Tribute to ER

Dr. Luka Kovac

Nurse/Dr. Abby Lockhart

Dr. John Carter

Dr. Doug Ross

Dr. Mark Greene

Nurse Carol Hathaway

Dr. Peter Benton

Dr. Jeanie Boulet

This is the Original cast of ER.

This is the cast of "the middle years"

This is the final cast

One of my alltime favorite TV shows is coming to an end this week! This is going to be a very sad Thursday! I really can't even believe it is not going to be on anymore. What will I watch, I have been doing the same thing Thurs. at 10:00 for 15 years, LOL. I have watched ER for 15 yrs, ever since the very first show!

I thought it would be fun to add a little ER trivia.
1. ER was the second longest running drama (after Law & Order).
2. After the show premiered on September 19, 1994, it has aired on Thursday nights at 10:00 for its entire run.
3. This is the most Emmy-nominated show in television history at 123 nominations.(winning 22 of them).
4. The basketball hoop found outside the ambulance bay of the ER was actually George Clooney's idea. (Clooney played one of the Doctors)
5. Dr. Carter's date of birth is 4 June 1970. Noah Wyle's (his real name)birthday is 4 June 1971.
6. Noah Wyle was the last member of the original cast to leave, at the end of the 2004-2005 season.
7. Noah Wyle was the only cast member to be on the show every year for the series first eleven seasons. Others left and came back.
8. The helicopter used for ER actually belongs to the University of Chicago Hospital.
9. Goran Visnjic named his own character after the writers were unable to develop an appropriately Croatian name. The character is named for Visnjic's nephew (Luka) and his best friend (Kovac).
10. More performers (30, as of 2008) received Emmy nominations as lead, supporting or guest actors/actresses on this show than did for any other series.
11. In 2007, this show tied with "Cheers" (1982) for being the most Emmy-nominated show ever with 117 nominations.
12. The longest running relationship on the show was between Luka and Abby.
13. Abby is the only character to have been both a nurse and a doctor.
14. Dr. Chen is the only character to call Carter by his first name.

Now for my favorites -
All time favorite male Character - Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle)
All time favorite female - Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney).
Saddest show - When Dr. Greg Pratt dies (I cried through 1/2 the show).
Most Dramatic (a tie) - When Dr. Romano's arm was chopped off by a hellicopter! AND
When Dr. Carter and Dr. Knight were attacked, Lucy Knight dies and John Carter was stabbed in the back.
Most romantic - Luka and Abby's wedding!

Have you ever watched the show?
Who are your favorites?
Remembered episodes.
I would love your comments.
We will be back next week with our regularly scheduled blog post.


  1. I don't know if it's "socially acceptable" to be this sad about a TV show coming to its end, but when you watch a show for as long we have, you feel like you know the characters personally. They're not a fictitious cast simply providing entertainment. They're family, friends, and role models. So laugh if you will, but I hold back tears when I think of not being able to watch their lives unfold, even if those lives are thought up by highly paid writers.

    This was not just a show to watch, but it was a show to learn from. When Abby kicked her alcoholism you learned that addictions don't have to control us. When Neala lost her newly wed husband to Iraq you learned how to hang on when it feels like you have nothing left. When Dr. Greene died of cancer, you learned that good people come and go and its not how long you're alive but what you bring into the lives of others while you have the chance. When Ray lost his legs you gasped with horror and when he showed up weeks later walking with prosthetics you learned to always persevere and a the impossible becomes possible. When Dr Pratt died you learned that its ok to cry. When Abby and Luka got married you learned that true love does exist but you have to work at it.

    This has been one of my favorite shows for many many years and I am extremely sad to see it go. My favorite characters have been Abby, Carter, Pratt and Ray. I will miss them like I would a real friend.

  2. Ashley, Oh my gosh! Your comment brought tears to my eyes! All those shows! So many memories.
    Yes, they are family, our Thursday family!

  3. I am so sorry but I can't say that I ever watched the show. I like House... Have you ever watched that? maybe you could start a new tradition on mondays at 8pm.?

  4. I do watch House, sometimes (not during dancing with the start time, which is now) but I also think I wouldn't miss it if it were gone. Isn't it funny how addicted we get to TV shows.
    I have been watching ER longer than any other show!

  5. OOPS, that is suppose to be Dancing with the stars! not start

  6. One epsiode that I especially thought was gut wrenching (besides that Lucy & Carter one) was in the first season and Dr. Greene lost that pregnant woman (remember - he misdiagnosed her preeclampsia -and then he had to fight to save the baby.) I kept thinking how he was laughing and joking with the couple and then things took a tragic turn. And then after the mother died - and the father was rocking his baby in a room - Dr. Greene entered and the father said something about legal action - I can't remember. I remember how I cried over the mother dying and I cried cause I felt sorry for Dr. Green, the father and the baby. Yep - this was one of my favorite shows. I haven't watched it since carter left.

    P.S. I'm sending your book out tomorrow. Glad Becca found true love - can't believe what a jerk that RIchard turned into!

  7. Shelley - I should have know that you would have been an ER watcher!
    I do actually remember that early show! I would love to get the whole 15 seasons on DVD, but I know it would cost a fortune!
    I almost stopped watching when Carter left, it wasn't the same, but I still had my Abby so I hung in there. I am so glad I did because I got attached to new people.

    I am glad you liked the book. I would love to send you the one about Alaskans building their own homes. I know you would love it. It is very thin, LOL!