Busy, busy, busy!

Boy it seems like I have been so busy this week. This one might be short and quick.
Ashley took the pictures above. That's me with my little bow and arrow, And those are my arrows in the target!!!! Not bad, huh?

For the past two weeks "my kids" and I have been working on mobiles, using Shrinky dinks! Remember those? I didn't even know they still existed. If you don't know, they are sheets of plastic that you can trace or draw pictures and color them in, then cut out. You put them in the oven just for about a min. and they curl up and shrink. the kids thought this was Way Cool! Then we hung them from sticks to make mobiles.
Ashley came home for the weekend, when she saw the mobiles, she said "these are cool, I want to make one!" So Ashley made a mobile too!
The kids noticed I had a lot of candles. They asked why I had so many candles. I said, "...because I like to light them." So they asked if we could light a candle - and now we eat breakfast by "candle light" every morning. They take turns choosing which flavor.

Someone asked me on a comment (don't know who it was) why I did not want to go to India. It is just a country I am not interested in. It is very over crowded, poor, and not kept up (in most places) now I am not prejudiced or stupid, I do know that parts of India must be very pretty and interesting. I am just not interested in finding out. I also do not want to go to England, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Russia or France. I am not saying any of these countries are "Bad" I am just not as interested in them.
Some countries I am interested in are Brazil, Chili, Actually all of South America! Iceland, Greenland, Switzerland, Antarctica, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Islands, any of them, I love Islands! Parts of Africa, New Zealand, just to name a few!
There are probably just as many countries I do not want to go to as those I do.

My top 5 this week has to do with your favorite "activity" or what ever it is you like to do (knitting, photography, surfing the 'net, music, etc.) list the 5 things that attract you to that activity, number 1 being doing that activity. Here's mine -

1. knitting
2. looking for patterns on the internet (I can do this for hours! and not get bored)
3. Looking at yarn (I can go to a store or the internet and "Just look" yarn is so pretty)
4. Looking at my old knitting magazines (again, I can do this for hours, the same ones over and over, and I have MANY, MANY, knitting magazines, I love them)
5. Going to Yarn shops, to buy or just to look, getting ideas!

All my friends and family are such a bunch of cheaters!!!!!!!! 6 out of 9 have cheated before! Oh well, so have I.

Please remember, If you do not have a Blogger acct. I can not see who you are when you comment. So if you want to make your presence known please sign your name, unless you would rather remain anonymous.


  1. i can't believe that I'm the first one to leave a comment.
    I also used to like to shoot bow and arrow. I used to be pretty good but have not done it in over 30 years, maybe even 40.
    The wrist gard it a good idea...I remember my wrist was raw before I got one. OUCH, HURT, PAIN!!!!
    Where were the poctures taken?
    5 favorite activites....
    1. knitting/crocheting
    2. looking for recipes on the internet
    3. looking at yarn
    4. going shopping!!!!!!
    5. playing with Chloe
    What did Ashleys mobile look like?
    Love, Mom

  2. Mom, top 5 was suppose to be what do you like about your favorite activity. NOT 5 fav. activities.
    Sorry to confuse you.

    I didn't know you used to shoot bow and arrow! the pictures were taken at our barn property here in town.

  3. ok...lets try this again.
    Favorite activity:knitting
    1-5 same as yours.
    Does this run in the family?

  4. ok my fav. activity: Shopping!
    Reasons: 1) Because new things make me feel better
    2) Window shopping lets me know what's out there
    3) Shopping online but not really buying the things that i'm looking at is fun
    4) I love my wallet to be empty
    5) It's nice to know that I could spend a whole day's pay in three minutes flat.

    I remember the shrinking paper things, I used to put them in the window and use them as sun catchers. You should also try those little tiny bead things that you put on shapes and then put them in the oven and they melt. do you remember those? they are fun. and time consuming. I don't know when I will be coming again. You said it was ok for josh to come too right? cuz if so I have to get our schedules around to see when we are available.

  5. Ok correction... I just remembered, you don't put the beads in the oven, you iron them.

  6. Wendy - I didn't know you were so good w/ a bow & arrow! Are you planning on going hunting??
    I'm laughing over the exchange with you and your mom! I was a little confused about the post too.
    Okay here goes:

    1. Photography (no surprise)
    2. Love being out in nature and capturing what I see on film
    3. Gives me a reason to stalk eagles and Loons - I get the biggest thrill out of photographing them
    4. I enjoy learning more about nature & wildlife and photography is a good escuse. I am able to identify over a 100 birds now.
    5. Love looking at other birder's blogs and get a thrill when they compliment one of my photos.

  7. Casey, I love those bead things!!! I use to do them all the time, remember mom? You had those at Ssafe too. I showed Micah the mobile and we decided that the other guys in the dorm wouldn't appreciate a pink heart mobile in his room haha, so we hung it in my car instead.

    Favorite thing - Photography
    1. Capturing the beauty of the world in a single frame
    2. looking through books and magazines and websites to get inspiration and tips
    3. going to stores and trying out the display cameras that I want one day but can't afford
    4. the crazy positions you have to put yourself in sometimes to get that one perfect shot
    5. the beautiful walks you get to take while looking for a subject.

    What's your song? Remember I can't hear it while I'm on the school's network.

  8. it's funny you mention the countries you didn't want to go to. i thought about it somemore and really felt i should change my answers to...the following countries would not allow me in their country:
    Saudi Arabia
    and there are probably a few more that would deem me unsuitable to travel in their country.
    All because I have a stamp in my passport from Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Thanks Wendy for making me really think about the answer to the countries question.

  9. Casey - I love your answers to Shopping! very funny! I will email you this weekend.

    Shelley - NO, no hunting, just target! I used to shoot when I was a teen but haven't done it since, I guess I am just a natural!

    Ashley - you and Shelley should talk! You both are into photography! Maybe I should look into getting those beads you iron. the kids do like them. Oh and the song is "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

    CA girl - I had a friend a long time ago who went to Israel and she loved it, I got to see lots of pictures! Very beautiful! Glad I made you think! that's what these are all about.

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree with the thing about the countries. There are so many that I just am not interested in.

    My top 5 is:

    1. Reading
    2. Shopping for books-I can do this for hours and never get bored.
    3. bookcrossing- go to bookcrossing.com to find more.
    4. going through my record collection. People can't believe a 23 year old likes to listen to records.
    5. Blogging

    Book and Cranny

  11. I love Shrinky Dinks! They are hard to find these days!

    My top 5:

    1. Reading
    2. Reading all the book blogs I can while appearing to still have a life outside of the web.
    3. Re-organizing my bookshelf both in real life and on Goodreads.
    4. Going to book stores to browse.
    5. Going to book SALES.

  12. Ashley and ti - welcome to my blog!
    Thanks for your comments, come again