Pictures: once again taken by Ashley
The top three are pictures of my house in the snow!
The forth one is me, cleaning snow off the bird feeder.

We celebrated Christmas at my daycare! There was a "snow day" that day (no school). So we got to have a nice long relaxed party. All the families gave me gifts! I feel so spoiled. I received such wonderful things.

Ashley is sick for the second day with a sore throat, achy all over, and a fever. she had to take off from work today. I am feeding her soup, oatmeal, juice, tea, and Echinacea! Please pray for her health.

I actually finished all my Christmas knitting!!!!! I am so happy and relieved. Now I am going to look for a pattern to use the yarn I won!

Something very exciting happened to me last week. I had been talking to a woman on shelfari about our shared love for historical fiction and how we like books about America in the 1800's. she then told me that she had written a book about that time period, she was doing a contest and I should enter. Well after checking her out, I realized she had written several books that are rated very highly on amazon. I did enter her contest and the time came and went. So I thought I had lost. Then one day I got a package, very obviously a book. I thought it was one that I had ordered. When I opened it up I saw it was Erin's book that she had wanted me to read! Hmmm. maybe I did win the contest after all. Then I saw a note that she had written, it said...
You weren't my monthly winner, but I wanted to send you a copy of "Echoes"
anyway because of our shared love of the history.
I hope you enjoy it!

I actually cried when I read this, her kindness just got to me!
Erin, if you are reading this - Thanks again!
I will read the book during Christmas break and I will write a review shortly after.
Here is a link to her website - http://www.erinquinnbooks.com/

Top 5 Christmas traditions that we do here at the Barrows' house
1. Opening my parents' gifts and Glen's parents' gifts Christmas Eve
2. Going to Glen's parents' on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts
3. Opening stockings before breakfast and gifts after breatfast
4. Stuffed shells or Lasagna for Christmas dinner
5. Having "My family" over for christmas a few days after

What are your family traditions?


  1. Hellow Wendy--wow your house is BEAUTIFUL. I'm out in Arizona and this time of year I really miss the snow. Of course, any other time of year, I don't.

    I really hope you enjoy ECHOES and I'm so please my surprise was well met. :)

    Have the happiest of holidays!

    Always, Erin Grad (aka Erin Quinn)

  2. Geez, missed a "Y" on my own name. That should have been Erin Grady (aka Erin Quinn) lol!

  3. Hello.....Look at your snow. I do not miss the snow! Your house looks beautiful.
    Sorry to hear that Ashley is sick. Bad time of the year to be sick. Hope she feels better soon.
    We really don't have any Christmas
    traditions since we don't have you guys here any more. Sorry,
    Have a great Christmas.
    Send me a piece of Lasagna.
    Love Mom.

  4. Wendy - love your house! And what a great wraparound porch that you have!! And how sweet of Erin to send you that book! I'll have to go check out her sight- I'm a history buff too!

    Top 5 Chrismas Tradions:
    1. We spend Christmas ever w/ my mom and play spoons and another game every year.
    2. We spend Christmas morning w/ my dad & stepmom and have a big breakfast and some middleeastern food.
    3. My dad always gets my sister, brother and I "Santa's book of candy" which is filled w/ lifesavers as a stocking stuffer. I have gotten one every year for the past 30 years!
    4. New tradition - christmas day w/ my in-laws
    5. I get a new blown egg ornament every year.

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  5. The snow is beautiful - can't wait to leave it behind and head for Florida. As soon as Eugene finished blowing the snow out of our driveways the snow plow came by and filled the ends back in.

    We try to get together with our Northern children if the weather permits for a meal and gift exchange. I love to watch the little ones open their gifts.

    We stop in North Carolina at our son's and in South Carolina at our daughter's on our way to Florida.

    I make something I call Steven's potatoes because he likes them so much - 1 pkg frozen hashbrowns, 1 lb velveta cheese, 1 pt Hellman's mayonnaise and 1/2 lb crispy bacon.
    Just melt the cheese in the microwave, stirin the potatoes and mayo, sprinkle with the bacon and bake at 375 for about 20 min. till bubbly and golden on top. I only serve them once a year as they are a heart attack on a plate.

    The creche is the first thing out and the last thing we take down.

    Merry Christmas to all

  6. Well here I am, my third day being sick, I'm feeling better though. Thank you for taking care of me, I haven't had mommy to take care of me when I'm sick for a while. :)

    I could only get a part of Breath of Heaven to play, maybe its just a sample and not the whole song?

    Top 5 Christmas traditions that we do here at the Barrows' house
    1. Opening Grandma Bekki and Grandpa Ken's presents on Christmas eve
    2. Going to Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts
    3. Opening stockings before breakfast and gifts after breatfast
    4. Stuffed shells or Lasagna for Christmas dinner
    5. Having my aunt and cousins and their men over and opening more presents

  7. Wendy, your house is absolutely gorgeous. I pray that Ashley was well for Christmas. It seems you miss a lot in blog land when you're away for a bit.

    What a sweet thing for that author to do for you. I love historical fiction also so I'll be watching for your review of this one.