Daycare room coming along!

Ashley is teaching Martina how to crochet!

I have been working on my daycare room almost full time. It is really coming along now. Ashley helped take my large desk apart and carry out the smaller parts then Glen helped me get both large parts out and his desk. He and I put together the new, much smaller desk. I got a beautiful new rug. Today I am going couch shopping. There is a large used furniture store in Geneva. I am hoping I will find something there. I am very excited about starting! I have never felt this excited about starting in the fall before. I have always dreaded the first day of school because it meant the first day of work too. It feels so good to actually welcome going back to work.

I am so excited for my niece having her first baby. You know what that means don't you? Baby knitting! I have already begun. I love knitting baby things. so I hope Paula likes home made knitted things.

*I have added a link to my daughters new Photography blog,
"Through my eyes", she would like people to visit and comment.

I finished reading "Driving with Dead People" it was good but I wouldn't really recommend it to many people. There was alot of swearing, and it was very depressing. I kept hoping her life would get better - it didn't, I thought her life couldn't possibly get any worse - it did. If you really want to read a depressing book about someones horrible life - read "The Glass Castle" that was a very similar book but much better! Now I am reading a series by Lori Wick. the first one was "Cassidy" the one I am reading now is "Sabrina". The next one comes out in Sept. They take place in 1880 in the Montana territory. I love historical novels! They are probably my favorite.

My new "top 5" is - The top five women I would most like to meet (dead or alive).

1. Mary Magdalene (woman who dropped everything to follow Jesus, was the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead)
2. Annie Sullivan ("the miracle worker" teacher to Helen Keller)
3. Susan Butcher (Iditarod racer, 4-time winner, finished in the top 5 - 12 times, died of cancer Aug. 5 2006)
4. Rachel Scdoris (legally blind Iditarod racer, she ran three times only finishing once (in 57th place) Wrote a book "No end in sight".)
5. Anne LaBastille - (Adirondack "Woods woman", went to the Adirondacks, built her own cabin, lived there by herself and wrote a large number of books about her experiences - 4 of them I own.)

Please tell me who are the top 5 woman you would like to meet and why.

Last weeks poll was - Would you be a organ donor - WOW 100% yes, you guys rock! you didn't even have to think about it! What a great group of friends and family I have! I know where to go if I ever need a body part, I am holding you to this!
New poll - Are you basically happy with your life right now?


  1. love the rug. Pretty! "Happy colors" for a day care. Glad you had help. It is hard to type with Chloe laying half on the computer. i think she may be jealous of it.
    Woman I would like to meet...that a hard one . I'll have to think about this one for a while.
    Love Ya, Mom

  2. I just had to commment more on your poll.

    I am the happiest now that I have ever been in life. Everything is just amazing and I am so blessed to be living.

    Your daycare room looks great!!! Love the rug.


  3. The women I would like to meet are:
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Clara Barton
    Florence Nightingale
    Susan Isaacs
    and Mary, the Mother of Jesus

    I was lucky enough to meet Susan Butcher and see where she trained her dogs when we were in Alaska. She really gave women a firm place and respect in the Iditarod. Wish I could go back to Alaska once again.

  4. OH MY gosh!!! i can not believe you actually met Susan Butcher! i did not know that! How exciting!

    Thanks for all your comments on the rug! I LOVE it! and it is so bright! I thought it would be perfect for the kids.

  5. Your cat is just precious!
    Can't wait to see your completed daycare room.
    Too bad on the depressing books.
    I'll visit your daughter's blog.
    Great poll question today!

    5 women I would must want to meet:

    1. My grandmother who died when I was one. I heard such lovely stories about her.

    2. Amelia Earhart - a fearless woman!

    3. Anne LaBastille - same as you! Loved her books!

    4. Jane Goodall - I'm an animal lover and an admirer of anyone who is an advocate for animals.

    5. Julie Zickfoose - her book "letters from eden" really changed my life.

  6. 5 woman I would like to meet:

    Maya Angelou: she is just an amazing woman who has been through so much and overcome it

    Rosa Parks: She helped woman become who they are today

    Harriet Tubman: She helped african americans take a stand against the evil white people

    Deborah Samson: She disguised herself as a man in the 1700's and enrolled in the army as Robert Shirtliffe

    Clara Barton: She founded the red cross and helped tons of american soldiers

    Nice carpet by the way, it is very colorful!

  7. Its true paula, she is quite obsessed with baby knitting... she'll be looking through her magazines and suddenly burst out with "I am going to make this for your daughter okay?" and I'll say, "Mom, I don't have a daughter." and she'll say, "yeah but when you do, I'll make this for her."

    Oh and mom, your new room looks great, i'm so proud of you for starting this daycare. :-)

    1. Jewel
    2. Anne Frank
    3. My great grandmother (mom says I would have loved her)
    4. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    5. Nicole Kidman (I need to meet the woman who stole my man)

    next one should be top 5 men, I'd have better answers for that one.

  8. Ok, ok. I was told to get back on here and put my top 5 women on here. Here it is:

    1) Mary Higgins Clark
    (I love her writing, and she seems to be the only person who can get me to read an entire book)

    2) Anne Frank
    (Just an amazing girl who I think would have so much to say.)

    3) Sade
    (I love her music, it just makes me so mellow)

    4) Cleopatra
    (I just find her absolutely intriging - the control she had over men was amazing)

    5) Amelia Earhart
    (I just think what she accomplished at her time period was amazing)


  9. I told you I had to think about the 5 woman that I would like to meet and here they are.
    1) Joan of Arc
    2) Golda Meir- The 4th prime minester of Israel. Read her bio. She is one remarkable lady.
    3) Mary Tyler Moore
    4) Belva Plain- Great author
    5) Dolly Pardon