This is my wonderful daughter and her equally wonderful boyfriend. Don't they make a cute couple? Ashley has been very sick for the past few days (fever, sore throat, tired, achy, etc.) she stayed in bed for, I think about three days. she did go to the Dr. but it was a virus. Micah took very good care of her, making her soup, and telling her she needs to eat! LOL - thank you Micah!

Ashley and Micah finally have jobs! After a very long, disappointing, and grueling search. They both got jobs at Ponderosa. They have orientation today.

Glen had to work again this Sat. but before his last run (delivering equip.) he called me and asked if I wanted to go and then get something to eat in Watkins glen. So I went along for the ride. The drilling site was real nice, out in the country, surrounded by trees. I told glen "This would be a nice place to build a house." We ate at 8:00 and got home real late. Hahahaha, I just realized how funny that sentence sounds.

Sunday afternoon we went to a winery in Covert called Americana Winery. It is in an old barn, real pretty. I had been wanting to go there. We bought a few bottles and some fudge! Then we went to a hard cider place, that was fun too but I really do not like it as much as wine. We have so many wineries here, I told glen "We should go to one or two a week! It will give us something to do together."
Going to them is so interesting, they are all so very different. There is so much history in them and the architecture is so different. Even if you are not a wine person it is still fun to go.

I finished reading "The Rest of Her Life" it was very sad. An 18 yr old girl hits and kills another girl in a crosswalk. The 18 yr old feels terrible! She doesn't eat, doesn't change her clothes for weeks, won't talk, and says she need to be punished for what she has done. Even though she was careless, it was an accident, and you really feel for her. Now I am reading a book called "Nude Men" the first half was hysterically funny! I would laugh so hard out loud that I would have to put the book down. but now it is getting kinda gross. I will let you know!

I knit myself the most adorable hat! I will take a picture and post it next time. I am also making myself a pair of gloves to match. they are my favorite color - purple!

I based my new poll around a memory I had. When I was living in Savannah GA for a while, my mom came down to visit. We went to the local grocery store. she bought some stuff and wanted to write a check. she asked me "What is the name of this place - Piggy wiggy?" I laughed so hard. Of course the real name is Piggly Wiggly, which come to think of it isn't really any less funny.

For my new song this week, I decided to stay with the Christian theme for another week. This one is from a really great man named Kirk Franklin. He grabs your attention in this song, fun and funky! Now admit it you were boppin your head weren't you? You can't help it, he gets to you! Alot of his songs are slow songs though. He is also a preacher. He is great to listen to.

My top 5 countries I do not want to go to. What are yours?
1. Iran
2. Iraq
3. Afghanistan
4. India
5. Saudi Arabia


  1. Your daughter & her boyfriend make an adorable couple!

    I laughed out loud at "piggy wiggy!"

    Looking forward to you posting your knitting handiwork. I've always wanted to learn!

    Top 5 Countries I don't want to visit (only 1 different from you):

    1. Irag
    2. Iran
    3. Pakistan
    4. Saudi Arabia
    5. Afghanistan

  2. "Piggly Wiggly" - that's funny.

    Glad to hear Ashley got a job.

    My top 5 countries I do not want to go to.

    1. Iran
    2. Iraq
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Saudi Arabia
    5. Japan

    See you in a few days!!!


  3. I still think that "Piggy Wiggy" is funny but Piggly Wiggly is even funnier for a grocery store name! Sorry southerners. We don't have any here in the Knoxville area. Must be a Ga "thang".

    Hope Ashley is feeling better. Congrats to her and Micah on the jobs. Nice pictures of them.

    Can't wait to see your purple hat and gloves.

    I love going to the winery's. They are so much fun. A lot of people don't know the Finger Lakes area of NY is big/huge on winerys.

    5 places I NEVER want to visit
    1. Iran/Iraq
    2. Syria
    3. Afghanistan
    4. N.Korea
    5. Saudi Arabia
    (Notice how I sneaked in more than 5)
    Love, Mom

  4. I laughed so hard when I read this post, and I'm in a library so thanks for the harsh looks that followed. I hold you responsible.

    I love how you posted pictures of Micah and I, that made me chuckle. Micah left the room momentarily but when he comes back I'll show him.

    yes, AMEN for finally having jobs!!! Orientation went well, I think the lady really likes us because she can tell we're trustworthy.

    "We ate at 8:00 and got home real late." hahahahaha, almost produced tears on that one.

    A book titled "Nude Men" is gross? Whoda Thunk?

    I've heard the Piggy Wiggy story before but it still made me laugh out loud.

    I can't hear the Kirk Franklin song!!! It wont load with the college internet. Which song is it? He's one of my favorites!!

    Top 5 countries I do not want to go to...
    Same as yours

  5. Shelley - Yes, they do don't they! He is a keeper! and - I will post all the knitting I've been working on next time.

    Paula - yes, I am so glad and relieved about the jobs.

    Mom - Do you remember when that happened? About the "Piggy wiggy"
    I do think Ashley is feeling better. and I loved those pics.!
    I love going to the wineries to, it is one of my favorite things to do.

    Ashley - I am glad I could make you laugh! Yeah, the ate at 8:00 thing wasn't even planned. I am so sorry you can't get the Kirk Franklin song! I know you love him.

  6. My top 5 countries I do not want to go to. What are yours?
    1. Ethiopia
    2. Iraq
    3. Afghanistan
    4. viet nam
    5. Saudi Arabia

    I don't know if these are all countries but they are places i don't want to go.

    Wine tasting is fun!

    ate at 8 got home real late... ha ha

  7. CASEY!!! Please - don't even know if they are all countries???? did you graduate high school? By the way, yes they are all countries.
    Yes, I will have to take you wine tasting here sometime like I did Paula. You let me know when you want to go.

  8. Yes I remember the "Piggy Wiggy" We both laughed so hard I think we had tears in out eyes. But I still think Piggly Wiggly is a funny name for a grocery store. Someone asks where are you going and you reply with "going to the "Pig" to get groceries, hahahahaha :-)

  9. I KNOW! that is exactly what they say!!!!!

  10. 1. Iran
    2. Ugdanda
    3. Columbia

    I will only name 3. Don't want to limit my adventures. I asked a friend of mine who has an official passport - he mentioned just don't stay in touristy areas. That makes sense...blend in and get to see the real country instead of staying in one of the American style hotels.

  11. why not india? others i can understand except that one.

    and aww your daughter and her bf look really cute! he seems sweet to her. that's awesome!