I've been a long time gone....

Well there certainly is one thing good about not posting in a while... I have more to say!
Boy have I been busy. My niece (my sister's daughter) got married. It was a very small, casual wedding at their home in Lansing. It was really great getting to see all the family again. My parents came from TN for 5 days (they stayed with Glen and I). My other two nieces came from CT (and Paula's husband). It was outside and was hot, but was also windy so it kinda kept the heat down. It was a dish to pass, and the food was good! Heidi and Mark (the bride and groom) actually made the wedding cake themselves! Frosted it and everything! It looked great and tasted great. I think it was very "cool" that they did it themselves!
While my parents were here we went to "Little Venice" in Trumansburg to eat dinner once, we went shopping (of course) and just hung out. It was nice that Glen and Ashley got to see them, they only get to see them about once a year (I was just in TN visiting them a month ago). Ashley didn't want them to leave.

Glen has started his new job and loves it! He is basically doing alot of driving big trucks, digging in the dirt, moving very big things, playing with stone and dirt and mud, and getting paid for it! He puts in long hrs. about 10 - 12 hrs. per day and he worked one Sat. so far he doesn't mind it a bit, anyone who knows him knows he loves to work hard, this kind of work is fun for him. I don't mind it because even though he is gone long most of the day, he is so much happier when he gets home! So it is worth it.

I have read many books since I last posted! Notice the new bookshelf towards the bottom of my blog. I read a REALLY great book called "Still Life With Chickens" by - Catherine Goldhammer, it is a memoir about a divorced woman with a 12 yr. old daughter starting over in a little cottage by the sea, she gets her daughter to move by promising her they can have chickens. It is a wonderful, funny, and "real" story. I also read "Still Missing" by - Beth Gutcheon, this was a very sad book about a missing child and a mother never giving up hope. I read "Quaker Summer" by -Lisa Samson, this was a very inspirational story about a woman who feels like she is loosing her mind, she meets a couple of old quaker women who invite her to stay with them for a few weeks to get her perspective on life back. I read "Forgive Me" by - Amanda Eyre Ward this was also a GREAT book! It was about a writer who lives in South Africa to do stories about the war between whites and blacks. A very eye opening story. And last but not least I read "Before Women had Wings" This was a great but very sad book about child abuse. It is written from a young girls perspective about her life with her sister and their VERY abusive mother after their father dies. She befriends a wonderful old black woman who eventually helps helps the family with their problems. This book is very shocking and graphic and as I said, sad. But I am sure stuff like this really happens. Another eye opener.

I also got alot of knitting done! I finished the peach colored shawl I was working on and I also finished the round shawl I was working on for my co-worker. (remember you can click on them)

I have started a new project using the yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby in TN. It is very soft and very bright! I love it. I am making a small blanket or throw for chilly summer nights or mornings on the front porch.

My new Poll for this week - Do you craft? This time you may click on as many as apply.


  1. Glad things are going well for you and Glen. Nice to see your knitting. I just finished a Pi shawl last night and am getting ready to block it this morning. Tell Ashley I did all of the work in the iris myself this year. I'm pleased that I am back to my old self and able to do all those things I couldn't do a year ago. She was a great help to me.

  2. AAAAHHHHHH...Ashley didn't want us to leave.
    The shawl is very pretty and love the blanket, the colors are GREAT.
    I finally finished my vest,all i need to do it block it and wait till winter to wear it.
    We had a great time with you guys when we were up there. Thanks for putting up with us.
    Love Ya, Mom

  3. Long time, long time, looooong time gone, yeah yeah...


    The wedding was fun wasn't it. But I hate the ending of our little "family reunions" because it always reminds me how few and far between they are. We need to spend more family time together and cherish having each other. I stand firm in that belief.

  4. Love the shawl - the colors are beautiful!