The Perfect Day

I went with my Mother-in-law to Geneva to the "Second Hand Store" where they sell used furniture. They have a couple rooms just for couches. I was already thinking that I might end up with a flowered or plaid couch (cursing myself for buying the rug first). I walked into the first room and there it was... the perfect couch! Well of course I prayed in the car even before I went into the store. It was a small love seat for two (or three children), solid blue, great condition, excellent heavy-duty material. It was just right for the room and for kids and only $89.00! I was thrilled. My Father-in-law and I went to pick it up the next day. It looks great in the room!

That same day the parents of a friend of mine came to look at my old desk that I was trying to sell. They loved it but they had to go home to see if it would fit into their spare room. They called the next day and they are taking the desk!

Then to top it off I got a letter in the mail from the Commissioner of Jurors saying I had NOT been chosen for jury duty!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Can you tell I am happy? I will not be called again for 6 years! I am Thrilled! Maybe it was because I told them I already thought he was guilty! LOL

AND! I won a book! I entered a contest on another blog, "Jenn's bookshelf" (I put the link on the right, she does regular contests) and I won! The book is just the kind of book I would read too.

After talking it over with my husband we have decided to go to the Cabela's in PA, it just makes more sense. It only takes a couple hrs. to get there. So we can spend more time shopping and site seeing and not so much time on the road.

Books I have read - I finished "Sabrina" by Lori wick, loved it. I thought it was better than the first one "Cassidy" They were both Historical Fiction taking place in the 1800's. Then I read "Girl Bomb" by Janice Erlbaum, a memoir. She left home at 15 because of her mothers boyfriend. She went to a shelter then a group home. Her mother kicked out the boyfriend turned husband so Janice moved back home. Then at 17 moved in with her boyfriend. She became addicted to every kind of drug, alcohol, and sex. Usually with a memoir there is some kind of happy ending, or at least a resolution. NO, not here. She turned 18 moved away from her boyfriend into her own apt. quit doing coke but was still drinking and smoking pot, and she thought this was an accomplishment! I am reading a nice love story now!

I can't tell you what I am knitting or show you pictures because it is for Paula. So you will have to wait till I give it to her.

My top 5 women list got some great responses. A couple of people said Amelia Earhart, seriously she was almost on my list, she would have been #6.
My new top 5 list is fun. Top 5 favorite magazines (you don't have to subscribe to them, just ones you love to read or look at)

1. Cottage Life (great mag. for those who own a cabin or cottage)
2. Coastal Living (I can dream can't I? Beautiful mag. I usually droll over)
3. Country Home (Beautiful houses, great ideas)
4. National Geo. (have been getting this for years! Love it.)
5. Alaska ( GREAT mag! I usually read it cover to cover, the library gives me their old copies)

I subscribe to the top 4. There are so many great mag. out there and I love them all. It was very hard to keep it to 5. I love reading magazines just as much as books. You can tell alot about a person by checking out their mag. basket.

Last weeks poll - Are you happy 6 said yes, 2 said mostly. Again what great friends!
New poll - If you had to be on one, which TV show would you be on?


  1. Everything seem to be falling into place for you. Thats GREAT.
    Congrats on winning the book. How cool to win a book thast you would really read.
    Sorry I don't watch reality shows for the most part but I did catch Dancing with the Stars a few times and Nashville Star wer like to watch sometimes.
    Have a great time in PA.
    Top 5 magazines...
    1) Knit N Style (get)
    2) Consumer Reports (get)
    3) Inside Tennessee (get)
    4) Vacation Homes (will get, thanks to Wendy)
    5) Southern Living (don't get but am thinking about it)
    Love Ya,

  2. Congrats on the couch... and so cheap too! I don't really read magazines but I do like cosmo sometimes. I would love the chance to be on america's next top model, but don't think I would make it very far. Have fun in PA. and YAY for no jury duty!

  3. I chose "Dancing with the Stars" because I have always wanted to be a professional dancer. I love to dance.

    My top (5) magazines right now:

    1) Parents
    2) Fit Pregnancy
    3) American Baby
    4) National Geographic
    5) Cosmo


  4. I would love to go on Dancing with the Stars because I love dancing and I love watching the show.

    I saw what mom was making Paula, its cute, and naturally mom said "you want me to make you one for your baby too?" so I humored her and said "sure," ignoring the fact that I don't yet have a baby.

    Top 5 magazines
    1. Country Weekly
    2. Seventeen (I was really into this when I was in highschool.
    3. Photography (for obvious reasons)
    4. Hairstyle (for some reason I'm addicted to hair colors and styles)
    5. Shape (a health fitness magazine that I asked Grandma to buy me for my birthday)

  5. HOpe to see a pic of your blue couch for your daycare room! have fun at cabelas - sure you don't want to come to the michigan one?? :-)
    Ok - 5 favorite magazines:

    1. Alaska (just like you!)
    2. Log Home Living
    3. Cabin Life
    4. Birds & Blooms
    5. Traverse (beautiful magazine that focuses on northern michigan - outdoors, events, etc.)