Warm weather in NY!

This is the "New Song of the week" Artist Billy Currington! Hee hee, sorry guys, couldn't help it, he's HHHOT!!!! I like his singing too!

Nov. 7th is my Step-Father's birthday. Nov. 9th is my Husband's birthday! So Happy Birthday!

Sat. Glen and I got together with our friends and went out to eat at "Little Venice", Yum, very good food! There was so much, my leftovers the next night was just as large as what I had already eaten. Afterwards we went over to their house and had coffee and icecream. While we were there, Ashley called on my cell phone. She said "Mom! Where are you on a Sat. night at 10:15?" So, what does she exactly mean by that? Because we are her parents we do not go out, because we are old we do not go out, because she is so used to us "being there" we do not go out, because she thinks we are stuffy we do not go out? I have news for you... WE GO OUT! I told her "We are partying!" My friend Donya said something and Ashley yelled "You're with Donya! No fair!" Oh I get it now. Because we are without her, we do not "get" to go out. I see how it is. Let this be a tribute to parents around the world who need to go out without their kids! Thank you Ashley for helping us see the light! Parents, do it! Don't be old and stuffy, get your fat butts up off the couch and "go out"! (Hee Hee, good thing Ashley has a good sense of humor, since I am basically making fun of her.)

The weather her has been great! It has been 60's all week! It is so nice to get the kids outside to play. Yesterday we didn't even wear our coats.

I got a recognition award from the library the other day! It says -
Spotlight on Service
This certificate is awarded to Wendy Barrows
in recognition of her dedicated service to teens
at the Interlaken Public Library
from the Finger Lakes Library System
signed by the Exec. Director and the FLLS President
How nice! I do not take these awards lightly! I was thrilled! I am so glad to get any recognition for the work I do with the teens, it is nice to know that people notice and care!

Knitting - I am finishing the gloves I started to go with my hat, the purple ones. I will also be working on Christmas gifts.

Reading - my reading has been slow, don't know why, it hasn't been for lack of good books that is for sure. I am enjoying the one I am reading "Confessions of a Contractor" it is so funny. I am actually almost done. Not sure which one I will read next. I got alot of new books this past week, but also have alot of old ones I need to read.

My top 5 this week was inspired by Shelley from MI, she has a wonderful birding blog with really great pictures, you should check it out.
Top 5 favorite birds (I should say "song birds" not counting birds of prey or ducks etc.)
1. Chick-a-dee
2. Cardinal
3. Titmouse
4. Nuthatch
5. Juncos
What are yours?


  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR AWARD!!!!! Very proud of you.
    We saw Billy Currington live this summer. He is HOT! He sang this song of course.
    Ken hits the BIG one Nov 7...65. Don't tell any one....K?
    Happy Birthday to Glen. Did he get our card yet?
    Top 5 Birds:
    1. Nuthatch
    2. Scarlet Tanager
    3. Indigo Bunting (the most beautiful bird I ever saw)
    4. Goldfinch
    5. Pileated Woodpecker
    Love Ya, Mom

  2. Wendy - this is eerie - My hubby's birdthday is Nov. 9th too!!
    Congrats on your award from the library - I know it was well deserved!! Looking forward to see what your projects are for xmas - be sure to post pics!!
    Ah - birding - one of my favorite subjects! (I'm a total bird nerd!)

    My faves:

    1. Common Loon
    2. Bald Eagle
    3. Black-capped Chickadee
    4. Red-bellied Woodpecker
    5. Rose-breasted Grosbeak

  3. Shelley - NO WAY!!!! (about the birthday) that is really really freaky! Well I wasn't going to tell you this because it is also really freaky but, my sister's name is Michele. When she was younger her nickname was Shelley (with two e's)!!!
    So, see you really could be my sister.

    Mom, Yeah, I know you saw "My Billy" in concert! I still say too bad he didn't take his shirt off, LOL.

  4. I don't really know a lot of birds, but i know i like hummingbirds and bald eagles. And yes i voted for obama. I picked a winner! lol
    Congrats on your award!

  5. Dove called, they want their soap box back!

    Congrats on the library award mom, I always thought you were the best librarian I knew...
    I'm in the cafe now so I can hear the billy song, great song!

    Top 5 birds?? I don't even know if I know 5 birds....
    1. Gold Finch
    2. Peacock
    3. those black and orange ones
    4. ummm...
    5. I'm breaking the rule DUCKIES!!!

  6. Soap??? No I am allergic to Dove! (the soap not the bird).

    and about not knowing birds - you are not my daughter! get with the bird program!

    about Billy - Just got his new CD today!!!!!!!! It is really good!