I'm back!

Well TN was great as usual. It was real good seeing my parents again. The flight there and back went real well, I do believe in miracles! My mom and I went shopping several times, different stores different Malls. There is a good size Mall in Knoxville with a Dillards (nice store, pricey, but nice). We like going there to look at all the designer purses and shoes. They have more purses and shoes than any store I know. I have always wanted a "Fossil" purse, have for years. We found one I liked in Belk's (another really nice store), my mom bought it for me for my birthday. So now I have my dream purse! I bought some clothes, some earings, and... yes - some yarn at "Hobby Lobby". I also bought some things for Glen and Ashley.
We went to "Dollywood" one day. That is a really nice park. It is all done in the old smoky mt. theme, babbling brooks, waterfalls, bridges, lots of trees, gift shops, food and concerts. My step father and I went on a few roller coasters. One of the concerts was "The Kingdom Heirs" they are a southern gospel group, they were really good. Their website (www.kingdomheirs.com) in case you want to check it out. We also saw the "The Great American Country show" a group of six people singing the top country hits. This was really good!
We went out to dinner and lunch a few times. We all went to "Rarity Bay" for lunch, We went to Mimi's for Mother's Day dinner, We went to the "Yacht Club" for dinner on my mom's birthday, My mom and I went to "Ruby Tuesday's" (and I found out I really like Ruby Tues.!) My mom and I went to a Mex. place "Pancho's". They were all real good! I think my favorite was the Yacht club. Nice place and excellent food!
The weather was mostly good, sunny high 70's and 80's, only one thunder storm during the night.

Ashley is home from college for the summer. She is house sitting (and dog sitting) a few times, back working at the Falls Restaurant in Trumansburg, and has applied at Kinney's Drug Store in Trumansburg (waiting to hear back, but is pretty positive about it) so she should be pretty busy and a little richer this summer.

Glen has a new job! He gave his two weeks notice last Mon. and starts his new one next Mon. or Tues. ( May 26 or 27) He is very excited about this! It is a company based in Waterloo, but works throughout NY and parts of PA. It is called "DC Rauscher Trucking INC" They work with the gas drilling companies setting up new drilling operations. He will be driving a big truck hauling drilling equipment, setting up equipment, building new roads for access, and building pads for the drilling rigs. There are lots of opportunities for advancement in the company, not as good benefits but the pay out weighs that problem. Please pray for him that he has a good first day (and first week!) I will keep you updated as to how he does.

The other BIG surprise is... I have given my "two week notice" for the SSAFE Program at the school! I have been there for about 12 years. I was kinda thinking about leaving after Christmas time but managed to hang on as long as I could. I am just tired of having to be somewhere by 6:30 am. There is also some changes in store for the program next year, so I thought this was a good time to leave. PLEASE keep this kinda quiet (if you live around here) not too many people know yet. I want the chance to be able to tell some of the parents and kids personally before word gets out (I hope you understand). What will I be doing???? Well I will still be doing the Records Retention job I have at the school. I do have another job in mind, but am still working on it so I will let you know when I have made a decision.


  1. wow it sounds like you've had a really busy, but really nice vacation!! I want to go again soon! did you go on the boat at all?

  2. Hello......
    Glad that you had a great time here in TN. I too had a great time but it went way to fast. Next time we will have to go to Sevierville to the outlet malls. I'm surprised that your favorite place was the Yacht Club and not Rarity. The views from the Yacht Club are fantasic of the Smokeys and of Tellico lake beats Rarity hands down.
    Good luck to Glen and his new job and to Ashley too and her job or jobs.
    I won't tell anyone about your "2 week notice", I'll be quiet!
    It was really nice here yesterday, like 82* at 6:30 PM. Supposed to get some rain moving in this afternoon and for the next couple of days which we can still use because of the drought here.
    Love, Mom