Knitting Lessons N E 1?

I make it a habit to sit and knit while I am with the children. They always want to know what I am making, what it looks like now, etc. I think it also gives us a more homey feeling. Like I am just the "mom" sitting and knitting, while the kids are playing.
Well this brought on two things - They all wanted me to knit them something. So I am. I let them choose between a scarf or a hat (both are pretty easy to knit) and I let them choose what yarn they wanted. So these pictures are some of the things I have finished. One scarf for each of the little girls (the pink and purple) the black and white one for one of my 4th grade boys, and the blue hat for my other 4th grade boy. I will post the others as I finish them.
The second thing this brought on was - My two forth grade boys wanted to learn to knit!!! So I taught them! Well... one of them at least. I taught "C" on Vetern's day and he actually learned very quickly! I thought he would be good at it. He really loves it. His mom walked in and her jaw dropped as she said "Is he knitting?" "Wow!" "It looks like he is doing a good job." I told her he was doing a very good job. The other boy "J", also wanted to learn, but let me be kind in saying... Knitting is not his thing. I told him "Some people are good at sports, some people are good at drawing, some people are good at playing video games, but not everybody is good at everything. Maybe knitting is just not your thing" He wanted to try just one more time, but no luck. He couldn't knit a stitch to save his life!

Glen and I went to Watkins Glen this weekend for dinner at Jerlando's (Italian) we had a very good dinner. We also went to walmart, famous brands and last Dunkin Donuts. The Dunkin Donuts there is new and real nice! It is more Cafe' style, different from the others. It has tiled floors, tall tables and chairs, and a little bar you can sit at. It is all nice and clean and pretty. Oh! how could I forget the large flat screen TV!

Books - I finished "The Beans of Egypt Maine" by Carolyn Chute. I thought it was fairly good. It was a fiction story about poverty stricken families of Maine. I felt the story got a little carried away and was more comical because it was so far fetched. But I did enjoy reading it.
My new book is "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore is great so far! It is about a man who suddenly gets the power to know when people are going to die by seeing objects they are holding glow. Or is he making them die?

Top 5 favorite things to cook (or bake)
1. Chicken parm. (one of my familiy's favorites)
2. anything in the crockpot!!!!
3. Mac and cheese
4. Lasagna
5. omelettes (I am really good at making them, if I may say so)

Notice I do not like baking!
What are your fav.s?


  1. The scarves look great. I think I made some out of that same wool last winter and it's definitely time to drag them out. Seeing your knitted works makes me want to drag out the prayer shawl I was working on at the end of last winter and I may just do that.

    I think it's great that the boys want to knit-well one of them anyway-lol. It's a good pastime for anyone-teaches patience and it's calming.

    I'm not a baker either-I much prefer to cook. My top five would have to be Polenta, Lazy Perogies, Miracle Whip/Salsa Chicken, Veggie Chili and Lasagna.

    Shoot, all this food talk has gone and made me hungry. lol.

  2. Top 5 favorite things to cook (or bake)
    1. Mac and cheese
    2. Chicken (crispy style)
    3. any kind of pasta
    4. Apple crisp
    5. Steak

    I really like the scarves, especially the blue/green one. that one is really pretty, sooo, if you feel like randomly making another one, i will gladly take it off your hands for you. haha

  3. Wendy, here is the recipe for the Lazy Perogy Casserole:

    *9 lasagna noodles(I prefer the ones you have to boil, not those prebaked or whatever they are)
    *2 cups mashed potatoes, with 1/3 of the onion, salt, pepper, ham mix-mixed in
    *1 tub(500g) cottage cheese with 1/3 of the onion, salt, pepper, ham mix-mixed in

    ***For the onion, salt, pepper, ham mix-it's a matter of preference how much you'd like to mix in. I just use cooked ham slices from the deli for mine and saute it all up.
    ***Cook lasagna noodles.
    ***Use a fairly deep 9x13 pan if you have and I cook mine on a cookie sheet just in case it spills over the side a bit.

    1st layer(bottom): 3 noodles
    2nd: cottage cheese mix
    3rd: 3 noodles crossed
    4th: potato mix
    5th: 3 noodles crossed

    *Now the recipe calls for the last third of the onion, salt, pepper, ham mix over the top of those last noodles. I don't like it that way because the noodles get hard. So, what I've started doing is making extra cottage cheese mix and potato mix and putting down some of the cottage cheese mix to keep the noodles moist and then the top layer is more of the potato mix and then the last third of the onion, salt, pepper, ham mix.
    *Kind of ends like a sheperd's pie on top.

