We interupt this spring to bring you... winter!

Yes, winter, at least it feels like it right now. At least I got to wear the scarf I finished. I just wanted to finish is so I could wear it at least once before the warm weather. This morning at 7:00 it was only 18! By 9:00 it was all the way up to 23, OOOO! Way to go Spring! Come on, if you are going to beat this Winter you will have to tougher than that. Now lets see some Spring!

Tues. March 18th, Lance Mackey won the 2009 Iditarod for the third year in a row! Yea!!! Go Lance! Mackey now joins the legendary Susan Butcher and Montana musher Doug Swingley as having accomplished three consecutive Iditarod Championships.

Books: "The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary Sewing Circle" by Lois Battle. I liked this book. Real good development of Characters. It was about a middle aged woman , Bonnie, who just divorced her husband for keeping his bankruptcy a secret from her. She gets a job (her first in years) at a college as a counselor for misplaced homemakers. Being one herself, she thought it was the blind leading the blind. The people she ends up helping is a group of women who worked at a lingerie' factory. The factory shut down to move to Mexico, firing all its employees. Many of the women end up going back to school to start their lives over. Very good "heartfelt" story.
I also read an Alaska book by mistake! I was getting a new book from the library. I knew it was coming in on Mon. So I didn't want to start a long book. I looked through my shelves and picked a very thin book, thinking I would be able to finish it quickly. I pulled it out and It was titled "Building From Within: Arkansans who build their own" (or so I thought) I needed a book from Ark. so I thought good! then as I started reading it, I went "Wait a min.! this isn't about Arkansas! It's about Alaska!" I wouldn't have chosen that book because I have so many other real good books about AK I would have chosen for my challenge. Sooo, I thought, "Oh well I will just read it anyway but just not count it" Well now I am done and the book was too good not to count! LOL So for my AK book I read "Building From Within: Alaskans Who build their own" It was about people who live in Alaska that have land out in the middle of nowhere and built their homes. Each chapter is about a different person. Some houses are real nice and others are very tiny. It tells how, why, and when they built and how much it cost and how long it took and what it means to them. It really was a great little book!

Reading through the States:
1. California - Echoes, by Erin Grady
2. Florida - In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
3. Iowa - The Learning, by Ruthann Weaver
4. Massachusetts (Cape Cod) - A Year by the Sea, by Joan Anderson
5. South Carolina - Bastard out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison
6. Kentucky - The Believers, by Janice Holt Giles
7. Minnesota - Hit By a Farm, by Catherine Friend
8. North Carolina - Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler
9. Montana - My Hutterite Life, by Lisa M. Stahl
10. Kansas - Waiting for Summer's Return, by Kim Vogel Sawyer
11. Idaho - Indian Creek Chronicles, by Pete Fromm
12. New York - The Lives they Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic, by Darby Penney and Peter Stastny
13. Arizona - Whispers, by Erin Grady
14. Alabama - The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary Sewing Circle, by Lois Battle
15. Alaska - Building from Within: Alaskans Who Build Their Own, by Joan Koponen

Saw the new Kevin Costner movie "Swing Vote" this weekend. The man is HOT! Anyone who knows me knows I am "not-so-secretly" in love with Kevin Costner. But its ok because even my husband knows. He knows that I would never really cheat on him, and even if Kevin was available to me I wouldn't just up and... hmmm... LOL! Kevin Costner to me is the "Strong silent type" I seem to like those kind of men. The movie was really good, funny. I really liked the ending.

My top 5 favorite animals - what are yours?
1. cats
2. song birds
3. birds of Prey
4. foxes
5. penguins


  1. I'm with you---when is it going to be spring??? Snow, snow and more snow---that's what is in our forecast yet again. I'm so tired of it already.

    Top 5 favorite animals:

  2. Top 5 favortie animals:

    1) Turtles (includes all types)
    2) Dogs
    3) Tigers
    4) Koala
    5) Sharks/whales

  3. I will finally finish your book tonite! Things have been so crazy around here! (Just like those Shakers - LOL!)

    And lol on your kevin costner crush. I like Viggo Mortenson for the same reason - strong silent type.

    Favorite Animals:

    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Birds (no surprise here!)
    4. Wolves
    5. Dolphins

  4. Favorite Animals:

    Baby Elephants
    MY Dogs
    My Cats

  5. Did you hear that they were investigating some of the Iditarod
    and how several dogs froze to death? Heard it on the news a few days ago. It is a shame that this happened. I hope it doesn't give it a bad name.

    We have had temps in the high 60's to low 70's. Been great here.

    MMMMM strong silent type..thats what I LOVE Sam Elliot :> don't tell Ken. They are just so mysterious.
    I thought that you were secretly in love with Trace Atkins.

    Top 5:
    1) Cats,wild and domestic
    but Chloe is my favorite of
    2) Butterflies
    3) Wood ducks / Loons (toss up)
    4) Bob whites (love there call)
    5) Dogs, Pappillon or long hair Chi
    I like all animals all except spiders!
    Love ya,

  6. You crack me up. I really love that your posts really show your personality through them. I thought it was going to be nice today because last time it was 40s-50s it wasn't windy. Oh well, soon spring will come.

    top 5 favorite animals
    1. small lap dogs
    2. cats
    3. frogs
    5. goats
    6. pigs

    woops I got carried away, I was ready to list more haha. I guess I really like animals.