Starting Over

I called this "Starting over" because I feel like that is really what all of us are doing.
I am starting a new daycare.
Ashley is starting her 3rd. year in college, and is going to be living in the college Apartments.
Glen started a new job a few months ago.
My niece and her husband are having their first baby.
My other niece got a promotion at work.
My other niece got married this past summer.
Friends are moving, a friend has died, friends are getting divorced, and new friends have come.
So many years it is the "same old, same old" but this year has been the year for change.
There are new beginnings for so many of us.

I have been keeping up pretty well with the Olympics. I have been watching almost every night. I really enjoy it. I love the beach volleyball, and am on the edge of my seat yelling and cheering on Misty May-Treanor and Carrie Walsh, and Todd Rogers and Phillip Dalhausser, two of the American teams. One thing I find very unfair about the whole thing. the women wear these little bikinis, but the men wear shorts and shirts! I am not complaining about the bikinis, I am complaining about the shirts! Come on guys show the beautiful muscles God gave you.

I have never watched the TV show "Extreme Make Over, Home Edition". But I just heard from two different sources that the next one is in Geneva, NY. For those of you that don't know, that is about 1/2 hour from here. so i am going to look it up and see when it is going to be on TV. Don't know when they are starting construction. I will let you know when I hear something.

"Jenn's Bookshelf" is having another book giveaway "Confessions of a Contractor". Give it a try! Link is on the right.

I have not done this in a long time so I thought now was a good time.
A Simple Woman's Day Book
Outside my window... It is cloudy, rained real hard last night, sprinkled this morning, and trying to sunshine now.
I am thinking... How tired I am and how hard I have been working. I should take a few days off before the real work begins!
I am thankful for... Everything that has gone so well with my daycare, How God let everything just fall into place.
From the kitchen.. Hmmm... not much! There are groceries all over the counter because I would rather be doing this than putting them away.
I am creating... Baby stuff!
I am going... to be doing final touches on my daycare room, making sure everything is in its place for Mon.
I am wearing... Cotton pants, Adirondack T-shirt, barefeet
I am reading... "A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" by Isabella Bird, it is a true story about a woman traveling alone in 1873.
I am hoping... that I have everything perfect for Mon, that everything runs smoothly, and that Ashley gets off to college smoothly and happily.
I am hearing... cars outside, Martina cleaning herself, and the clicking of the keys, and my own voice as I talk to myself.
Around the house... everything is a mess except for the daycare room, LOL!
One of my favorite things... is to be alone in the quiet house, which I am right now.
A Few plan's for the rest of the week... Clean house, get groceries, knit, read, on Fri. I host my 4th annual "Teen night" at the library.

New song is by my man Trace Adkins! Favorite male Country singer, (and he's real pretty to look at too).

My new top 5 list - Favorite cereals. (remember to comment with your own)
1.Reese's Puffs (Yum!)
2.Total Raisin Bran
4.Shredded wheat

Last weeks poll again was all over the board, but "Go to the bathroom" got the most votes.
This weeks poll is about one of my favorite things, Reading! How much do you read in a week, month, year?


  1. A Simple Woman's Day Book

    - Outside my window... I think it's cloudy.
    - I am thinking... I am pretty tired right now!
    - I am thankful for... My new arrival, my husband and my family. I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to live happily.
    - From the kitchen.. I have tomatoes from our garden all over the table, counters and window sills.
    - I am creating... a baby!
    - I am going... home in an hour 1/2..thank god!
    - I am wearing... capris, flip flops and a cute maternity shirt (off white with light blue stitching around edges)
    - I am reading... Parents Magazine, Parenting Magazine, FitPregnancy Magazine and Baby Talk Magazine.
    - I am hoping... I can be a good mother. That Matt and I are ready for this new adventure!
    - I am hearing... people around the office talking and my fan on my desk.
    - Around the house... I have so much to do!
    - One of my favorite things... is to just sit outside and listen to nature sing. Talk about anything and everything with my husband - life, etc.
    - A Few plan's for the rest of the week... Last night of bowling on Sunday, Sliders on Friday with old girlfriend (used to work together).

    I can't vote in the poll because I usually read magazines over books. I read tons of magazines, I have read about 3 books in the last year (all pregnancy).


  2. My fav. cereals?

    1. Cinnamon toast crunch
    2. frosted shredded mini wheats
    3. cinnamon life
    4. apple jacks
    4. apple cinnamon oatmeal

    Outside my window- it is a beautiful sunny day

    I am thinking- about too many things to mention

    I am thankful for- everyday that i wake up

    From the kitchen- I just went grociery shopping and got some great deals

    I am creating- boards and pretty stuff for my new room at work

    I am reading- douglas preston and lincoln child's The Wheels of Darkness

    I am hoping- My order from ebay will come very soon

    I am hearing- the tv and wendy's music

    Around the house- I need to clean!

    One of my favorite things- Is my tuesdays off!

    A few plans for the rest of the week- Party on saturday... thats about it

  3. Oh my goodness! I didn't expect you to do the "simple woman's day book!"
    But it was fun reading your answers!

  4. well your daycare room looks fabulous - how exciting to be starting a new venture!!

    Fave Cereals:
    1. Golden Grahams (eat them as snacks too)
    2. Sugar Smacks
    3. Cornflakes
    4. Rice Krispies
    5. Fruit Loops

    My favorite food is Italian!

  5. OOPS! I just realized I said the poll was going to be one thing then I actually wrote a different thing! Oh my, where was my head? I am going to correct it, so it reads The new is how much you read.

    I didn't even notice it till I read Shelley's comment! I will do food next week, hold that thought shelley!

  6. Favorite cereals
    1) Grape Nuts
    2) Honey Bunches of Oats
    3) All-Bran
    4) Biscuits and Gravy---does this count?
    5) Any hot cereal

  7. 1. Cinnamon Life
    2. Frosted Mini Wheats
    3. Oreo Os
    4. Granola (without raisins)

    okay so I'm sitting here in the living room commenting my favorite cereals and I couldn't think of a fifth one so I asked mom, who is also sitting in the living room. "What are my favorite cereals?" Hoping she would list one that I hadn't thought of... instead she listed off all four of the ones I already had almost in the same order. Does my mom know me or what? Freaky.

    5. Any flavor cheerios

    I don't read nearly as much as I used to but hopefully I'll find some time to myself this semester and spend it in a good book.

    I agree about the volleyball guys, I was looking forward to watching their muscles glisten in the sunlight, but shirts?? Doesn't really seem fair does it? Did anyone watch the game where Karrie lost her wedding band? They had to rake the sand after the game and thankfully they found it for her. I was so relieved.

  8. Mom - um, no, biscuits and gravy are dinner food, not cereal!

    Ashley - Of course I know you, sometimes better than you know yourself! How else would I know where you mislay everything you own. Even when I am not there.
    I think the game where she lost her ring was the only one I missed.