On the mend

Pictures: 1. -A sweet Morning Dove trying to stay warm.
2 & 3 - A Red-Bellied Woodpecker, frequent visitor to our feeder.
4. - Squirrel where he shouldn't be!

My arm feels a little better each day. I ventured out the other day. Just drove uptown to the Post Office and Bank. My arm was achy for the rest of the day. My Mom-in-Law is taking me grocery shopping. That will be a huge help. I get so tired doing anything!

My Steelers have made it into the Playoffs! For those of you who don't know, I am a huge Steeler fan, have been for most of my life. We play the Raven's this week then if (or when) we win it is off to the superbowl!

American Idol has started for another season. Are there any watchers out there? After just one night, there are a few "OK" singers, but no real winners in my opinion.

I read a very good book - "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner I thought this book was excellent, I loved it and can't wait to read another of hers. It is about two sisters. One a very successful lawyer, good money, nice Apt. but she is overweight and has no love life to speak of. The other sister is beautiful with a body to die for, but... she is a wild one! Drinks too much, can't hold a job, looses her Apt. and comes to live with her sister, a deadly combination! This book is funny then sad, and makes you so angry at times! It also has a very good ending. I love books that put so much emotion out there.

Top 5 things I can not do with one hand!
1. Knit! I am really broken up about this! I had to set my needles aside for the month. The only good thing is - I can still read!
2. Put my hair in a pony tail, this is impossible, I have tried.
3. Hook a bra. You can un-hook one on yourself, but you can not hook one up while it is on you.
4. Zip my coat. Such simple things are impossible. The kids zip my coat before we walk to school.
5. Opening a child proof bottle or almost any container for that matter is next to impossible.


  1. They actually made a movie out of that book! It's very good. I really enjoyed. Cameron Diaz is the crazy sister.

    I personally LOVE football. It's my favorite sport to watch. It's just great. I am a true Cowboys fan - but enough about that for now.

    Here's my poll answers.

    Top 5 things I can not do with one hand!
    1. Type! When you are so used to typing with two hands at about 70 wpm - typing with one hand and baby in the other is next to impossible!


  2. Your squirrel looked like he could do a trapeze act! Hopefully seeing all the birdies at your feeders cheers you up! HOpe your arm heals soon! I feel so bad you can't knit! :(

    Top 5 things I can not do w/ 1 hand:
    1. Type on my computer
    2. put on my pants
    3. Cook
    4. Fill my bird feeders
    5. Wash my hair

  3. Glad your hand is doing better.

    5 things I can not do with 1 hand:
    1) Knit
    2) Crochet
    3) Cook
    4) Wash hair and do it up
    5) Dressing would be hard too.

    Great pictures.
    Love Mom

  4. Five things I can't do with one hand

    1. knit
    2. iron
    3. frost a cake
    4. wash my hair
    5. walk the treadmill - have to hang on with both hands.

    Loved the movie "In Her Shoes" Definitely a chick flick.

  5. Wendy, I always look forward to your pictures. These are beautiful.

    I'm glad to hear that your arm is feeling better each day. I hope it continues to get better with each day.

    I love Idol. I am such a fan and never miss it. Nobody has really stood out to me yet either. It's on for another 2 hrs tonight and I'll be planted in front of it watching.

  6. 5 things I can't do with one hand:
    1) drive a standard car
    2) Hold my plate while i'm eating
    3) Put on my pants... I tried, it doesnt work!
    4)Wash my hair in the shower
    5) Type... I am a really fast typer, and i don't think i could do it with just one hand!!

    I saw that the steelers won, I was excited too because I have designated this team as my favorite, although i'm not into football that much.

  7. In Her Shoes is a book worth reading. I have liked most of her books.

    I am trying to remember what I couldn't do when my shoulder/arm was limited ...

    couldn't properly wear a coat or jacket.

    had to have shirts that button in front, my range was not over my shoulder just yet.

    it was my left arm and didn't affect my right hand skills at all.

    i see you have a cast....imagine me trekking up North through the snow and elements to sign your cast. Actually I would draw a little happy picture for you from me.

    I hope your recovery and healing process has NO complications!!

  8. shoot, i forgot to mention - wash my hair my hairdresser would wash mine. it sound bad but once a week. and we used the waterless shampoo too. I really didn't care how i looked just than. i was just happy to make it off the surgery table. if you know what i mean?