Bamboo shoots

Pictures -
#1- I got some live bamboo for my fish tank. I love it so much I'm thinking of pulling all the artificial plants and buying more bamboo! What do you think?
#2, 3, &4- My precious Martina

What's happening - This past weekend my hubby and I went to Auburn. My in-laws gave me a gift card from "Bass pro shop" (for those of you who don't know - it's like Cabela's) I bought a pair of real cool capris. Seriously, like these are the best. They are so thin they are almost weightless and they are waterproof! How cool is that? I thought they would be great for summer.
I still have some money left on the card so I thought I would go back in a couple weeks and get a top. We also went to Petco and I bought that awesome bamboo for the fish tank! I just love it. We also got cat food and kitty litter (the necessities). We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant called Aviccoli's in Waterloo. It was great! They give you so much food we both had enough left for dinner the next night. On they way home we stopped at a friends house to visit. I had not seen her new kitties yet. What cuties!

Only two more weeks of school!!!!! Then I am off for the summer. I love my children but I am also looking forward to not having them for a while! They are all coming back next year. I am not really surprised, they all seem to love it here.

Knitting - Ahhh! I can't stop! I already have two projects started and I just started another! My friend Pat gave me some real nice cotton yarn from Turkey (her son and daughter-in-law) live there) it is beautiful yarn and so soft! So you see why I just couldn't wait to start using it. I am making a pair of ankle socks. I will show pictures next week.

Books I have read - Since I am at the half way point I went off my states list and started reading a book my husband gave me called "Adirondack Cabin Country" by Paul Schaefer. It is kind of a memoir type of thing. It is good but I feel like alot is missing. It could be more descriptive in my oppinion. It is still good and interesting though. Like I did not find out that he was married and had 4 children till 3/4 way through. He never mentioned them! I did find out that his wife also wrote a book! So I will look that one up (women describe more! LOL).

Contests - Tina is having a giveaway at "A Circle of Books", she is giving away a copy of "Stand the Storm" by Breena Clark. The book sounds good!
Bookroom Reviews is giving away a copy of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" on DVD!!!!! Yes, you read it right, go there right now and enter! Hurry!

Top 5 - first names of your best friends (weird! 4 out of 5 start with "A")
1. Donya
2. Angel
3. April
4. Anne
5. Ashley


  1. Hey girl! sounds like you've been very, very busy! Thanks are finally starting to slow in my life...at least for awhile... Take care--love the pictures of the fat cat, as all cats should be IMHO :-)

  2. How are the eggs doing in the nest?
    Cute pictures of Martina and Yes I like the Bamboo. Is it going to give the fish enough to hide in?
    I too have several projects started, 3 maybe 4 things.
    Top 5:
    1] Peggy
    2] Maryann
    3] Sandra
    4] Terry
    5] Sharon

  3. Erin- That is not fat! Believe it or not it is all fluff! She is actually very thin. I will have to take a picture with me holding her tummy through her fur. Her fluff is about 3" thick all the way around!

    Mom- I would get lots of bamboo, and some of it has more leaves on it. My fish really don't seem to hide anyway.

  4. You are a busy woman! lol. I just love the pics of Martina. Those ones of her sleeping are so precious.

    Top 5
    Buddy(sorry I just have to say my dog!)

  5. I LOVE the new green theme!!!!!

    Top 5 - first names of your best friends
    1) Josh
    2) Michele
    3) Paula

    that's it... i don't have friends

  6. You have been so busy! Love that Martina kitty of yours - i want to rub her belly!!!

    Top 5 first names of best friends (warning, I have a lot of guy friends - what does that say about me?? LOL!):

    1. Greg (my hubby!)
    2. Jim
    3. Tom
    4. Michele
    5. Kim

  7. Best Friends

    1. Eugene
    2. Sandy
    3. Charlotte
    4. Barbara
    5. Ruth

    Do you know how and where Pat is? I heard she had the surgery.

  8. I didn't know you could put bamboo in a fish tank. I like it. We used to have a 55 gallon fish tank up we had to take it down for a remodel and haven't put it back up yet.

  9. I say get more bamboo! My friend has a fish tank with real plants and it looks awesome.

  10. That Martina is such a pretty girl!! I used to say the same thing about my previous cat companion, Tucker, he was not fat just fluffy!!
    Love the bamboo and looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  11. Love the bamboo in the tank. I didn't even know you could do that. I love it.