It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Pictures -
1. We had a flock of Blue Jays come to the feeder this morning.
2. We also had a whole flock of Juncos come!!! I have never seen so may at one time.
3. The daycare Christmas tree.
4. Lights around the daycare room.
5. Christmas tree all lit up.

Glen and I got all the Christmas stuff down from the attic. I sorted through everything to see what I wanted to use for the daycare and to see what I wanted to use for us. The Children and I decorated our tree yesterday. This was fun, they all took turns hanging the decorations. I hung little stockings under the tree with their names on them. They each got to pick their own. They love the room being all Christmassy.

This weekend Ashley comes home. Our family tree and decorations are waiting for her! When she gets home we will do it together. Her move in date to move into her new Apt. has been moved up to Jan. 1st! So she has a lot of work to do when she gets home. I told her she doesn't have to move everything in at once. she can move in slowly, take her time. It is very exciting, your only child moving into their first place after college!

The children have really gotten into this birdwatching! They can't wait to see what birds we will see everyday. Yesterday we saw a Red Bellied Woodpecker! Of course he took off before I could snap his picture. Today we had a flock of 8 Blue Jays and 9 Juncos! The kids want me to put up a feeder on the other side of the house so they can see it out the daycare room. I had wanted to put a feeder on the window but I forgot there was a screen there, silly me!

Here's some big news! - My oldest niece (my sister's daughter, Paula) and her husband had their first baby! She was born on Friday the 5th at 3:14 in the afternoon and weighed 8lbs. 13oz.
Welcome baby Emmah!

My new music this time is "O Holy Night" by Martina McBride, only this is actually a different version than I have on my CD! It is like an extended version! It is so beautiful! Please stay and listen to the whole thing if you can. She has a voice that just carries and will almost bring tears to your eyes! Let me know what you think.

Top 5 things you look forward to at Christmas time.
1. Christmas Music! I love Christmas music, I could listen to it all year long if it wasn't illegal (it is illegal isn't is? My husband said so!)
2. Driving around and looking at lights. We do this every year.
3. Shopping! I love, love, love shopping! I think it is my favorite sport! My mom always asks "What do you want to do when you come down to TN? and What do I always say, mom? "Shopping!" right?
4. Opening and watching others open gifts. Who doesn't like this?
5. And last but certainly not least - Having all my family (except my mom and dad) here for christmas.


  1. Looking at the snow on your bird feeder made me remember how cold it is there. It is 65* here today.
    last week it was so cold here..like 20* colder than it should be. We were having Jan temps in Nov.
    Sounds like all the kids are excited about Christmas (and you too). I bet Ashley can't wait either.
    Top 5 Christmas things I love:
    1) The lights.
    2) The hustle and the bustle.
    3) Christmas songs (Glen lied to you, they are not illegal).
    4) The decorations on the tree and decorating the house.
    5) The parties, the food.
    Funny how everyone seems to be in a good mood this time of year.
    Too bad we can't be together. Will you ever be down again at Christmas?

  2. top 5 things at christmas
    1. Lights
    2. food
    3. family
    4. Presents! (giving and getting)
    5. Music

  3. What a wonderful post Wendy. I love the pictures. We are really getting a pile of snow here right now. I'll take some tomorrow and post them. I love the idea of the kid's stockings under their little tree-how cute. Well my tree is up but not decorated-hopefully over the next few days. I feel as though I've been saying that forever this year. lol. Welcome to the world little Emmah!

  4. We weren't going to decorate this year because we leave for Florida right after Christmas and our children and grandchildren don't come here for Christmas. I did put out our creche and last night decided I needed at least a little tree so stopped at Wal-Mart and bought one. A wreath on the door and that will be it. Quick clean up and away we go.

    My favorite Christmas things:
    1. Christmas Eve Mass with the children singing and acting out the Nativity scene
    2. Everyone's good mood
    3. Watching the little grandchildren. Their eyes light up at the sights and sounds of Christmas
    4. Dinner at our daughter's - she's a gourmet cook
    5. Christmas music.

    By the way, Wendy, thanks for the knitting magazines. I can't decide which one to use first. Will take some to Florida with me along with a stash of yarn.

  5. I do like that Martina McBride's version of Holy night! And look at you with all those birdies! Those kids must love it!! So educational too! Hope you post more pics of your decorations when you're done!

    Top 5 things I look forward to at Christmas Time:

    1. (New this year) - Decorating the log cabin!
    2. Entertaining at the log cabin!
    3. Baking cookies and treats for everyone!
    4. Shopping to find that perfect gift for someone!
    5. The big family gettogether at the xmas dinner table!

  6. Mom - You didn't say shopping!!!???!!
    I don't know when we will be able to come again at Christmas time, it was fun last time though!

    Casey - Were you in a rush this time, LOL? This is Christmas we are talking about here!

    Dar - Thank you for the kind complements! Oh that's right you are from Canada! No wonder you have snow.

    Chris - I hope you have a great trip! And I am glad you can use the magazines!

    Shelley- I wish we could decorate our cabin, but we don't go up there for Christmas. Usually after.
    Your place looks really great!
    Glad you like Martina!

  7. Hi Wendy...Love the pictures.

    I wanted to let you know I am late in sending the yarn... it was supposed to go out with my cards..then a few delays... It will be on its way first class Soon!!

    Happy Holidays.!!!