 23. Be sure to come back and check it out (there will be a giveaway).

Contests - Luxury Reading has a few giveaways (scroll down to find them all).
This That and the Other thing is giving away a copy of "The Cougar Club"
A Sea of Books is giving away a copy of "Hasta La Vista Lola"
Well that ought to hold you over for the nest week!

Top 5 - Favorite Winter Olympic events
1. Bob Sled
2. Luge
3. Snow Boarding
4. Skating (figure and speed)
5. Skiing (the jumps and fancy downhill stuff)


  1. GORGEOUS shawl! Do you have an etsy shop? You should!

  2. Very pretty shawl. like the color
    Nice card! Hope he liked it.
    Top 5:
    1] Luge
    2] Bob Sled
    3] Ski Jump
    4] Speed Skating
    5] Slalom Skiing

  3. I love the olympics too! I usually don't get into sports but something about the Olympics brings out the cheerleader in me. Tell what is the pattern you are using for the shawl. I have been looking for a leaf pattern shawl. I love knitting leaves.

  4. I almost peed my pants when Alex won gold! lol. He never fails to make me cry when he talks about his brother. I was sad that Jen didn't win gold though. She lives not far from me. I've been glued to the Olympics as well-haven't been doing much of anything other than watching them.

    Love the shawl-it looks like a beautiful color. That card you made your hubby is beautiful!

    Favorite Olympic events:
    1. Skiing (all of it especially moguls)
    2. Skating (all of it, especiall figure)
    3. Luge
    4. snow boarding
    5. hockey

    Have a great week Wendy!

  5. I love most of the events, but I don't like the team sports.

    What shawl are you knitting? It looks very pretty even unblocked.