Daycare Room Done (basically, LOL)

Notice the music! I had been wanting to put music on my blog but didn’t know how. I was about to ask my daughter when I went to Shelley’s blog “Northern Michigan experience” and she had music! So I followed the link to get my own. Thank you Shelley! Every week I will take away one song and add one song. Let me explain why I choose these songs. The first song is from Enya one of my very favorite female singers. I have loved her for years (before my daughter was born). The next song “Ready Set Don’t Go” I choose because it has special meaning for Ashley and I, it's our "Ashley's going back to college" song. If you don’t know the song listen to the words. I honestly can not listen without tearing up. If you are a mom who has had a daughter leave home or if you are a daughter who has left home, you will know what I mean. The next song by Sugarland is my favorite song on the radio right now! It is just a fun, fast, feel good summer song (great video too). Then Alan Jackson, one of my favorite singers and this song, again is fun, fast and great. Then last is Norah Jones – Love her voice and singing! You can click on the songs to switch them. So check back each week to listen to a new song.

Daycare room is ready! I have a volunteer, her name is Tarah and she is 12 ½ yrs. old and she is great! She plans on coming almost everyday to help me. She came and spent one day with me to help me get the room ready, she washed toys (the ones I got off eBay) and she helped me get everything into baskets and up on the shelves. We made shopping list of little things I still needed. Today we went shopping together. She is very excited to be starting this with me, and can’t wait to see the kids too.

Martina seems to have adopted the room as her own. She is so funny. I will hear noises coming from the daycare room so I will peek in and catch her playing on the couch (jumping off and on) and she loves lying on the rug. She will have a big surprise when the kids start coming! Glen says “Martina thinks you did that room just for her.”

Books I have read - Remember that nice “Love story” I said I was going to read? Well it turned into raunchy sex, no love, no story. I quit reading on page 68 when “He” said “I’ll have you in bed by the end of the day” and “She” thought he was so sensitive! And he did have her in bed by the end of the day! Gag me with a paperback!

Then I read a book called “Sandpebbles” by Patricia Hickman. This was a nice “Love story” Nice love, nice story! A woman and her 10 yr old son try to get their life back together after her husband dies in a sailing “accident”. She questions if it was suicide. She meets a friend of her father’s, a visiting Pastor, whose wife has died of cancer. The need to talk to each other turns into love…

I am now reading the new book in the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz called “Odd Hours” I am so excited to start this book. I have loved the Odd Thomas books; this is the 4th in the series. So far I liked the first one the best but I have heard this one is supposed to be real good.

Also wanted to let you know that "Jenn's Bookshelf" is doing a book give away. This is where I won a book from so give it a shot!

My top list for this week is (drumroll please) Top 5 outdoor activities (for right now this time of year).


2.Bird watching



5.coffee on the porch

As you can tell I am not really athletic!

I got alot of responses on my Poll, Which reality show would you be on? Survivor -1, Amazing Race-2(thats what I picked!)AI or Nash.Star-2, Top Model-1, Dancing w/ the Stars-3, Bachelor-0, Big Brother-1

So we were all over the board with that one.

New poll - What do you usually do during the commercials?


  1. Top 5 outdoor activities (for right now this time of year):

    1) Camping
    2) Fishing
    3) Gardening
    4) Sitting on the porch w/ Matt during a lighting/thunderstorm
    5) Sitting outside and reading

    I like this poll!!!

    Good job on the room. It looks great.


  2. The room looks so cheerful and pleasant - you did a great job! I'm sure the kids will love it!!

    To answer your poll question to what I do during commercials - I channel surf or go to the ladies room...

  3. There are so many things that i do during the commercials, i actually run to get them done, usually I go to the bathroom, get a snack, clean, and channel surf. all in three minutes.

    OH. And I love enya too! We listen to it at work for nap time. I also love celtic music!

    My top five outdoor activities:

    1. camping
    2. walking
    3. tennis
    4. coffee and a book outside
    5. beach

    Your room looks awsome by the way. I really like it!

  4. The room looks really nice. I can not believe it is the same room that was once Glens office. It looks very cheerful. I bet you are getting excited. You got new curtains too I see. The sofa looks nice. What you didn't buy it for Martina?

    The music is Great!!!!!

    Top 5 things to do outside.
    2)Go out on the porch with a drink and read.
    3)Go for rides in the boat or car and look at the mountains and the lakes.
    5)Walk and look at the flowers.


  5. Thanks for all the comments on the room, I have worked so hard.

    Shelley- you didn't put your top outdoor activities, I know one is Kayaking!

    Mom - It hard to believe that it is the same room! Sometimes I go in there just to look around. I am really excited to get started! thanks for the comment on the music!

    Casey - I can't believe you like Enya! Way cool!

    Paula - glad you like it, always like to please.

  6. Whoops - I'm back. My top 5 activities for right now are:
    1. Kayaking (of course)
    2. Bird watching
    3. Photography
    4. Berry Picking
    5. Reading

  7. I also love this kind of music... you have to visit my myspace page though it's...


    It's very tranquil (sp) and relaxing.

  8. Yes, and before that the daycare/office use to be my bed room... I gave it up for a smaller cozier room with four windows in a turret. When I go into the daycare room and see all the shelving space that I once had I kick myself for not seeing the potential of storage as a 6 year old.

    My 5 favorite outdoor activities are:
    1. Tennis
    2. Photography
    3. Coffee on the porch with mom
    4. Driving my new car (does that count?)
    5. Playing games with my teens

    Mom, I love your selection of music. I'm listening to it and bobbing my head as we speak.

    During the commercials I am usually doing something on my laptop... I am the master of multi-tasking.

  9. oh I almost forgot...

    G with an O
    O with a D

    T with an I
    and M with an E


  10. That spells "Good Time"!

    Are you saying we took advantage of a 6yr. old?

    I put the laptop selection on there just for you, I really did!

    Glad you like the music. Are you putting one on your Blog?
    I know whose music you'd have on, LOL.