Happy 20th Birthday Ashley!

Big news!!!!! I now have a 20 year old! I find this very exciting (not the feeling older part) I am no longer the mother of a teenager! Hurray! The teenage years are over! Ashley and her "BOYFRIEND!!!!" came over on Sat. we all had pizza, my in-laws came over and we had homemade cheesecake with either blueberries or cherries on top (Ashley's favorite). We all had a great day, and Micah, Ashley's BOYFRIEND!!!! is a real great guy, we were glad to have them both.

Sunday night we got a real bad windstorm. 50 to 60 mile per hour winds! Our electric was out for a few hours. There were down branches and trees all over town. Glen and I only got about 3 hrs. of sleep that night, and come to find out everyone else I know didn't sleep that night either. During the big gusts I actually felt the bed shake. It was scary, like a mini Hurricane. I was in a hurricane once when I lived in Savannah. I have yet to see an actual tornado though. People who know me know that is one of my dreams - to go on a tornado chase! I know you probably think it is crazy but I really want to do it! I just find extreme weather very fascinating! I love thunder and lightening, snowstorms, wind storms, anything different. It is just exciting! Of course I don't like that people get hurt, it is just an adrenalin rush for me.

On Tues I took my kids out and we did yard work! They loved it! They picked up all the branches from the back yard. I had two of the older boys doing the wheelbarrow and the others picking up small branches and dragging the big ones. I was so proud of them.
I have also decided to have a reading time every day for about 15 min. I thought this would kill them but they are enjoying it. I think the fact that everyone is doing it makes it better.
This Fri. is our first half day. I will pick the kids up from school at 12:00, drop our stuff off at the house, Then walk to the library. We will all get library cards! One of my 4th graders has talked of nothing else all week, he is so excited about getting his own library card. Then we will come home and watch a movie. I hope to go to the library at least once a month maybe twice.

I have to adjust my top 5 TV shows since "Men in Trees" is canceled! Boo Hoo! and Kyle XY is not coming back till 2009. So the revised list is -

1. Prison Break
2. ER
3. Lost
4. Reality shows (Amaz. Race, Survivor, Dancing with the stars)
5. Football

The new song this week is "Boondocks" by Little Big Town. they are one of my favorite country groups and that is my favorite song!

New top 5 - Top 5 things you have never done but always wanted to do. What are yours?

1. Be in Nome during the Iditarod!
2. Go on a Tornado chase
3. Hang gliding
4. Skydiving (don't know if I could actually follow through with this one!)
5. Win the lottery

New poll - simple yes or no question - Would you break the law to help a friend or family?


  1. Wendy- I think it's great to encourage reading - I still remember getting my 1st library card - very exciting!!

    I'm bummed about Men in Trees - we need another show that's about people in Alaska - don't you think?

    Top 5 things I've never done but always wanted to do.

    1. COMPETE in the Iditarod (seriously - I know it's a far out fantasy but I have thought about it the last 2 years. For my bday - my husband is taking me to this dog sledding school in northern mich.)
    2. Go on an African Safari
    3. Adopt a child (this may happen in the future...)
    4. Film a nature documentary
    5. Write a novel

    *But I do like your lottery one too!

    On your new poll, depends on how MUCH I would be breaking the law. I pride myself on being a rule follower. I would have to say no...

  2. New top 5 - Top 5 things you have never done but always wanted to do. What are yours?

    1. Write a novel (I am in the process of doing this)
    2. Get married and have beautiful babies!
    3. Go to school for my master's
    4. Visit africa or etheopia or someplace and help the children
    5. Backpack in europe

    I think extreme weather is awsome too! I have seen a real live hurricane, in Florida when I lived there one went right by my house, It was scary but very cool too!

  3. Hi....Sounds like every one had a good time at Ashleys birthday. Maybe I'll get to meet him sometime when we come up there...hint hint hint!!!!
    It was windy here too but not that bad. Thank Ike for it!!!!
    Seems like the kids are really enjoying them selves and you are
    enjoying them as well too.
    Top 5 things I want to do...
    1) Win the lottery
    2) Go to Greece
    3) Finish this sweater I'm knitting.
    4) Go on a cruise
    5) win the lottery so I can go to #2 and 3!
    Luv ya, Mom

  4. Shelley - That is sooo cool about the dog sledding! I know it's a stretch but if you ever do get to the Iditarod, I am really going to alaska to cheer for you, I promise! Hey maybe I can be on your support team!
    and that is also very cool about adopting a child! Good for you!

    Casey - You should write a book! Just start writing. and when you do get married I am sure you will have very beautiful babies!

    Mom - finish this sweater, LOL that was funny! I have never wanted to go on a cruise, I think i would be too scared! I always think of the Titanic, I know it is crazy but I really do!

  5. 1. See a broadway musical
    2. Go to Tahiti and have fun snorkeling
    3. Be an extra for Law and Order
    4. Run the USMC Marathon
    5. Take cooking classes