UGGGH! Jury Duty!

This picture I dedicate to Shelley in Mich. (inside joke, LOL) This was taken last year at our lake property in the Thousand Islands while canoing "our lake".

Well it has finally happened. I was called for jury duty. I go tomorrow to see if I can say something stupid so they won't pick me. Maybe if everyone who reads this blog prays for me I won't get picked! I just don't have time for this. I have a Daycare room to get ready.

I ordered a rug and a new desk for the room. Tomorrow we will be getting rid of our two larger desks. Glen has been surprisingly good about getting rid of stuff and cleaning out his desk.

We finally got our Stimulus (rebate) check from the government! Woo hoo! Glen and I have decided to go somewhere where there is a Cabela's (our favorite store) and spend the night in a motel and go shopping and sight seeing. I think we should go to the one in PA, because it is real pretty down there, lots of mountains, and there is bound to be a museum somewhere. There is also one in Scarborough, Maine, do you think I can talk Glen in going to that one! Ha, right. There is one in CT, we could visit Paula, Matt and Casey. But I think that one is alot farther. I will have to discuss it with Glen and make a decision. There is also one in WV, but that is far too. If we went to the one in MI, we could visit my new online friend Shelley. OOOOHHH, so many choices!
If ya'll have any say in the matter please leave me a comment.

Books - Casey asked me "how do you find time to read all those books?" my secret is, I read all the time! I read during the commercials of my TV shows, I read in between jobs around the house, I read in the car on the way to places, I never leave home without a book, You bet I will take one tomorrow to jury duty (would it be rude to read during the interview?) AND I even read while cooking! Glen came home one day to find me reading while stirring the pasta. He thought it was the funniest thing. So Casey - just read!
I finished "The Will of Wisteria" Really, really good book! I actually wrote to the Author (Denise Hildreth, I had written her before) and told her how much I loved it and if there was any chance of a follow up book. I told her I had to know what happened to all the people! She wrote back and thanked me! She is always glad when people really get into the characters. But - no sequel. Oh well I will just settle for another book.
Now I am reading "Driving With Dead People" It is a memoir. This girl has a very bazaar life. I like it OK, not my favorite.

This is my lovely daughter in her "new" car! It is a 2005 Ford Focus Hatch back. She loves it and it is a great car. It will be really good for her. This is what she has worked so hard all summer for. Well babe - It was worth it! You did a great job. For those of you who don't know, that is the back of our house.

Top 5 - This is the top 5 places I have never been but have always wanted to visit.
1. - Maine
2. - Alaska
3. - Oregon
4. - Washington state
5. - Antarctica
Remember to comment with your top 5 places.

Poll - Summer wins by a long shot. New poll - this should spark some thought, be honest!
Would you donate a body organ for someone close, to save their life if it didn't endanger yours?


  1. My five places:
    Europe (in general)

    Tell ashley good job on the car... it's a nice one! And, I try to read during commercials, but then it doesn't work. And, You drive and read!?!? You're going to get in an accident!! Good luck with the daycare room, I hope it goes well.
    Of course I would donate a body part to save someone's life! Even if it may endanger my own life.

  2. Oh Casey, you are such a cutie!

  3. Top 5 Places (in no order):

    1. Italy
    2. Puerto Rico (going next July)
    3. Jamaica
    4. France
    5. Egypt

    Tell Ashley "congrats." It is very exciting to get your first "new" car. My jeep was my first "real" "new" car and I still love it!!!

    Cabella's is about 5 hours from you. You could visit the beach while you're here!!! Matt and I have been to the Cabella's here a few times. It's very nice. Good luck on your decision.


  4. Good luck on Jury duty. I got out of it once because I worked with the man that was murdered. Nobody wanted me there.
    We went to the Cabela's in Pa when we were there this year.. it very nice.
    Places where I would like to visit:
    1) Greece
    2) Spain
    3) Portugal
    4) Switzerland (Grand-parents were
    born there)
    5) Cuba ( Mother was born there)
    Love, Mom

  5. Wendy - thank you for the lily pad dedication - I take it very seriously! And yes - you should come to the Cabela's in Michigan - my husband would camp out there if they let him!! We would meet you there! Now here's the scarey part - my top five places I want to visit list - a couple might be familiar to you...

    1. Alaska
    2. Maine
    3. Vermont
    4. Montana
    5. Italy

    And yes on the body part donation!

  6. I am very much in love with my new car. Thanks for all your praises about it :-)

    my top 5 places that I would like to visit...
    1. Greece
    2. Australia
    3. Antarctica
    4. Alaska
    5. Nashville Tennessee