Chritsmas, Christmas time is here!

Pictures :
1. Cardinal out the kitchen window
2. My back yard
3. Pine cones in my back yard

4. My neighbors barn
I am learning how to use my new camera now.
I still have a lot to learn! There are so many buttons, so many settings!

Ashley is home now... for good! Well, out of college for good. She is actually home for two weeks, then she will be home again... for good (her new home!) She has been unpacking, sorting, re-packing, and working ever since she got home. She start her job at Kinney Drugs. She was happy after her first day and felt very comfortable. She said she was very nervous but it all came back to her and she soon knew exactly what to do.

I am starting to do some craft projects with the kids for Christmas. Our Christmas part will be on Friday. Then I will have a whole week with no kids! It will be a nice break and I will be able to help Ashley a little more with packing. I am hoping to do a little Christmas cookie baking on Mon. with Ashley too.

I have
given up reading until all Christmas stuff is done! You have no idea how hard this has been for me! I have been knitting, knitting, and knitting. And crafting, crafting, and crafting! And I keep wanting to pick up a book. It is almost uncontrollable! I have so many new books that look so good! I can't wait! Hey you know what, I almost feel better just talking about it! Thanks guys!

Quote for the day : "Life's too short to Frost a Cupcake" (this is actually the title of a book)

Top 5 "Pains of Christmas" Do you know that song? "The twelve pains of Christmas" I thought I would do a top five based on that song. there must be some thing you really do not like about Christmas.

1. Hanging up the outside lights (really, what a pain!)

2. Making out Christmas cards (I always say I am going to do it early but never do)

3. Not finding what you want to buy

4. Not knowing what to buy

5. Getting all the "Stuff" out of the attic

What are yours?


  1. Top 5 "Pains of Christmas"

    1. Buying gifts (whatever happened to just being with family?)
    2. Dealing with the holiday traffic (I live 3 minutes from the mall and Target)
    3. Not finding what you want to buy
    4. Not knowing what to buy
    5. Taking the lights back down


  2. Great snowy pictures! The barn was excellent!! Enjoy your time with your daughter!

    top 5 pains of xmas
    1. Not knowing what to buy someone
    2. Crowds at the stores
    3. only 2 cashiers for 50 people in line. come on people - it's the xmas season - did they not think they would need more help??
    4. taking down all the xmas decorations
    5. my nephews w/ their expensive xmas lists! (they're in for a surprise - i refuse to buy computer games. ha,ha!)

  3. The pictures are just great Wendy. I love the one of the old barn. Enjoy Christmas and the time with your daughter.

    Top 5 pains:
    -not knowing what to buy for people
    -getting started on all the Christmas baking
    -I have to say Christmas cards too-humbug but I don't like doing them
    -going to 3 different stores and still not finding what you want

  4. Hi, Great pictures! I also like the barn one best. Did Ashley take them?
    We are going to a friends for Christmas dinner since no family will be here. BOO HOO :(
    5 Pains:
    1) wrapping presents (hate hate hate to wrap).
    2) taking down the tree and all the decorations (they never fit back into the boxes that they came out of).
    3) Writing out the Christmas cards & licking the envelopes (yuck! at least they could flavor it with something))
    4) lines at checkout. Why is the shorest line that I get in always turns out to be the longest one.
    5) traffic. Where do all these people come from?
    Love Ya, Mom

  5. First, your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    What don't I like about Christmas -
    the crowds, the parking, the drivers who don't know how to drive

    I want you to know I changed my blog. But will continue to be a reader.

    OH,OH, you will appreciate this...my stocking stuffer my husband announced at dinner last night. He cannot keep a juicy secret from me is $$ to the knitting store. I am going tomorrow!! :)