Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

The Pictures: The first one is of my wonderful, beautiful, sweetie kitty Martina. Doesn't she look so comfy sitting on the toilet? I think my husband does that, Sometimes he is in there forever! I actually call into him "Honey, are you awake?"
The second one is a hat for one of my kids. It is one of the best hats! It is a real thick wool blend. Fits him real nice and is real soft.
Third - My little pumpkin patch! Aren't they cute? I made these with the kids. There is a toilet paper roll under there! They were so easy to make and the parents loved them!
Forth & Fifth - Two more scarves! They turned out so pretty and fluffy. But I hate working with this yarn! They are both very hairy and knobby, very hard to knit with.

I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving! I love it! It is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas of course. I am cooking this year! Glen's parents are coming over, Ashley will be home, and Ashley's boyfriend (Micah) is coming for a few days! He will sleep on the floor of the Daycare room. I just love sitting around all day talking with family.

Books - I finished "A Dirty Job" I loved it!!!! It was so funny! It was so bizarre! It was so unbelievable! I think if was too real I would not have liked it, it was the totally "this could never really happen" that I liked about it. Casey - You would love this book! Write it down, now... well... do it! I don't see you getting a pen very fast.
The book I am reading now is "Fifty Acres and a Poodle"and I am loving this one too! For exactly the opposite reason. This is a memoir, just the story about a woman who has always dreamed of buying a farm, so she does! It is also very funny and real! I read 1/3 of the book in just one sitting! there is a sequel so I will have to get that one too.

My top five this week is of course Thanksgiving dinner! Top 5 favorite Thanksgiving foods in the order that you like them #1 being your favorite.

1. Stuffing!!!!! I just love stuffing (with gravy on top)! and I love "MY" stuffing to be exact!
2. Squash! I also love squash.
3. Mashed potatoes and gravy!
4. Turkey! with gravy
5. Pies!!!!

After re-reading this, maybe it is the gravy I like! I don't really have gravy at any other time of the year so it seems so special, I just put it on everything! What are your favorites?


  1. Top 5 favorite Thanksgiving foods in the order that you like them #1 being your favorite.

    1. Stuffing! I could eat stuffing every day of the year.
    2. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
    3. All the relishes (pickles, olives, etc.)
    4. Homemade breads
    5. Veggies

    Happy Thanksgiving to every one!


  2. Thanksgiving dinner! Top 5 favorite Thanksgiving foods in the order that you like them

    1. Broccoli/cauliflower and cheese
    2. Black olives, pickles, veggies and dip
    3. Tatoes with gravy
    4. Mac and cheese
    5. Stuffing (only if it has gravy, otherwise i don't like stuffing)

    Wendy, I will write it down later, i am in the middle of a book right now lol. OHH and I, yes ME, I made something for the baby. I will send you pictures... right now!

  3. Casey - Yea! I am so proud of you for making something... but... I hate to be the one to tell you this - Mac and cheese doesn't really count as Thanksgiving food!!!!! but neither is Broc, cauli, and cheese for that matter, what country are you from anyway?

  4. I love the pic of Martina-she's beautiful!

    The scarves are lovely and I know exactly what yarn you are talking about. I made a few last year and it almost drove me crazy but they turn out so beautiful and soft, don't they.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Like the song "Danial"

    The scarves are great. That yarn is very hard to work with. I use a cotton yarn with it and it makes it easier to work with plus it gives the scarves a little bit more body.

    Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods:
    1. stuffing
    2. squash
    3. cranberry raspberry salad
    4. pies
    5. breads/rolls
    (Its funny that no one said turkey)

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving

    Love Ya, Mom

  6. I love those beautiful scarves! The colors are perfect! Sounds like you are going to have a nice family get together!

    Top 5 Fave Thanksgiving Foods
    1. Pumpkin Pie
    2. Stuffing
    3. Turkey
    4. Garlic, cheddar mashed potatoes (my invention -I add sourcream & chives to it too and use a mixer to whip it up good!)
    5. More pies like you! Apple, cherry, etc. With lots of whipped cream!

  7. I'm home now with you :-) We are making stuffing together and Micah went on a mini-road trip with dad!! (Manly bonding time)
    I'm so excited to be home.

    Top 5 fav. thanksgiving dishes
    1. STUFFING!!!!! (my mom's)
    2. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    3. Squash
    4. Candied Yams (my mom's)
    5. Pumpkin Pie (my mom's)

    p.s. my word verification is atroo (bless you)

  8. 1. Sweet potato pie
    2. Stuffing
    3. Gravy
    4. Sweet potato
    5. Egg Nog