Knitting Pictures!


Ok, Here they are. Knitting pictures I have been promising you. They are - My niece Paula (I didn't knit her!), baby items I made for her, the beginning of my gloves and matching hat.

Paula and my other niece Casey, came here from CT for the weekend and my daughter came home for the weekend. We had a little baby shower for Paula. My sister, another niece and her daughter came over as well. It was nice, informal, just "us girls", food and presents. Paula and Casey stayed here Fri. night (thank you Ashley for letting Paula use your bed).

Fall is really starting to set in here! It has been in the 50's, Wed. it should get up close to 70! Woo Hoo! I am starting to do some fall projects with the kids.

My life is kind of like one of those email jokes "you know you are getting old when..." This is what everyday is like for me.
I will put in a load of laundry, see a poster that needs to be hung for the kids, go to get a hammer for the tacks, on the way I spot the washer, it's done, so I put them in the dryer, go to the living room, realize I didn't get the hammer, go back for the hammer, think "I should write this down for my blog", put the hammer on the couch so I can type on my computer, see some old mail on the table and think "I should go get the mail, get mail and bring it to the living room, see the hammer on the couch, finally hang up poster about 20 min. later! This is no joke!

I finished reading "Nude Men" it was sad at the end. So it went from being Hilarious, gross, then sad. I found out why it was called Nude Men. In the beginning a guy, Jeremy, meets a woman who is a painter of nude men, so I thought that was the reason. Then he becomes friends with her and her 11 yr. old daughter. They find out the daughter, Sarah, is dieing from a tumor. During a Doctor's visit, they leave the building and Sarah is hit and killed by a car! Jeremy askes the person how she could possibly hit the little girl! The woman says she was distracted by a nude man in a window of a nearby building. It turns out that the nude man was Jeremy's best friend who knew nothing of the accident, let alone that he was the cause!
I am now reading "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming" It is a murder mystery. I don't think there are any nude men in it.

New song this week is "The Lighthouse Tale" by Nickel Creek. It is a really sad song if you listen to the words. It tells a story. This is my favorite Nickel Creek song! Of course I would like the sad ones!

My poll is - Have you ever cheated on a test (in school or otherwise), writing answers on your hand, looking on someones paper, etc. come on be honest, well I guess if you cheated, why start being honest now right!

My top 5 for this week - Top 5 things you like to do with your Significant other!

1. Go to our cabin or lake property
2. Go down to Ithaca (pizza and shopping)
3. Go out for coffee
4. Go canoing, we haven't done this in a long time, but we really have fun.
5. Go up to our barn for a picnic.


  1. I love all those knitting projects of yours! That green sweater is utterly adorable!!!

    Yep - I did cheat on a test in highschool - ink on my hand - got busted and the humiliation was enough to stop me from ever attempting it again! But you also need to answer your question...did you??? :-)

    My Top 5 to do w/ the hubby:

    2. Go snoeshoeing or hiking in the woods
    3. Kayaking
    4. Salsa dancing
    5. A nice italian dinner with good red wine!

  2. I def. cheated on lots of tests in my economics class... I was never any good in that class.

    The baby shower was fun, except my back hurts from the floor now. And my squash is delicious! and my wine too!

    Your mind sounds exactly like mine. Maybe it's heretitary? I swear everyday at work I do the same thing. It takes me three days to get one thing done.

    My top 5 for this week - Top 5 things you like to do with your Significant other!

    1. Just cuddle and watch a movie
    2. Go on vacations (Indiana or NY)
    3. Go shopping
    4. Go out to eat (We usually do this once a week)
    5. Wake him up in the morning and have coffee (We have very different schedules, so he doesn't go to bed until about 3am, but I wake him up anyway at 6am he he)

  3. Top 5 things I like to do with my Significant other!

    1. Go for walks
    2. cuddle
    3. make dinner together (I have an apartment this year and he comes over sometimes to eat.
    4. Go to barnes and noble, pick out random books and read the first chapter
    5. Visit our families together

    Yes, fall is here, but it felt like winter today. I had to remind nature that it was still fall.

    As for the "you know you're getting old when..." here is what I do in the morning.
    Wake up, go to the bathroom, shut the door, hear my phone go off, walk to my room, grab my phone, walk to the bathroom, pee, walk back to my room, change into my clothes realize i left my phone in the bathroom, go into the bathroom to get my phone and figure I might as well put my contacts in while i'm there, walk back to my room get out my make up and sit on the floor in front of the mirror, hear my phone go off which is still in the bathroom because I was distracted by the contacts the first time, walk back to the bathroom to get my phone, walk back into my room, see my rings on the night stand, put the rings on, sit back down on the floor to do my makeup, hear my phone go off again and realize I left it on my bed, get up off the floor to get my phone, sit back down on the floor and finally finish my make up. This is a daily occurrence.

    Nude Men sounds crazy!!! I would want to read it except for the gross part.

    I love The Lighthouse Tale, its one of my favorites.

    Mom, I'm so sorry you have to find out this way, but yes, I have cheated on a test.

  4. That first picture you knitted (of the girl), must have taken you forever!!! Pretty amazing turn out though. ha, ha.

    I always cheated in my Global class. I hated that class and could never get a grip on it!!!

    Top 5 things you like to do with your Significant other!

    1. Go camping
    2. Go fishing
    3. Go out for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday
    4. Cuddle up on the couch and watch either football or a movie
    5. Go for walks/hiking


  5. The shower for Paula looked like everyone had a great time. I can't beleive that you made all of these things, they are GREAT. I too relly like the green sweater. I like the color of your gloves and scarf. I'm glad that you have a picture of Paula..that is the only way I would have seen her like that. Not to much longer for her and Matt.
    5 things we like to do together..
    1) grocerys
    2) work in the yard
    3) go to Dollywood
    4) go out to dinner
    5) go on the boat
    It is still nice here. This morning it was 68 with a high of 80but they are saying colder weather is on its way. Highs only in the mid to low 70's and a few days ago it was 38 when I got up. Time to get the fire place going.
    Love Ya, Mom

  6. Shelley - I have never tried Snowshoeing! Salsa dancing, HUH!!!!
    And YES, I am afraid I cheated my way through high school! But did not cheat once in college!

    Casey - glad you had fun this ast weekend, let me know when you want to come by yourself. You are too young for your brain to be working like mine!

    Ashley - Gasp!! My daughter, cheating???? Oh I am so ashamed!
    I thought of you when I did this song.

    Paula, I laughed right out loud when I read yours!

    Mom - Nobody wants to hear how warm you are, OK!!! I can send you some cold weather if you want.

  7. your knitting projects are beautiful!! thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Your knitting projects are great! I love the baby things and your gloves and hat-love the colors.

    lol-my life isn't far behind yours. I write down everything now, even what I'm going to post on my blog or it won't happen.