Yes! That is my arm in the picture. The top one is before the cast. In the middle one you can see how swollen my hand is. Notice the pretty purple cast, my favorite color.
A couple days ago we got some freezing rain. My daughter, Ashley could not get out of her driveway no matter how much she tried. With kitty litter in hand, I went to help her. I taught her how to shove kitty litter under the tires to get traction. It worked, we got it out! I was pretty proud of us. Then I turned to walk back to my car and slipped and fell on the ice. I knew as soon as I did it I had broken something. My daughter was still in her car ready to go to work. She was yelling to me "Are you ok Mom?" I did not want to worry her, so I yelled that I was fine and to go to work.
I had to drive home in such pain (only 10 min.) When I got home and took off my coat to look at it I really knew it must be broken. Now, since I do before and after school daycare, I can not just run off to Dr.s anytime I want. Ashley was only working till 2, so I called her to see if she could cover for me in the afternoon. Then I had to call the school to let the teachers know that she would be picking the kids up instead of me. Then I called all of the parents to let them know what was going on. I made the Apt. with the "Bone and Joint Center" who are excellent by the way! I called my mother-in-law to see if she could drive me. Everything was covered.
By this time the pain was so great I felt like I could pass out. I couldn't get the "child proof" cover off the Aleve bottle with one hand! I was about ready to take a hammer to it! I used my teeth.
I was finally off to the Dr's. It indeed is broken. A nice clean break right across. Four weeks in the cast. Then they will re X-ray it. Then physical therapy.
It is so hard doing everything one handed. Ashley was a huge help the first couple days, and Glen is trying to help as much as he can.


  1. YOOOWWWWZZZZAAA. That looks muy, muy painful. I hope you heal fast! Stay off the ice, girlfriend!

  2. So sorry to hear of your fall and the break. After I had my knee replaced the MD kept saying don't fall, don't fall. Now living in Interlaken doesn't exactly make that a simple order to follow.

    Hope you heal quickly and that the kids learn from what you are experiencing. Hope they help you as well.

  3. Are you still in a lot of pain?
    Like the purple cast.
    Stay off the ice and be careful even on the snow. You don't need to fall again. 4 weeks in the cast should give you plenty of time to get caught up on your reading. Sorry you can't knit. Glad Ashley is there to help you, sorry I'm not.
    Love Mom

  4. You poor thing!! I'm glad you didn't break anything else!!! I hope it mends quickly for you. I do love the purple cast color that you chose. Take it easy out on that ice girl!!

  5. Oh no Wendy. My goodness it looks and sounds painful. I feel so bad for you. That freezing rain is bad. We're supposed to get some tomorrow. I'm hoping we don't. The last time we did I fell but I was luckier than you, I didn't break anything. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take care.

  6. Holy ^$%#&@*@!!!!!! It was very swollen. It looks very painful too! The only thing I broke was my head on the school bus one time, but for some reason that didn't really hurt. I was little and the only time I cried about it was when I put my head back on the bus seat and felt cold, so i turned around and saw a pool of blood. I'm sorry for you. Be careful next time!!

  7. Oh My Goodness!! Ouch!!! That doesn't look like it feels very good. I hope it heals fast.