    Let me know if this doesn't make sense or just click on the email tab on my blog and send me off an email. I hope you'll like this. I's a nice change from perogies. I usually eat mine with sour cream and it's so yummy.

  4. That is so cute about "C" being able to knit... it must look hilarious since he is such a boy. The scarves look good, nice and comfy.

    Top five things to cook or bake
    1. Mashed Potatoes
    2. Scrambled Eggs
    3. well... I haven't really cooked or baked much...
    4. mommy... help
    5. :-(

  5. I was commenting on your blog and Beth was sitting next to me and she saw the picture of Billy Currington from your last post and she leaned over and said "Who is THAT!" haha

  6. oh, by the way... I think there should be a third option on your poll...

    Are you happy with the election
    [ ]yes
    [ ]no
    [ ]its to early to tell

  7. The scarves and hat are great. I think it is nice that they are taking an interest in it, boys as well as the girls. How old were you when I taught you to knit? I did teach you didn't I? I remember making you and Michele sweaters when you guys were little.

    I read "The Beans of Egypt Maine" too..I agree with you it is a little far fetched. but good. Parts were really sad and parts were really funny.

    Top 5 fav's to cook or bake:
    1. Soups (I love making home made soup)
    2. Homemade Pasta
    3. western omelletes
    4. chicken
    5. Ramen noodle salad (you don't cook this but put it together and it is GOOD)

  8. I love all your knitting projects! i really wish I knew how to do this! And how cute that the kids wanted to learn - I would've wanted to too!!
    Also - what kind of omelettes do you make? You may need to post some of your recipes - I'm always looking for new omelettes to make!

    Top 5 favorite things to bake / cook:
    1. Christmas Cookies!
    2. Rigatoni
    3. Lasagna (just like you)
    4. Cheesey Vegetable Casserole
    5. Lambchops

  9. Dar - thanks, I will have to try that new perogie thing!

    Casey - I don't think I have enough of that yarn left, I will check, maybe I have something like it. Maybe not!

    Ashley - Poor Ashley, we will have to teach you how to cook!

    Mom - I can't believe you read "The Beans of Egypt Maine"!!!! And, yes, you did originally teach me how to knit, but I hadn't done it in so long I kind of had to learn all over. I taught myself from books. If I had a question I asked Chris or you.

    Shelley - To tell you the truth I put anything I can into an omelette! I make Mex. ones with beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream on top! cheese and Broccoli, left overs are great in omelettes!
    what is your "Cheesy Veg. Cass."?

  10. Wendy - here's the recipe for the Cheesy Vegetable Casserole.
    Simple! And you can double it for a bigger crowd. I love the mixed frozen veggies that have the water chestnuts, broccoli, carrots and peppers for this recipe.

    1/2 pound american cheese (i use velveeta)
    1/2 cup butter or margarine
    1 bag (16 oz) frozen vege blend
    1 cup (about 30) crushed butter crackers

    1. Cut cheese into cubes. Place in sauce pan with 1/4 cup of butter. Heat until melted, stirring oftern.
    2. Place veg. in 1 quart casserole sich and add cheese - mix well! (I always add a little extra cheese)
    3. Melt remaining butter and stir in cracker crumbs. Sprinkle cracker crumbs over top of casserole.
    4. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes
    Serve at once.

  11. Shelley - sounds good, my daughter would love this. You could do it with all kinds of different veggies!

  12. Wendy, I read "The Beans of Egypt Main" this summer. I can't beleive you read it!

  13. Did you try using the little knitting poem with the boy who was having trouble?

    Go through the front door
    Run around back
    Climb through the window and
    off jumps Jack.

    I find that really helps them visualize what they are supposed to be doing.

    Favorite things to cook
    Actually I hate to cook and making reservations someplace tops my list
    If stuck I like things that cook long and slow like pot roast, casseroles etc.
    I do like to bake cream puffs, cookies and cakes - not so crazy about baking pies.

  14. Scarves are looking good Wendy!!

    Things to Cook:
    Meatloaf w/potato
    Chicken Adobo w/rice
    Fried Rice