All is well

Ashley got off to college. I think she was a little sad to leave. But I have talked to her several times and she seems to be settled. She is living in the "Upperclassman Suites" now, which means less rules, more freedom, which will be good for her. She is totally trustworthy. Between her classes, her job and her internship she stays pretty busy. I also want to remind you to check out her new photography blog "Through my eyes" link on the right.

My daycare is off to a start! This week I am watching two of my kids, their regular babysitter is on vacation. In just two days I have gotten so many complements from the parents and the kids! They seem to be really happy. Next Tues. is a teacher conference day, so I will have most of my kids all day then on Wed., school starts and I will have them only before and after school. My 12 yr. old volunteer came today to help, we walked to the library with the kids to get books. She is such a great help! She did the dishes, cleaned up after lunch, got snack ready, played with the kids, and loved it!
Martina, my kitty, seems to love the kids! She can't stay away. She is in the room with us all day. If one of the kids tries to pet her she backs away and I have to tell them "If you leave her alone she will stay here" and she lays down right next to them while they are playing. I thought she would be in the furthest corner of the house.

I am a little slow on reading this week just because of daycare starting. But I am reading two books at a time because they are so different.
"A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" true story, takes place in 1873.
"The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc" this is a chick-lit book. Funny.

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My "Records" job at the school that I have been doing part time has been on hold while awaiting a grant. I just found out that grant has been cut in half by the Gov. and the school can no longer use me. Oh well, I guess it was good while it lasted. I told them if they need me next year, I'm in.
I guess I can dedicate more time to my daycare.

Olympics are over :-( so sad, but back to reg. TV soon. I was so glad that both American teams won the Beach Volley Ball Gold! That was the best part of the whole Olympics if you ask me!

According to last weeks poll - you all are quite the readers! Yea! Go Books!

OK, let me explain before you all think I am crazy! My newest song is "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis, Now, I know normally I do not like pop music! but I heard this song for the first time on "So you think you can dance" and fell in love with it! It is a sad song and very beautiful! That girl can sing!

Top 5 - favorite clothing stores. (post your top 5!)

1. Gap
2. Kohl's
3. Cabela's (on-line)
4. Old Navy
5. Chadwicks of Boston (on-line)


  1. Sounds like the daycare is "rocking & rolling"! And how cute that the kitty wants to be where all the "action" is!

    My top 5 favorite:

    1. Macy's
    2. Kohls
    3. Ann Taylor
    4. Gap
    5. Woolrich Online

  2. Your daycare sounds fun... and I'm really glad you like "Bleeding Love!" That is one of my favorite songs!

    Top 5 - favorite clothing stores.

    1) Debb
    2) Kohls
    3) TJMaxx
    4) H & M
    5) JCPenney

  3. Top 5 - favorite clothing stores. (post your top 5!)

    1. JCPenney
    2. Kohl's
    3. Target
    4. Macy's
    5. WalMart


  4. Top 5 - favorite clothing stores. (post your top 5!)

    1. JCPenney
    2. Kohl's
    3. Target
    4. Macy's
    5. WalMart


  5. Sounds like your daycare is off to a great start. I can't believe Martina is in there with the kids and not hidding somewhere.
    Too bad to hear about your records job. I know that you enjoyed it.
    Love the new song Bleeding Love. I saw her on one of the daytime talk shows, I think it was Ellen, I just was channel surfing and saw her so watched it. She does have an amazing voice.
    Top 5 Clothing Stores.
    1. Kohl's
    2. Ross
    3. TJ Maxx
    4. Stein Mart
    5. Christopher and Banks
    Love, Mom

  6. So glad you enjoyed THE SCANDALOUS SUMMER OF SISSY LEBLANC, it took three years to write, so you words mean a lot to me. Did you know HarperCollins collected all Sissy's rules into a little gift book? It's called THE SOUTHERN BELLE'S HANDBOOK, SISSY LEBLANC'S RULES TO LIVE BY. Good luck with your day care. Loraine-- www.LoraineDespres.com.

  7. Oh my gosh, that's the author of Sissy LeBlanc?

    1. Kohls
    2. what else is there?

  8. OH MY GOSH!!!!

    The Author of the book just posted on my Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How cool is that?

  9. that is very cool!! that book is worth reading. :)

    okay top 5 favorite clothing stores:

    in high school, i was a fashion hound

    now that i am grown, i am sad to say fashion has taken a huge step backwards.
    1. old navy
    2/3. kohl's/mervyns
    4. anne taylor(sometimes)
    5. macys/dillards