Back to work!

Thank you Lord for vacations! Well, Mine was a good one. Of course I didn't do exactly what I thought I would be doing. I couldn't find a foam mattress so I had to order one from Penney's. So I didn't get to work on that during break. I did get the mattress but too late. I spent part of two days doing yard work. Still alot needs to be done but the part I did looks great. I have Daffodils blooming, and primroses and some real pretty white flowers, I will have to look up what they are. I did some knitting and alot of reading, I think I read 5 books total during the week! I spent one day with my friend Donya. We met in T-burg, went to lunch, then went for a long walk all around Trumansburg, then went for ice cream. Two Saturdays ago I did go visit Ashley at college. I took her and Micah to coffee, then Ashley and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I could spend my gift cert. from my sister. Then I took her to lunch at Panera Bread, yum... good! We then cleaned and rearranged her room. So she was all happy when I left. So it's back to work now. It was kinda good to see the kids. I missed some of them.

So the count down to TN starts now. I leave for my parents house two weeks from today (14 days)! I leave on May 6th and return May 14th. I am excited! It really is the best vacation for me. It is kinda like going to a resort. I have my own room my own bathroom. my own screened in deck, warm weather, good food, shopping, and just relaxing and enjoying being with my parents. My mom said they will also take me to DollyWood, wouldn't it be something if Dolly Parton was there (prob. not, but I can wish) I just love her and would love to meet her. She seems like such a wonderful person.

I am reading another series of books, I just started the first one. The series is called "Return to Red River" the first book is "A Dream to Follow" by Lauraine Snelling. I have never read any books by her before so I hope I like them, it will be a new author for me to read. They are Christian Historical fiction.

Last weeks poll was "What are you wearing?" 4 people were wearing jeans and there was 1 in each of the others. So Jeans wins! I have spring fever so my next poll is about first signs of spring. When the weather starts to change and get warmer there is probably some things you do every year. Kind of like a tradition for celebrating the nice weather. What do you do to show that spring is finally here? If I left yours off you can include it in your comments.


  1. I went to Dollywood when I visited there. It was so much fun. You are really going to enjoy it! Dolly Parton is actually performing here at Mohegan Sun this Friday. I thought about getting tickets, but waited to long. All sold out. Oh well.


  2. I can't wait till you are here in TN, I'm so excited. I am counting the days too. We will celebrate your birthday, mine as well and we both can celebrate Mothers Day being together. Couldn't ask for a better daughter.
    Sorry, don't know what the flowers are. They are pretty.
    Saturday we planted some flowers..I don't think it will get cold any more so felt safe in planting them.
    Love ya,

  3. Your vacation sounds nice! Last time I went to TN, I only stayed for a day, so couldn't do too much, but it sounds like fun.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice Spring break. We got back from NYC. Remind me not to visit when the Pope is there! Enjoy your vacation to Tenn. Going to Graceland and Dollywood somes interesting. Although I'm not much of a C.W. fan. Lots of library news to catch you up on. Hope your enjoying that nice warm sunshine

  5. This sucks... I don't want to come home to an empty house. :-(