Just another busy week

I don't understand how some people's lives can be so hectic, one disaster after another, while other people's lives can be so ho hum day after day. I hardly ever have anything exciting happen unless I make it happen (like going on vacation) while for poor Ashley the excitement never seems to stop!
Why do you think that is? Why do some people attract chaos and others deflect it?

My daycare is fully under way, and going very well. I have 6 full time and two very part time. All the kids are so happy, the parents are happy and I am happy, what more could you ask for? One of my forth graders told me he wants to name it "Club Wendy", LOL, I thought this was so funny. We are a very relaxed group, they are all very well behaved and easy going. One of the teachers stopped me in the hall and complemented me - "You have a real nice line of kids walking to and from school." another teacher looked at my kids and said to me -"What did you do hand pick all the best kids?" I said "Yes I did!" All the teachers have been very supportive of me, congratulating me and wishing me luck, they all think it is great that I am doing this. That is saying alot after working at the school for 13 years! I told my parents if it continues like this all year I feel I could do this for quite a while.

I told you in my last post that during my vacation my digital camera "bit the dust" I have tried to get it working, it is really dead. Last night I ordered a new one off of Amazon. This is what I am getting - Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom, it is a med. priced camera, still a "point and shoot" but a much better camera. My other one we bought when they first came out, I think is was a 4.5mp, nothing fancy.
I will take some good pictures and post them. Oh no, It means getting used to a whole new program too! I hope Cannon has a good computer program.

Ashley's 20th birthday is Mon. Wow - I have a 20 year old! She is coming home Sat. and bringing her... her... her... Micah. Maybe someday soon I will be able to call him her, something.

Still knitting up a storm! Still reading when I can. Finished "The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Lablanc" the ending was real good! Now I am reading "The Rest of Her Life" by Laura Moriarty. I am on page 67 and it is good already. It is about a woman who's daughter hits another girl in a crosswalk while driving and kills her. It is about the aftermath. Will she be arrested, what will happen, etc. it was so sad I was crying.

This weeks Top 5 is -
Top 5 TV shows you are looking forward to coming back on this season!

1. Prison Break!
2. ER (Final Season, so sad! I have watched it from day one, about 12 years or so)
3. Kyle XY - I know, I know, tease me, its ok I am hooked.
4. Men in Trees (at least I hope it will be back!)
5. Football! Go Steelers!


  1. Micah read this, shook his head and chuckled. Oh, and you can call him my Micah, that's fine.

    Okay so this is what my mentor/adviser told me... I am doing God's work being at Davis, and working in a church and the Devil does not like that... so he is making it hard for me to keep doing what I am doing. So in a way I can take all this chaos as a complement in knowing I am exactly where God wants me.

    Top 5 shows
    1. Prison Break!!!
    2. Football
    3. Lost

    That's it, I don't really watch any other shows. Other than tennis when its on, but the US Open just ended so it wont be on for a while now.

  2. oh, I almost forgot... GO STEELERS!!! YAY for their first win!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I forgot LOST!

    But it is getting kind of weird these days! but I still am looking forward to it.

  4. Congrats on your daycare going so well! It sounds like you've put so much effort into it and it's really showing w/ happy parents & kids!

    I do think Men in Trees was cancelled which is a bummer cuz I loved that show too!

    My top 5- hmm - I don't watch much t.v. shows - mostly nature/animal stuff - but here goes.

    1. Lost (I watch every other episode at best)
    2. Ice Road Truckers (love anything Alaska)
    3. Can't think of anything - I stick to Animal Planet, Travel & Discovery Channel!

  5. Oh No shelley, please tell me it isn't so! MIT can't be canceled! I loved that show! I will look it up on the internet and let you know.

    We watch Ice road truckers too! and Deadliest Catch, do you watch that?

  6. Wendy- yep - Deadliest catch too! I think we must've been sisters in a former life! :-)

  7. This weeks Top 5 is -
    Top 5 TV shows you are looking forward to coming back on this season!

    1. House!!!!
    2. Prison Break
    3. American Idol
    4. I don't know

  8. top 5 shows
    Desperate Housewives
    Merkat Manor
    Saving Grace

    Glad your Daycare is going so good.
    Love, Mom