Until we meet again... (after May 14th)

At this time, 7 days from now, I will be in TN!!!!!! My flight leaves at 6:30 Tues. AM out of Ithaca. I return the following Wed. the 14th.
Ashley is not too happy with me, I guess, because she is returning during this time and I won't be here. A friend of mine asked "So, why should that bother her?" I said "Because I won't be here!" It's the whole "Mommy thing" you know, but Dad will be here. So the two of them can go crazy and have fun. I do alot of prep. before I go. I got groceries today with them in mind. I will make a list of dinners and how to fix them. I will make sure Glen knows where everything is. I will leave a note reminding them of such things as "feed cat", "take garbage out" etc. You'd think I was going away for months!

This past weekend Glen got 60 baby trees to plant up to our property where we will build our house. So guess what we did on Sun? Planted 50 of the trees. They are Birch, Beech, sugar maple, oak, and Ash. there are 10 spruce left to plant. We put them all around the perimeter of the property. After we build, we will plant more trees like flowering trees.

I have not done too much reading this past week, I have been knitting instead. When I get back from my vacation I should have pictures of the two things I am knitting. While in TN I hope to buy some new yarn! Have any of you heard of "Hobby Lobby" (not you mom)? It is a huge!!! craft and gift store in the south. There are a couple stores near my mom. They have LOTS and LOTS of yarn, it is like Yarn Heaven! Really, just aisles and aisles of yarn! Chris, you would love it. They have really good prices too. Would you believe I had to look up how to spell "aisles". I almost gave up and just put "rows".

Last weeks poll was "The first thing you do in the Spring" Yard work -5, wear flip flops -3, switch out your clothes -1, hang clothes on line -1, spring cleaning -0 (this I can understand, who wants to do cleaning? we all save it for as long as we can, right?) but go for icecream -0 (hmmm... I am thinking maybe no one picked this because us NYers go for ice cream all year round, right?) This week is for all you coffee lovers out there.


  1. The seldom few times I have gone to NY without Matt I always leave a laundry list of things to do. Buy him microwavable food and set everything up for him. You know what he does? He eats fast food or gets take out. I give up. The things we do!!


  2. Glen and Ashley will survive. They will have to do things for themselves instead of you doing things for them. Good training for Ashley when she gets her own appartment and is on her own.
    When will you start to build on your property?
    Hobby Lobby here we come!
    Love Ya, Mom

  3. Have a great trip. When you get to the yarn store pat each type of yarn for me. Yesterday I took the man's vest I finished in Schaefer's Heather over to them. I hated to part with it. That yarn makes a great fabric. Came home with another skein of Heather for socks.

    I think I passed by your property on my way to Schaefer's. Didn't see your trees but then I wasn't really paying a lot of attention.