Dogwoods and Eggs

Pictures -
1 & 2- This Robin's nest is literally right outside my front door! There is a bush just to the left of my front stairs and this nest sits nicely inside.
3 - purple flowers in my garden (can't remember the name of them).
4, 5, & 6- My dogwood (just outside my side door. Isn't is beautiful? I love dogwoods!

What's happening -Not much!
My husband came home for the weekend. We got our usual pizza on Fri. night and our daughter came over. On Sat. we went up to Waterloo to take his truck up to work and go to breakfast.
On Sun. we drove down to Watkins Glen and walked out on the pier (sorry no pics. forgot the camera!) went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and went to Walmart. Sunday night I helped him pack up and he was gone again by 6:00am Monday. He is running drilling equipment and huge water tanks (like the size of a big camper) from WV to PA.

I just started watching this new show on "History Channel" called Expedition Africa (it is on Sun. nights at 10:00 just after Ice road truckers) It is about 4 people who are on an expedition following the same route that the early explorers "Stanley and Livingstone" took when they were exploring Africa for the first time. I just watched the second show, it is really good. Another show I just started watching is "Mental" it is on right after House on Tues. Love it! The star is a guy who used to play "Whistler" on Prison Break. And... I can't wait for "Glee" to start in the fall, I watched the premier and it was great! Also now watching "So you Think you can Dance" another great show, this is the third season I am watching. Let me know if you are watching any of these great shows and what you think.

Knitting - I just started on the back to my summer tank.
My friend Pat gave me some real nice cotton yarn from Turkey. It is a pretty pink and purple variegated (my favorite colors). I think I will make some sock out of it.

Books I have read - Wild Card Quilt: Taking a Chance on Home, by Janisse Ray. It was OK but not great. It was good in spots and boring in spots. It was a memoir about a woman (Janisse) and her son moving back to GA to her Grandmothers old homestead. It fulfilled my GA quota. I am now at the half way point on my "Reading through the states" this book was #25!

Contests -Toni at A Circle of Books is giving away " The Summer Affair" by Elin Hilderbrand, ooo sounds steamy.
My friend Dar at Peeking Between the Pages is giving away 3 copies of "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. She is also giving away 5 copies of "The Night Gardener" by George Pelecanos - here.
Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelf is giving away 2 copies of "The Sitting Swing" by Irene Watson
AND, Tina at Bookshipper is giving away a copy of "Nothing in Particular" by Lurlene McDaniel (A great author!!!!)

Top 5 - Funny or strange places you leave you phone (either cell or cordless).
1. Laundry room on the dryer
2. Clothespin basket (I take it with me when I hang up laundry)
3. Upstairs on the bed
4. In the bathroom (YES, alright! I take it to the bathroom with me!)
5. In my coat pocket (I take it with me when I pick up the kids)


  1. It sounds like the hubby is really enjoying his job. That's great!!! Very exciting.

    I'm waiting for you to read a book from CT....

  2. The photos are really stunning! Thanks for posting them.

  3. I also love Dogwood.

    You can watch the birds hatch...how cool that will be.

    Thanks for the book contests.

    Can't wait to see the finished tank you are making.

    I can't say that I have ever left the phone in a funny/strange place.
    We have 3 of them and are always getting them mixed up, which one goes in which room.

  4. lol-The Host is a book all by itself. It's her first adult book. Thanks for posting it :)

    Your dogwood is gorgeous. I'd love to have one out front.

    I haven't watched Expedition Africa but I'm going to check if it's here. It sounds good. I like Ice Road Truckers. I'd never go out on that road. lol.

    Top 5 strange or funny places to leave the phone...hmmmm, I don't think I can do this one cause it's always in my pocket.

    Have a great week Wendy!

  5. beautiful photos today! I can't wait for that show Glee to come on either - I loved the premier! I didn't know about Expedition Africa so now I'm going to have to check it out.

    5 funny/ strange places I've left my cell phone:
    1. Bathroom
    2. Laying on the grass in the backyard (I forget about it when I'm gardening or rough housing w/ the cat - lol!)

    Those are the only ones- usually I have my phone right by my side.

  6. Beautiful pictures!! I love dogwood's too.. in fact, I just bought one for my DD and SIL as a house warming present for their new house. Every home needs a dogwwod to bloom in the spring.

  7. Who won that tennis game you were watching at Dunkin Donuts?? Federer I hope.

    5 strangest places i've left my phone...
    1. the washing machine :-(
    2. The bathroom
    3. in my shirt (haha)
    4. i dont know if this counts, but I've been talking on the phone before, and i'll actually start looking for my phone wondering where I left it, while its right there in my hand.

  8. the pics are great! I have never really left my phone anyplace strange. I usually keep it in my purse all the time.

  9. Love the new color...but than again I really like green. :)

    Places I have left my phone:
    1. The car
    2. Outside where the dogs got to it
    3. In a coat pocket, hanging in the closet
    4. Deep down in my purse
    5. On the kitchen counter

    The knitted tank sounds pretty. Looking forward to seeing a picture when it is done. :)

  10. The Eggs are so beautiful. Nature is so grand!